238 E St. (next to Baskin Robbins)
Mon-Thu 11:00AM-7:00PM
Fri 11:00AM-7:00PM
Sat 11:00AM-6:00PM
Sun 12:00PM-5:00PM
(530) 753-2247

Pinkadot is an upscale black- and pink-themed women's clothing and accessory store located around the corner from Baskin Robbins. It opened its doors in October, 2004. Pinkadot sells dresses, skirts, blouses, formal wear, denim, sportswear, purses, yoga pants, jewelry, accessories, and more. The store carries a wide array of popular brands such as True Religion, Velvet, and Freepeople. Tail dresses and formal wear are a specialty. The jewelry selection features local designers, as well as many others, with prices ranging from inexpensive to moderately expensive.

Shoppers can expect to see prices around $60 for tops, $80 for cover-ups / wraps, $180 for jeans and anywhere from $150 to $300 for dresses. Shoppers for whom these prices are too high can check out the jewelry (as low as $9), gifts (such as perfume, $20) and the sale rack.

Pinkadot was voted KCRA A-list's Best Women's Boutique in the Sacramento Area for both 2008 and 2009. However, some feel that the store is just another expensive boutique, and wiki comments suggest that the customer service can be lacking and discriminatory. Some find the smell of their main store to be unusual, possibly due to residual incense from when Zweena Imports was there.

Pinkadot operates a free mailing list that offers invitations to members-only preview parties and other exclusive events. Management will 'wine and dine you' with pate, caviar and champagne while you preview the newest shipments of the latest fashions. These events also offer 10-20% discounts for any purchases made that night.

Pinkadot has a sister store—Pinkadot 2, located around the corner at 218 E. Street—which sells clothing in sizes 7-16.


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2006-08-09 13:53:54   Pinkadot's cool. Whenevero visit me at school (UCD) the first place I take her is here. —AmyPowell

2007-11-13 15:31:20   Pinkadot is like most boutiques- small, cute,and EXPENSIVE. This is a great place to shop if you are willing/can drop $100++ on one item of clothing. They always have cute dresses for every occasion but most are $180+. Pinkadot also offers some unique jewelery. However, on another note, the people that work here are rude and unprofessional. The girls at the counter never ask me if I need help or greet me. They just gossip with each other or talk on their cell phones. I get completely ignored every time I go there. I also feel that they are extremely prejudice to people that don't look rich or white. And the same goes for pinkadot 2. —AmyYang

2008-03-25 03:04:49   I visited Pinkadot on 03/21/2008 at approximately noon and was recieved by a RUDE OLDER CAUCASION/BLONDE FEMALE SALES ASSOCIATE. When I walked in she was explaining to another women about the different fits of Joe's jeans. That day I was wearing Rock and Republics and Juicy Couture so obviously I know the brands and fits there. All I wanted was assistance in finding a pair of William Rast jeans in my size since I have been wanting a pair for awhile. SHE WOULD NOT HELP ME. I freakin stood NEXT to her when she was helping the first lady - then on to another lady and then to answering a phone call. My boyfriend kept on trying to get her attention but while she was on the phone - LOOKED AT US AND THEN IGNORED US. ALL I WANTED WAS MY WILLIAM RAST JEANS!!! For once I wanted to support a Davis business but for that reason I will NEVER patron a Davis owned store again. It is either overpriced or has BAD SERVICE like this one. Sure - jeans here are the same price at Nordstrom but at least Nordstrom has EXCELLENT service. I honestly believe she didn't help us out because of our race (only Asians in the store) or age (college students). Who the hell straight up looks at a person IN THE FACE and continues to ignore them?? And not to mention that before I left I yelled out loud in the store "I'd rather go to Nordstroms because they at least have good service there" in which she continued to ignore us. I don't get how the hell you help out 3 freakin old white ladies that don't know how the hell Joe's jeans fit rather than 2 customers walking in wearing 7FAM/RockRepublics/Juicy/EdHardy. Obviously we spend the money on the overpriced clothes so help us out! At least I get better service when I walk into Louis Vuitton with my fake LV wallet. —qntDAVIS

2008-03-30 08:35:07   Need to work on improving customer service. Need a crash course. Extreme emphasis on NEED. Is able to higher better staff, therefore, SHOULD. —mikam

