These are reviews of Pinecrest Apartments prior to the 2010 Management Change. Visit the main entry for current reviews.

2005-06-08 16:20:25   I thought they were advertising the tennis court, et al. in a March housing publication! [but of course I could be mistaken] Would anybody really lie to that extent?? —AlphaDog

2005-06-20 10:48:52   Cranbrook Apts, Pinecrest Apts and J Street Apts all used to be one big complex. Now they are split. J Street is the one that has the tennis court. Great place to live if you love the sound of trains, traffic and leaf blowers. —JessicaRoberts

2006-02-08 11:24:30   rent seems reasonable, but you'll have to pay sewage, water and gas. —KimT

2006-09-07 14:52:35   Beware the direpect of the "management": 2 very immature and snotty girls who will not only enter your apartment without any permission but then leave the door wide open for any theives convience when they leave!!! —HelNe

2006-11-06 10:16:01   I've lived at Pinecrest for the past four years. Overall, the community is peaceful. My complaints, however, are that the management is overbearing and rent has increased every year. —TomSlankard

2007-05-16 04:59:42   HAHA, yes!! the managers act more like two immature brats (or cheerleaders if you are a prospective renter) rather then professional management. —christinegallo

2007-05-25 18:48:44   This place has gone farther downhill every year! Managers change at least every year, water goes out all the time and maintenance gets slower and slower. They recently painted and every single apartment bulding looks different than the others. Water will go out all day as they fix a leak instead of replacing the whole system. You have to pay water, but not your own usage, rather a portion of the whole complex. Notice the water leaks all over the grounds? Yea, you are paying for those. Hope you don't mind waiting at least 10 minutes for a hot shower as they use a single hot water heater for the whole complex. Stay away from this place. —domesticgoddesss

2007-06-11 15:31:13   I lived at Pinecrest for about a year and a half, moving out in March of 2007. As a whole, I have no serious complaints. True, management turned over twice during my short time at Pinecrest, but I never had a problem with any of the people in the front office. Maintenance was never really an issue either. In fact, last summer we complained that our living room air conditioner wasn't working well enough, and within a week or two a brand new one was installed. We also needed to get out of our lease about five months early; they were accomodating with this as well, and helped us to find new tenants. We got virtually all of our security and pet deposits back. —AdamSchneider

2007-12-09 07:49:10   I lived at Pinecrest for 3 years until I finally escaped in September. This complex has really deteriorated since 2004. The hot water issues were unbearable, as I consistently had to run the tap from 2-8 minutes to get a drop of hot water. And yes, you are paying for that water (bills ran up to $40/mo). When I complained to management I was told this was just the way things are. The latest management team was rude and unresponsive. Oh, and the complex isn’t very safe. We had several serious violent crimes over the summer and cars get broken into daily. My advice—stay far far away. —LizSweet

2008-02-23 11:24:00   I have been here for six months and I am definitely not renewing my lease, first off they only gave us one week to decide whether we wanted to renew the lease after telling us the rental price would go up next year which was too little time to make that decision. And I agree with the comments about the hot water! Sometimes our water doesn't get hot for a couple days, it is only lukewarm, so taking a shower is not that pleasant and it's impossible to wash pots and pans. The rental office told me because it is a more complicated system then a boiler system that they have no employees who know how to fix it and they would have to call another company, which of course they didn't because they would have to pay! My water bill has been an average of 70 per month, and what is stupid about the bill is that if someone in your complex has an extra person living with them that the rental office doesn't know about, then you pay even more money for your neighbors water. The manager here is really nice but he's a total scatterbrain. I needed maintenance done and he wrote down the day but not the time I told them. So of course no one showed and I asked for them to come the next week, but they said they had too many other jobs, so I had to wait another week and a half. It is ridiculous that I had to wait that long because the manager couldn't write down the right time. They all seem really nice when you first meet them but it's just because they are trying to get you to move in. Plus on top of all this, the apartment is not that nice. The new carpet keeps threading everywhere and I'm sure they gonna make us pay for it. When they repainted, they got paint all on doors, cupboards, and the wood that runs along the wall on the floor. I didn't notice till after we moved in that half of our cupboards have been stapled together and there are corners missing off most the drawers. The cupboard under the sink next to the dishwasher has rotted away so they just stuck a another board of wood over it, they didn't even bother to fix the rotting wood. Another thing, this place is loud! The walls are so thin, if someone is outside talking normally within like fifty feet of your place, you will hear them. You hear everything your neighbors do, I can even hear their ceiling fans. Music is a big issue too because people play their music at like 8 in the morning and you can make out the lyrics and everything, it is ridiculous. Plus don't live by the trains or bike path. The trains runs all the time, if the rental office tells you it runs only from 8 am to 8 pm like they told us, that's a lie, they run all day. They wake me up regularly in the morning and I hear it at midnight almost every day, and sometimes it even wakes me up at 4 am. Living by the bike path sucks because they walls are so thin, you constantly hear the kids biking to and from school. And I agree that the area is not that great either, I have heard of several crimes that happened right around and in the apartments, I have even seen a cop driving on the bike path in the middle of the night which is never a good thing. Seriously this place is not worth it, I really hate it and I can' wait to move out!! —aptrenter

