County Road 96 between Covell and Russell Boulevard
(only during reasonable hours)
(530) 758-9006

Plainfield Ridge is a horse boarding facility with a huge indoor arena and very friendly boarders. There is an outdoor jumping arena and turnout arena that can both be used during the dry months. All stalls are large, comfortable and fitted with misters to help the horses deal with the Davis summer heat. Stalls have fresh shavings all the time and good footing. Stall water is provided using the preferred float mechanism and does not rely on muzzle pressure. Horses are given alfalfa in the morning and a variety of local grass hay in the afternoon. Most of the riding seen at Plainfield Ridge is of European style including dressage and jumping. However, some Western pleasure riding can be seen.

The area is endemic with beautiful magpies, meadowlarks, and blackbirds. Two barn owls have been roosting in the indoor arena as the owners have set up a nesting site. The property has a beautiful variety of plants growing on it and there is usually something in bloom at any time of the year. The jumping arena becomes rich with tall grass after rain much to the delight of the horses who graze on it. ;)

For boarding rates, please call the number above.

To learn more about equestrian resources in or near Davis, please visit our Horses page.


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2008-09-21 17:54:35   Does anyone know what the rates for boarding are here? —quarabaloosa

2010-07-10 18:27:26   Why don't you call? ;) —iluvhorses