5215 Hamel Street
Ron Thomas
(530) 757-5480
School PTA

Pioneer School is one of the schools in the Davis Joint Unified School District, and home of the Pioneer Prairie Dogs. Located in South Davis; it adjoins the Pioneer Park.  Pioneer Elementary first opened for the 1966-67 school year.


Past Principals

Amelia Hess (2020), interim

Patricia Astin (2018-2019)

Judy Davis (2017-2018), interim

Matt Duffy (2013-2017)

Deborah Brayton (2008-2013)

Donna Wix (2006-2008)

Clark Bryant (2000-2006)

Barbara Wells (1982-2000)

Richard Halen (1981)

Dave Hutton (1979-

Leo Masson (1977- )

Robert Hardenbrook (1975-1977)

Ed Challey (1970-1975)

Clarence DePew (1966-1970)


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2010-02-02 21:56:13   I used to go to this school they say Pioneer is "Home of the Prairie Dogs" I remembered this one time when my friends and i found a prairie Dog and some kid went to tell a staff member about it (in a Hey look a Prairie Dog Manner). The staff came back with a bucket of water and poured a bucket of water down the Dog's Hole. the staff members feared rabies. It was a good decision in terms of safety for us kids but a bad decision in terms of the Dog's health. D: —DarkArchon

2017-10-06 19:03:27   I used to go to this school, and I can full well tell you that it's pretty cliquey here. Plus that a bunch of rich kids went here didn't help too much. GATE (or AIM) was pretty fun, I was in it. It did mean you would probably been in the same class with the same people for 2+ years or more. Overall it was a fun school, and the field trips were great. —southdavisperson