—aptrenter, I live across the way at Cranbrook and had the same problem with our cupboard under the sink. We had maintenance come, and they told us that the pipe had burst and water was dripping on the electrical wirings underneath. They said it was a miracle that nothing exploded. It took 2 days with a plummer, electrician, and the regular guys to fix everything. I would seriously recommend that you get the management to come and look at it more carefully just in case!

2008-04-30 21:44:18   CONS: the fitness room at this location SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!! I went twice, and have stopped going ever since. the treadmill doesn't work at all. doesn't even turn on! yet its still in the fittness room, and they wont even fix it!! the rest of the equipment is dated....they have a stairmaster from the 1980's. Also, do not fall for their tricks to get you to continue your lease with them. With me they promised a carpet cleaning if i put in an early lease renewal...NO ONE EVER CAME TO CLEAN MY CARPETS, even after i called twice and set up an apointment! after 2 calls, i got the hint that I was never going to get a carpet cleaning.

Pros: near downtown. near unitrans stops. maintenance guy is efficient.

on that note. i honestly cannot wait to move out.


2008-05-19 12:48:25   I have lived at Pinecrest for two years and plan on renewing for a third. To be honest, the apartments are just fine. The bills are a bit excessive, but this is Davis and every complex has similar costs. Most of the complaints I read sound mostly whiney. If you get to know the manager/employees and don't just treat them as you would second class citizens everything goes smoothly. The pool is nice, there are lots of green spaces, and, even though someone said that crime is a problem, I live next to the parking lot and have yet to wake up to the sound of car windows breaking or my stereo stolen. I think that the complaints mostly stem from kids who are away from Mommy and Daddy for the first time and need constant care. I am sure there are better complexes in Davis, but not by much and the rent is low, again for Davis, for what you get. —Jobu

2008-05-19 13:11:06   As far as i know, anyone who rents in Davis does not pay for water and garbage/sewer. That is the responsilbility of the owner to pay! If you are paying for water, especially if you live in an apartment complex, you need to look into that!! —MyaBrn

2008-07-08 13:47:19   Dont rent here, the low monthly rent cost may seem desirable, but you have to pay for water as a complex split up. Which means even if you are out of town for a month not using any water, you will still have to come home to a fairly large water bill around 50 some dollars. They also leave the sprinklers on throughout the entire day which leaves very big puddles everywhere and wet muddy grass, its also very expensive and wasteful to water during the hottest times of the day, which they always do, but hey remember they dont pay for the water you do! Also be prepared for extremely loud trains that rattle your building and leaf blowers pretty much every day of the week to wake you up at 9 in the morning. Though they will say that its hardley noticeable. My advise, though this may seem like a cheap place, add on another 100$ on average to the rent due to water consumption not as an individual room, but as the entirety of your complex. —Kmong

2008-08-21 14:42:29   Regarding the previous comment left by "MyaBrn"... I looked into it, and I guess that it is the property's decision who pays the water bill. Some places don't want to go through the trouble of dividing up bills so they just pay the water themselves.


2008-10-06 15:00:29   All in all I'd have to say my living exp in pinecrest was decent. My apartment was a nice size for a one bedroom. The manager is a little scatter brained, occasionally forgetting conversations we've had, but has been extremely helpful in rectifying any problems or helping me with anything. Only two complaints I've had have been in regards to the complex internet and WMP. I had a lot of problems with the provided internet, not connecting right or for very long and a lot of "limited or no connectivity". The guy who came from HDN to work on it was pleasant, lamented the problem as being common and was overall able to fix it. It's not quite as fast as they say it should be, but it's decent now. The way the water/garbage is divided is ridiculous however. WMP (who provides the services) are very unapproachable over the phone and slightly condescending if you have billing problems/questions. The water to bill allocation does bug me quite a bit, but I don't know if there is anyway around it. —JohnNash

