The first Picnic Day was held on Saturday, May 22nd1909.

Dr. Leroy Anderson, superintendent of the University Farm at Davis was in charge of the event. It was advertised state-wide.


Introductory Remarks — Dr. Leroy Anderson Dedicatory Prayer — Rev. James K. Stage of the First Presbyterian Church of Davis Old English Ballads

  • Barbara Allen
  • Drink to me only with thine eyes
  • It was a lover and his lass

Dedication of the new dormitory — Arthur M. Cleghorn, Principle, School of Agriculture Education of the Farm Boy — George W. Pierce School Life The Church and the BOy Dedicatory Address Old Spanish Ballads

  • Serenade
  • Gipsy Son
  • Lullaby

Address — Hon. H. A. Jastro, President State Agricultural Society Address — Benjamin IDe Wheeler, President, University of California Benediction

The program was held in the Stock Judging Pavilion.