Northwest of Freeborn Hall
Used by/for
Departments of LAWR, etc.
Owned by
UC Davis

The Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES ) Building is located between the Tennis Courts to the North, Veihmeyer Hall to the South, and Hunt Hall to the East. SISWEB will also refers to this building as PLESC (i.e. PLESC 01137). The three-story building houses faculty from the departments of Agronomy and Range Science; Land, Air and Water Resources; Environmental Science and Policy; Environmental Horticulture and Horticulture and Agronomy.

You can get to the balcony through PES 3001, the main meeting room in the building. Natives of the building call it the PES building. There are vending machines in the building.

The Salad Bowl Garden, founded by Margaret Lloyd in 2008, is located on the south side, along the walkway to the main entrance to the building. It is an Edible Landscaping demonstration project where the public can pick veggies when ripe. The Spring 2007 crop was tomatoes and peppers.

This building is locked after hours and on weekends so if you take a GIS or related class and need to use the lab after hours plan accordingly.

The building opened in the early 2000s.

"If I was the ASUCD President, I'd read my State of the Association Address from this balcony, like the Emperor of Feudal Japan."PaulIvanov The Field Crops of California exhibit rotates through different crops during the year. Right as you walk in, on the right, there's a tree stump with markings along the rings...

...looking up the markings allows you to put the growth of the tree in perspective with major historical events.