2008-05-18 00:56:53   As a freshman, I was so happy when I first discovered Pinkadot fall 2007. Alas, Pinkadot and Pinkadot 2 are owned by an elitist who does not care for UCD students to be her customers. The few times I have browsed and shopped here, she has made me feel as if, because I'm a student, my money is not worth her business. The last time I stepped inside Pinkadot to buy a pair of sunglasses (I really needed a pair, so I was thinking oh, why not) she selected one from her drawer, fumbled around looking for a "case" that "was missing for the pair I'd selected". When she pulled out a pouch instead, I saw that it was dusty as hell. She then slipped my glasses into the pouch and said, "You don't mind a little dust, do you?"

I really, really regret not having said, "Yes, actually, I DO mind a little dust, as I'm sure any of your usual customers would. Just because I am a college student does not mean that I'm not well off or unworthy of your service."

Unfortunately, Pinkadot does have quite the monopoly on the more modern clothing in Davis (AND I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHY). At the same time, most of the selection and styles is beyond outdated, much more so than its prices seem to reflect. Pinkadot does not carry the latest fashions, even though it may believe otherwise. The quality is iffy as well. One coat I had wanted to buy a few months ago had one side of its metal buttons pulled clean off.

In short, Pinkadot IS NOT WORTH YOUR BUSINESS. This goes for both its clothing and its owners / staff (who have hideous tastes in fashion anyway). I for one am boycotting these two stores. It is a wannabe Anthropologie owned by a woman who thinks she is fashionable, while her dress and makeup reveal that she should visit San Francisco or New York City a little more. Feel free to contact me with any questions questions you might have. This is how strongly I am against this store now. —eda

2008-05-18 11:23:50   Seems like something sinister is going on with this shop. In March, I stopped in because I needed a cute little number for an event that I was attending and the women who were working were falling all over themselves trying to assist me. They couldn't do enough for me. They spent all kinds of time, had me try on different garments, shared their opinions, etc. Perhaps there is some sort of discrimination at play? Maybe they make snap judgments about customers based on arbitrary characteristics? —CurlyGirl26

2008-05-29 16:47:56   curlygirl26, you are absolutely right. I am a petite little Asian college girl who doesn't always walk into their shop with my best silk tops / name brand handbag (though I have walked in with a Fendi, but I guess they don't recognize it??). Describe yourself, and I'm pretty sure this whole situation will speak for itself. I do think they judge people and service accordingly.

I really hope people catch on and stop shopping there. Hell, I'd support them if I could—I love cute stuff. But the way they treat people is just not right. They can reserve their attitude for cities where such an attitude actually makes sense. Riki is a much more tasteful store, and though the people who work there are a little lofty as well, they're still much more respectful in general. —eda

2008-05-30 00:22:11   Wow, this page is full of high drama:

"I will NEVER patron a Davis owned store again." "ALL I WANTED WAS MY WILLIAM RAST JEANS!!!" "Yes, actually, I DO mind a little dust" —JimEvans

2008-06-10 19:10:03   I do agree, there is A LOT of room for improvement in customer service. I dress in designer clothing, as do my friends who I frequently shop with, and we are all very caucasian looking. Whenever we come into the store, the women who work there trip over themselves to help us, while clearly ignoring a person of a different ethnicity who was there long before we arrived! —natalie0927

2008-06-10 20:47:02   This is interesting. Like I said earlier, I received excellent personal service the few times I've shopped here. Now I'm caucasion, but most people wouldn't necessarily know that just by my appearance. I look more Latina or something other than a classic Nordic looking person. Another fact: When I'm just farting around town, I'm not strutting around wearing Prada and my Mahnolos. I usually sport running shorts and flip-flops so there may be something else at play here rather then strictly racist or classist lines. —CurlyGirl26

2008-06-11 21:25:03   I find this discussion incredibly ironic... :-) —IDoNotExist