2008-10-08 23:21:43   I love this place! It's a great deal for rent, which is $860 a month for a one bedroom apartment. It's very green, safe & friendly. The maintenance staff is very friendly, helpful, and prompt. The internet sucks, so don't get it (HDN), but it's ok because you can get AT&T or comcast. -Heather —fountain-hopper

2009-02-13 19:51:14   I've been living here at Pinecrest for about 6 months and overall, the place is "alright." During the summer and fall, you can definitely count on more than a few huge cockroaches, crickets, spiders, pincher bugs, pill bugs, mosquitoes and more to enter your apartment (all of which I have found in my apartment before). When my roomate and I complained to the manager about the cockroaches, all he said was, "Welcome to Davis" and assured us that they are found everywhere - even in our own apartments because they have a habit of crawling up the shower drain (yes, we found a roach and a cricket in our bath tub a few times). He was helpful in telling us to make sure to always plug our drain and sending the roach guy to bait our apartment but even after all that, the pesky roaches still managed to make their way in.

Some other negative things that aren't really that big of a deal: the inside of the cabinets are nasty, stained with god knows what so I definitely wouldn't put any dishes in there without some protective lining, internet is not reliable and they will charge you $25/mo for it too (it's either insanely slow or doesn't work at all - and if you're a gamer, don't even think about being able to play your online game with this connection, you'll be disconnecting every 2 minutes and yes, I know this from experience), parking is free for all with people that like to lug in their huge trucks and ram their doors into your car scratching off the paint and making dents (this from personal experience as well), and it's not covered parking either so in the summer and fall, your car will turn a lime green from all the crap being shed by the trees. And not that this will happen again, but the first month or two that I moved in, water was shut off three times on different days because it was coming out brown. Other days the hot water doesn't work either. Oh, and the microwaves that come with the apartment are insanely small and don't rotate and the power is so weak that you'll have to leave your food in there four times as long as a regular microwave and nuke the crap out of your food if you want it to be thoroughly heated - the exact opposite goes for the oven. I've suffered the loss of many frozen pizzas, cookies and cake from being baked to an oblivion because the oven is way too strong. But once you get the hang of estimating how much temperature you should reduce (from normal temp) and cutting down oven time, it usually works fine. Maybe if I derive some Pinecrest oven equation for how to use the ovens most efficiently the management will give me free internet.

For some pluses, the location is great (within biking distance to school and the bus stop is right on the side of the complex), has an aesthetically pleasing appearance from the outside with all the green grass and willow tree and the best part is that they allow pets.

Oh and I almost forgot, yeah you will have to pay your own water/sewage/trash and PG&E. The w/s/t bill usually runs to about $70/mo (for my roomate and I) and the PG&E is about $30/mo. So, make sure to tack those bills on into consideration when deciding where to live because most other apartments cover the first bill with the room's rent. —Blaine

2009-04-04 22:12:35   On the plus side, the old manager Josh is gone. One could hope he was fired for all the trouble he put many of us through. His replacement is not only kind and courteous, but actually acts professionally and does things you ask of her in a timely fashion. There's no longer a need to pester the manager day in and day out for months for simple repairs or other matters. The new maintenance guy, I think his name is Ryan, is excellent as well. He actually does what's on the work order as opposed to Scott who would just sign off on work orders without doing them.

On the down side, welcome to one of Davis's few ghettos. There are a surprising number of people here who heinously blow. Between the large number of residents who look and act like meth addicts (They're a true joy to deal with) and the ratty teens/adults loitering around the complex or smoking outside your window, it's a real crap shoot to get an apartment that's actually livable here.

- Yeah, your walls are paper thin so you can hear them quite clearly outside or in their apartments. - Yeah, it gets so hot during the summer that the weak wall-mounted AC units force you to open your windows to get better ventilation and, yep, all the smoke from your chain-smoking neighbor too.

Now that's not to say everyone here sucks. The majority of people here seem friendly and on the level. It's just that there's enough people here who don't have a firm grasp on the "be a good neighbor" way of life that it's readily apparent in most parts of the complex I've spent time in (I have friends in several units here). I grew up in a pretty crappy neighborhood, but at least we all had the decency to respect each other.

