Once 616 Anderson Road, before that 748 Mulberry Lane
Under 200
Rob Roy, Lisa Davis, Joe Finkel, Dan Glendening, VickieWilk, and Griffin Walker
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The Pirate Ship (the Filthy Whore) was known for its amazing theme parties (James Bond, Michael Jackson) and had gained notoriety for hosting a number of musical acts:

A view of the Pirate House from the street.

The Pirate Ship (also known as the Pirate House) was originally located at 748 Mulberry Lane, and went by the name the Filthy Whore. Unfortunately, after a number of noise violations and graduating house-mates, the Filthy Whore was forced to hoist its anchor and move to a new location at 616 Anderson Rd in 2005 (not too far from their old location). The ship's new location featured a swimming pool and other high-class luxuries only afforded to high society playboys like the pirates (such as an outside bar).

The location of the second Pirate Ship (at 616 Anderson) was also a show house in the late 80s (under different ownership, of course), and bands such as the Replacements, Violent Femmes, Meat Puppets, Camper Van Beethoven, Savage Republic, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, and local bands like Thin White Rope, Game Theory, the Avengers, and the Popealopes played there.

Unfortunately, the pirates experienced another run of bad luck at their new location on 616 Anderson. Their landlord got word of their website and had heard they were "operating a night club" from neighbors. This resulted in an ultimatum from the landlord and they agreed to no longer put on shows or parties, an agreement they only broke on rare occasion.

The Pirate Ship at 616 Anderson closed up shop during moving day, late August 2005. Rob Roy and Lisa Davis, former pirates, then moved to 720 Anderson, home of the famous Bomb Shelter. Despite this fact, 720 is not commonly regarded as a "new" Pirate Ship.

Pirate Ship Parties

An English Pirate lives here now.

More information

Although it will probably end up being troublesome, the Pirate Ship was written up in a Sac news and review article.

What's this house that looks like a pirate ship on portage bay east? — KenBloom