2008-07-13 22:57:03   I like the clothes here and have purchased a few things for events in the past. It's true that the sales people can be really good at ignoring you, but sometimes that's ok if you feel like shopping without being hounded by people desperate to make a sale. I too feel discriminated against as a student shopping there regardless of what I am wearing but have learned to ignore it since it's similar to what I experience at some other designer boutiques (all need a serious wake up call if they think someone who looks young won't spend as much money if not more than older customers these days). Pinkadot's case does confuse me since Davis is obviously a college town and students will shop there whether or not the sales people want us to, mostly because it's the only place to get cute clothes in the whole town. —SRB

2008-07-31 16:28:07   I couldn't agree more with the comments regarding customer service. I think it's a requirement to be incredibly snooty and rude to work there or something....and yes, a very sinister vibe. I admit to really liking the clothes etc that they get in, but with an attitude like that and those outrageous prices (seriously, for some of the items, Nordstrom is cheaper) I ethically, cannot shop there. They're doing a great job at ostracizing themselves from the rest of the sweet shops in our town. —everdrw

2008-08-05 22:22:00   I am really suprised at the negativity about Pinkadot. I moved to Davis from LA and felt like I was in a fashion nightmare. Nobody here dresses very well and there is nowhere to shop, until I found Pinkadot and Pinkadot 2. PS guys I wish you carried more shoes!!!!! Every sales associate I have dealt with, including the owner herself, has been awesome! Since I now frequent the store I have a great relationship with the women there. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about the designers and their products. From purchasing $50 day dresses at 2 to black cocktail dresses for $200 I love their selection of boutique staples. They carry great brands of jeans and I have to say when I leave town and head home to the East coast or back to my Alma Mater in the midwest everybody loves what I am wearing. I know this sounds harsh but FYI girls this is a boutique not Target, if you aren't interested in paying boutique prices then head to Gap. And I want to add that I come in after working out or a day at work sometimes to pick things up and I certainly don't look hot rocking Nike sweats, etc but I have never been treated badly. I think those of you who think you were probably went in with very bad attitudes especially after you saw the price tags and that is just tacky! I understand if you don't want to pay that much for your clothing but don't judge people who do. —LFHR

2008-08-05 23:22:38   A business that caters to people who want people to judge them by their clothes, that has a sales staff that (from the above comments) seems to judge people by their clothes, apparently (based on the comments above) deciding that some of their customers are not worthy of buying clothing there because they are not wearing the right clothes! Then the people who want to be judged by their clothes become unhappy that the store that sells clothes to people who want to be judged by their clothes does exactly that to them! So much irony on so many levels...

(On the other hand, a business should treat all of its customers (or potential customers) with respect. Why would you ever alienate a potential customer? Word gets around...) —IDoNotExist

2008-11-24 12:48:43   I agree with many people on here about the blond, older sales lady. Straight up, she's a rude, pretentious snob who acts like she's on drugs. I've been to Pinkadot about 6-10 times, and each time, if she is there, there is an atmosphere that makes you feel unworthy to walking around to look at the clothes. If there is another sales associate there, a brunette, that atmosphere isn't quite as thick, but its still there. There is also one other younger chick who works there and she has a pleasant, friendly attitude. At the Pinkadot 2, there is an older brunette lady who is extremely nice... So, all in all, its a hit and miss here with the sales people. I certainly think the place is stuck up on the whole, but when you're selling stuff that can be easily found at Nordstrom, you should at least offer something of a friendly attitude. Frankly, I'd rather go to Nordstrom. —JamieParker

2009-02-23 19:01:11   I think this discussion is really quite ridiculous. Yes, Pinkadot is a bit expensive, but that's expected considering they carry high quality, brand name clothing. The point of a boutique is to have an eclectic collection of clothing that's unique and can't be found anywhere and everywhere. If those aren't the kinds of things you're looking for then that's okay, look elsewhere. But I don't think it's fair to make such lofty assertions or complain about prices when it's a personal choice to go in the store in the first place.

In terms of this race issue - I think it's completely unfounded. I'm not fully caucasian, and frankly every time I shop there I wear my sweats. The girls that work there make a concerted effort to see how I'm doing and they help me even when it's really crowded. I disagree with all the negative comments on here and I think it's a waste of time to sit here and complain about this. The only reason I'm responding is because it's absolutely ridiculous and Pinkadot does not deserve a bad reputation. —michelleamber

  • Most comments here aren't complaining about price, and even if they were that would still be a valid part of a wiki review. Most people here are talking about poor customer service at the store, an issue that you do not address at all in your dismissal of the above reviews. You wouldn't happen to work at the store, would you?