Bottom line: Expect at least one bad neighbor. From what I've learned, you shouldn't deal directly with them or even let them know they're being jerks (If you really don't know what's 'acceptable' neighborly behavior in an apartment, then yeah, you're a jerk), just get them cited by the management or ticketed by the police. They learn eventually and you don't have to worry about them seeking retribution. —SnortingElk

2009-04-06 12:20:12   I have lived in these apartments for 17 almost 18 years and the first thing I must point out is that it has gone way down hill since FPI management has taken over. I was ok with the idea of letting dogs in (I love dogs), but people need to pick up their dog poop. Since I've been here for so long I've felt like the little grassy area in front of my apt. is like my very own lawn (I know it's not, but we use that area sometimes to lie on a blanket, read etc. That's not possible now due to dog owners who refuse to be a good owner and pick up their poo. I've made about 5 complaints and it doesn't seem to work. Everytime I call into complain (it's not everyday, probably like once a month - yes this has been going on for quite some time) well they seem to just be annoyed by me and say "we'll send them a notice". In the past there was a groundskeeper and he would keep the grounds looking nice picking up trash etc. and I'm sure he would have picked up poo if dogs were allowed back then - but they don't seem to care what the grounds look like anymore. So now with the weather warming up it's starting to smell and the flies are beginning to buzz around. I don't know what to do anymore about it. I've considered calling the health department, but I feel like that might just be another dead end. We are looking for a new place to move, but it's been hard. I've never been someone to complain (noise, smoke, lack of anything energy efficient) this is the only thing that really has turned me into a complainer and that they have not done anything about. —Rachelottlinger — "2010-03-16" Pinecrest is working on solutions to the pet problem such as installing dog waste stations, etc. Even with the improvements on our part, we need residents to be responbile for their pets by cleaning up after them. We have a pet policy at Pinecrest which fines residents who do not pick up waste. As a community we need to work together to ensure that those who are in violation are reported. (Pinecrest Management) — 2009-04-29 13:53:46   Don't even think about breaking your lease here. I had a generally decent experience here, until I found a job out of the county and had to move away. I tried to break my lease in December, even though it went through August. I fully understand that breaking your lease will come with some penalty but they absolutely refuse to do this, instead sending it to their corporate offices (Ezralow) who then assigns someone to deal with it.

The lady from Ezralow was nice and we worked things out but it took a long time and some poor luck on my part to get it. The management is absolutely clueless when it comes to the real world and how it effects people and their living situation. Unless you know you will be there until the end of your lease, see if they can do a month-month deal with them. —JohnNash — "2010-03-16" As with most leases in Davis, it is standard to have a 12 month lease which cannot be broken unless the apartment is reassigned. We try to work with our residents if they need to leave for personal situations by forwarding inquiries for short term housing. (Pinecrest Management)

2009-06-13 02:49:14   As of 05/29/2009, Pinecrest is now "professionally managed" by Jon Berkely Management (JBM). Two weeks in, if you call the Pinecrest office during business hours and get the answering machine, it still has the old recording saying the place is run by FPI Management. I think that speaks volumes towards how inept JBM is... I'm still waiting for them to finish a simple repair order. —SnortingElk

2009-07-01 14:57:40   We lived here for two years. The staff has changed 3 times and the management twice. If you do decide to live here, the walls are very thin, so you should avoid any unit that is near the railroad tracks at all costs -pick one on the East side of the complex. Expect to be able to hear the neighbors through the walls. The management is brand new, so they don't know much about the lease, but they seem competent enough and will probably warm up to the job. Expect your utilities to be 100/month minimum (just for NWP and PGE) so take that into consideration with the rent. Mirroring some other comments, the wireless internet is crap, so don't fall for it. The water does take a while to get hot. The fitness room is a joke.

I would say the only good part about living here is its proximity to Nugget and the Community park. Look elsewhere first and go here as a last resort -don't worry, they've got plenty of units to fill. —elmerfudd — 2010-03-16" Pinecrest has just secured a contract to lower water/sewage/garbage for 2010-2011. The rates will be $30.00 for one bedrooms and $60.00 for two bedrooms. We have done away with the internet in order to lower rental rates. This way residents can pick customize their own service based on their specific needs. Also a new treadmill is arriving this fall giving us a well rounded fitness room that sports an elliptical machine, weight training equipment and cycling bike. (Pinecrest Management)

— "2010-03-30" So all of these years, I have been paying for "free" internet service that I have not once used? That stinks. (sorry I am, not sure how to reply without editing the comment) I should also mention that this weekend we had a BBQ at our apartment and had to pick up the dog poop from other neighbors out in front of our apartment in case the kids wanted to play outside etc. - Rachel Ottlinger

