Pixel Graphic Design Club
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Pixel Graphic Design Club

Pixel is the graphic design club of UC Davis, and official AIGA Student Group of UC Davis. It is a professional graphic design club started in 2005, and continues serving students involved and interested in graphic design today. Pixel members learn to develop their portfolio and gain networking skills through club and AIGA events such as Portfolio Day, Studio Tours, Alumni Day, and many more.

Pixel is proud to offer membership to any students passionate in design and looking to improve their professional network.

First Meeting

Their first meeting of the 2009-2010 year is on Thursday, 10/8/2009, from 7:30pm-8:30pm in Walker 135. The first Pixel meeting of the school year focuses on the goals of the club, upcoming events, socializing, and free pizza.


To receive updates on upcoming Pixel or AIGA events, join the Pixel Facebook group (PIXEL - Graphic Design Club), and/or follow Pixel on Twitter (pixelUCD). Questions or comments? Pixel can be reached by email at [].

2009-2010 Pixel Officers

Co-president: Leslie Cheng and Dayee Leung Vice President: Stephanie Pan Treasurer: Kevin Han-Chia Chen Secretary: Christina Fung Public Relations: Alix Gates Historian: Stephanie Pressler


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