2009-03-05 21:10:04   I went to Pinkadot in search of jewelry with my friend. I am Asian and I look like a regular student. The lady in there treated both my friend and I with respect, patiently helped us with our purchase, and didn't badger us like some salespeople do. It saddens me that other people do feel the way they do about this store. I hope that they are not generally rude like that on a regular basis. Their clothes are definitely cute. —renee415

2009-04-22 14:49:59   The customer service is awful. I went in with a friend (btw I was dressed much "nicer" and we were both friendly. I'm a latina. I'm bigger on the bottom i'm tall and I wear a size 6/7. My friend is a tiny thing she probably wears a size 0. The lady completely ignored me and pranced around the store showing my friend dresses that might fit her. She completely ignored me. I was so offended. And i'm still a thin person! I can't imagine how they treat bigger people...what bad salemanship! —ucdruby

2009-07-20 14:36:37   OMG, I thought I was the only one who felt disrespected and ignored in this store. That older woman with the terribly dyed blond hair needs a crash course in customer service, I'm sure she would get more business that way. Driving to Arden Mall, even The Galleria in Roseville is far more worth getting rude pompous stares by this terrible woman. This place needs to CLOSE DOWN! —UCDAlum

2009-08-07 20:42:20   Davis stores complain about not getting enough business and then they are completely pretentious jerks. Everyone....for the good of these hoity toity elitist hags...feed them a bit of their own medicine and don't buy their over-priced merchandise unless they kiss up to you sufficiently. —AmandaAbughosh

2009-10-11 11:07:37   I agree with Amanda and AmyYang. Most of the workers there if not all are complete pretentious b*tches. It's really unfortunate that you have to deal with their BS, because they do have really cute clothes and amazing jewlery some made by Paulina (she's awesome)! I'd say if you're gonna go in their and shop, act like them! Be snooty and demand their attention and service! Target is now open, so they better step up their game! —MillaMi

2010-02-26 15:25:52   definitely over-priced, but they had a great store-wide 50%-off sale a while back and i got some great stuff at decent prices!! —Sausan

2010-02-26 17:24:30   Its a boutique people! They dont sell any items over the price that Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus sells them for! In fact they have sales up to 50% off very frequently, which some of the larger department stores dont do. Davis is really lacking in cute clothing boutiques, so its nice to be able to purchase unique clothing without having to drive to Sacramento or to the city! The owner is an amazing buyer and she gets the cutest stuff! The girls are always helpful too! A++++! —MgGarcia

2011-02-13 23:13:25   I really wanted to like this store - back home I had a ton of cute boutiques that I frequented and bought from often for unique pieces. I thought it was just me, however, every time I've gone in, I've also felt the "pretentiousness" that some of the other commenters mention. Multiple times when I've visited, the woman and girls ignored me completely to click away at the computer or chat with people who must be their friends, until I was already out the door. —rachand1

2011-04-04 19:09:28   I love this store! I was a little bit scared to come here after reading some of the reviews, but I had such great experiences. I'm so happy that davis has a store equivalent to neiman/saks/nordstrom. First time I went there I got this cute dress and a chunky necklace. I went there a few days later and a different saleswoman helped me select a bunch of cute tops. No doubt this is place is expensive for a student, but you're paying for quality and originality, which makes it totally worth it. I'm totally coming back. :D —Mellerz

2011-05-26 23:56:35   I desperately needed new jeans, and I desperately wanted to avoid leaving Davis. Despite the poor reviews, I went to Pinkadot, found a pair of Hudsons that fit right, paid (40% off sale!), and was out the door in less than 30 minutes. The salesperson was attentive and helpful, and the pink receipt is cute. Plus, I didn't have to give myself a headache by driving to Arden Fair or Roseville for some decent denim. —AsmaMaryamMohseni

2011-05-27 10:41:01   It's a great store, there were so many things I'd want my fiancée to wear, and we did find an amazing dress, earring, and a top with stones. The service was as it should be; we were left to browse until we needed help. I hate it when you enter a store and everyone wants "to help". Invasive commission paid buggers :) —MichaelNielsen