Since Davis is landlocked, assume that this term refers to the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. Otherwise, be sure to see the world's only pirate supply store next time you're in San Francisco or the Ninjas vs. Pirates at the MU.

The piracy method of choice for UC Davis is BitTorrent (iA) and KaZaA (iA).

The MPAA (iA) has not yet sued any UC Davis students for movie piracy.

Aggie article on RIAA (iA) suing four UCD students.

  • Anyone know the names of the RIAA Four? Are all still attending UCD?
  • I heard about one of them (or at least a similar incident) a couple of months ago, though I don't have a name. An acquaintance of mine told me that a high school student had been living in the dorms and working on some kind of research project for future UC students. He was working in the same lab as my acquaintance, and he downloaded some stuff over the school network. He was caught and, after a discussion with administration and some corporate lawyers, was tentatively given a stern warning by both. According to my acquaintance, though, if the industry guys decide to press charges, the student in question will be blacklisted for life from the entire UC system. Make what you will of the story, but it sounds plausible to me.RoyWright