2009-11-19 10:26:10   Rented here kind of as a last resort. But regretted that decision immediately upon move in. Have lived in Davis for school and work for 5 years now and this is hands down the worst place I have ever lived. Upon move in the apartment reeked of smoke and there was a laundry list of maintenance issues, dishwasher didnt work, shower leaked, toilet didnt work, garbage disposal didnt work, keys didnt fit the locks, and best of all the fridge managed to keep all things inside it at a balmy 55 degress turned up all the way!! The office took down all these issues on a maintenance work order and instead of doing all things at once the stupid workers would do like one every four days for the first few items then just stopped coming. I ended up fixing the toilet and fixtures myself. Took them two weeks to get us a new fridge and we had to live out of a cooler for that interim time. In an effort to "cut costs", this is straight from their own mouths, they have their "handy" men make the keys, this is a freaking joke cause no keys in this entire place work! workout-room key barely does, pool key doesnt, and neither does the laundry room key, i just have to do laundry when i know someone else is gonna be there at this point cause i havent received my ordered new keys! Agree with all comments that this place is soooo loud! Its like it is built out of balsa wood. One bedroom is pretty big, but i share it with one other person, and about 4 million bugs. I have never seen so many cockroaches, nasty meaty spiders, and pincher bugs outside of an entomology lab in my life! I feel like im living outdoors, its probably cause this place is so poorly built, i feel like im in some ancient tomb crumbling down dust all around me. Not too expensive, but watch out for the water bill, which is now $75 a month, were told it would be at the most $40, its probably cause everything is leaking here. Doesnt seem like great area either, just the other day i had to chase off some kid trying to steal the bikes right in front of the main room window. Only thing this place has going is its proximity to the nugget. Anyone who likes it here is in denial, or one of the many creepy older people who live here, have fun doing laundry while some 40 year old guy violently rocks the dryers back and forth, to quote "give them a little muscle", or while using the pool while some other 40 something man continually singles out your girlfriend to pester. Off right now to dispute late rent charges, even though just the other day, on the 1st of the month i was putting rent right into the hands of one of our stupid office staff. —TI

2009-12-05 06:02:51   This place suffers from two big problems:

1. Old 2. Consistently terrible management

Simply put, I moved to Pinecrest as a last resort. After being here two years (Didn't have time to move after the first), living in an apartment with no central heat/AC, ancient appliances, rusted fixtures, horribly inefficient insulation, paper thin walls and right next door to the train tracks and J Street is just not worth it. The "cheap rent" you've read about in the above posts? It amounts to about $30/mo relative to much newer and better managed apartments (You pay at least $60/mo in garbage/water/sewage which is not included in rent). It's worth an extra dollar or two a day for a place that doesn't feel like it should have been condemned a decade ago.

Positives? The grounds are nice. Littered with dog crap, but nice. There are laundry facilities. Run down and always busy, but convenient I guess. I use a laundromat on the other side of town to avoid the creeps who hang around Pinecrest's.

The management? FPI was bad (First year), JBM is worse (Second year). So long as you pay your rent you can pretty much do whatever you want around here because JBM won't enforce the lease terms. That's great if you're an undergrad looking for a party apartment (You can blast your stereo at all hours of the day and the worst you'll ever get is an endless stream of notes from the office), but bad if you're an adult building a career. JBM's only goal is to fill apartments. After you've signed a lease, they could care less about you.

Bottom line is I would rather live out of my car than stay here another year.

If you still feel like considering Pinecrest then at the very least request to see an empty apartment instead of their "model unit" which you see pictures of on this page. I had to spend two days cleaning my apartment before I could move in or else wait an indeterminate amount of time for it to be prepared for move-in; this in spite of the unit having been vacant a month prior to my move. Also had to battle for 8 months to get things repaired/replaced/fixed (broken electrical sockets, mirrors, shades, etc.) Don't worry, they still have plenty of empty units and will most certainly have one more (mine) come next August. —JSnyder

2010-02-08 13:02:28   Its really fine. Look around you everyone, Davis is pretty much a horrible place to rent. I have lived all over town while being a student then working and pinecrest isnt any worse or better than the five other places I have rented. Every place has its pros and cons, but living in Davis, just be sure to always expect crappy landlords, crazy rent prices, and bugs in the summer. The pros of pinecrest, management and maintenance on site and fast, who are also nice, before you hate it try living somewhere where the landlord is unreachable and you have a leaking toilet emptying into your kitchen...i did. Cheap rent. Most one bedrooms in Davis are around $1000 and usually ten miles from anything. Next to the nugget...probably the best thing about the actual town of Davis, besides UCD of course. Pretty big one bedroom, the bedroom is the largest i have had in davis, and has the most storage space by far. Apartment is in pretty good shape, nothing is too old, everything is clean. The cons: Its in Davis. Property managers and landlords here dont care, there will always be thousands of students looking for a place to live so there is no incentive to actually make us happy, cause if we dont want the place somebody else soon will. If someone finds a place that is actually good to live in (and you arent just slobs and think dumps are passable places to live) let me know! —ZJ96