PASE (Pilipinx Americans in Science and Engineering) is one of six FilAm student organizations on the UC Davis campus. It provides support for minority students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields.

PASE holds many events throughout the school year including Professional Workshops, Design Workshops, Socials, and Video Game Tournaments. Every two years, PASE alternates its largest event: In the odd-numbered years, PASE holds an Engineering Conference, which is an outreach to high school students to motivate them in pursuing higher education with an emphasis in engineering. In the even-numbered years, PASE holds Etiquette Dinner, a professionalism workshop, which teaches students proper etiquette during a dinner-interview setting.

For the 2015-2016 school year, PASE will be introducing two new events: Major Olympics and an Intersecting Identities in STEM Series.

History: In response to the increasing need to support minorities in engineering, the Associate Dean of the UC Davis College of Engineering founded the Pilipino American Society of Engineers (PASE). Created within the College of Engineering, PASE, a non-profit organization, was established to unite the small but evident Filipino American engineering population at UC Davis. PASE changed its name in 1997 to Pilipino Americans in Science and Engineering to expand to the needs of Filipino American students in the physical sciences. In 2015, PASE changed its name to Pilipinx Americans in Science and Engineering to broaden its range of support to include all individuals interested in the STEM fields.

Mission Statement: PASE’s mission is to provide a community of support for students exploring and pursuing STEM-related fields. This organization welcomes students of all majors and backgrounds, with the aim to provide opportunities for individuals to grow socially, academically, and professionally.

PASE has a test bank on Smartsite in order to provide easy access to its academic file bank to its members. Contact Kelsie Nebreda ( in order to be added to the SmartSite.



General Meetings

General meetings occur once every month. These meetings include free food or snacks and professional or design workshops normally occur during general meetings.

Professional Workshops

Resume Workshops

PASE hosts resume workshops before the Engineering Career Fair, usually in early to mid January. A company or representative from the ICC comes in to teach how to make an effective resume and help critique and edit resumes members bring in to the meeting. 

Interview Workshops

Be able to go through mock interviews in order to prepare for job hunting! These workshops may occur with the assistance of company representatives as well.

Student/Alumni Panels

Be able to ask current students and PASE alumni about their time at UC Davis and post-grad life. Get peer advice on what classes to take, how to get internships, and different types of career paths.

Design Workshops

Workshops where members create different things out of everyday household materials. No engineering knowledge or experience is necessary to enjoy these workshops! Usually the members are split into teams to create their masterpiece. Your creations get judged and the winners get a prize! The rules change every year, so design workshops are never the same!

Catapult Workshop

Build a catapult from materials ranging from K'NEX to paper plates. Criteria can vary from distance, accuracy, or style of the catapult.

Roller Coaster Workshop

Build a mini-roller coaster inside a classroom made out of insulation tubing in order to transport a marble across the room! Requirements can include loops, turns, height, and distance.

Egg Drop Workshop

Build a cushion to keep your egg from breaking after being dropped from a balcony! Not only will you use the limited supplies to create a soft landing, but the platform also has to be big enough so that the egg won't miss and hit concrete!

Photoshop Workshop

Ever wondered how those awesome flyers and posters are put together? Learn how to use Photoshop by one of our very own!

3D Printing Workshop

Learn how a 3D printer works and create your own mini masterpiece, taught by one of our own PASE members!

Car Design Workshop

Build a makeshift car out of household products and send them down a slope to see who's the fastest!



Take a break from studying and join PASE in our various socials throughout the year!


Enjoy a free BBQ put on in mid-October. It's one of our first events of the year, so it's the perfect time to meet us! We have everything from hot dogs to hamburgers, and usually some video games as well.

SMASH King Tournament with XPO

In mid-May, PASE works with XPO to put on a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. Last year, high-ranked competitors around NorCal came through, so come test your skills against the best of the best!


Once a quarter we meet up with PASAE, our sister organization in UC Berkeley.


             PASE Board 2015-16  



  • Adrian Cristobal- Co-President
  • Elleanor Pangilinan- Co-President
  • Adrian Calugay - Recording Secretary
  • Gabriella Orteza - Corresponding Secretary
  • Anne Marie Avellar - Co-Treasurer
  • Nathan Galicia - Co-Treasurer
  • BJ Bautista - Sports Coordinator 
  • Alyssa Binongcal - Banquet Coordinator
  • Kimberly Rosario- Co-Herstorian  
  • Jackie Marquez - Co-Herstorian
  • Aniela Tolentino - Co-Publicity Chair
  • Lauren Padron - Co-Publicity Chair
  • Sheila Tuldanes - Web Team
  • Kristell Ng - Web Team
  • Kelsie Nebreda- Academic Chair
  • Channelle Jose - Community Cultural Chair 
  • Martin De Guzman - STEM Chair

For more information, visit the PASE website

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