Awesome covered playground that's fun and relaxing for children and adults.

Park Location
2500 Research Park Drive , between Pole Line Road & Cowell Blvd. in South Davis
16 Acres
City of Davis
3 Baseball/softball fields
All weather soccer field
Sand volleyball court
Batting Cages
Basketball hoops
Playground equipment for 2-5 and 5-12 year olds

Concession stand

Public bathrooms with showers

Area may be subject to advanced registration - call City of Davis Community Services Department at (530) 757-5626 for information

Playfields Park is a public park in South Davis. The parking lot and vehicular entrance are located on Research Park Drive. There is a nice field there for flying kites. The park was dedicated in 1996. It appears that the city's open container ordinance does not apply to this park.

Also see Parks for info on other local parks or consult the comprehensive info for Davis parks, Maps


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2007-12-17 12:39:00   This park is great. I live in Halsey Circle, which is right next to this park, and go there every once in a while to play or jog. Lots of space and bike paths that run around the perimeter. Usually pretty empty during the day with only a few people playing with/walking their dogs. But fills up for those softball/baseball games.

Unfortunately, this is also the site where my red coleman cooler from the 70s was stolen by a bunch of kids. =( They were the only other group in the park at the time. My friends and I were having a pre-Thanksgiving left over gathering by the playground. We left for a little bit to play some basketball and upon returning, my cooler was gone. The cooler was filled with drinks of the 21+ variety and the kids were old enough to drive because they had a car in the parking lot but obviously underaged. The cooler was given to me by my father and is sentimental, it's been in my family for about 30 years. I just want the cooler back. If anyone knows anything please contact me! —stellah

2008-01-21 23:42:33   The bike tunnel is a great place to practice a musical instrument late at night—a $40 fiddle sounds like it's worth $4,000. —BrianCoblentz

2008-11-24 22:29:12   Mystery picture of November 08 was taken here. :) —gurglemeow

2009-01-26 21:41:14   oh man, this place... I go jogging around the soccer field on weekends, and every month, i seem run into one or two used condoms thrown out in the field, just make sure you check what your dog brings back when you're both playing frees-bee or whatever. —CliffordJoseGaribay

2009-06-03 19:41:50   Does anyone know if residence can use the new turf soccer field. I live next to play fields and I really enjoyed going to the soccer field but it has been closed off because of the new turf and I can't find when it'll be open to the general public. The sign says reservations so I'm confused. It also seems that they closed off the back entrance and it seems they are attempting to enclose the whole field. Might I ask why? I'm getting the hint that this field isn't for everyone... I believe that's wrong because I've been living next to playfields for a while and I thought the parks was open to the general public. Why did they enclose the whole field with the fence and blocked off the back entrance? If I jump the fence and play soccer alone when people aren't using the field am I breaking the law? Please leave a comment I'll check back but I feel really sad. —dsbai

2009-07-02 16:07:49   dsbai, contact Community Services at 757-5626. They can answer all of your questions about field use. —RobWallis

2015-09-08 15:30:00   Just FYI - The fields at Playfields Park appear to be reservation only. There aren't any signs that say that the field is restricted, but the fields are locked until you contact the city for reservations. A friend of mine tried to jump the fence to use the field to practice outfield drills and she was yelled at by the grounds crew to leave the field, though I believe that if the grounds crew was there it means that they were either finishing or starting to work on the field. Give the city a call a couple days in advance to check if walk in is available - otherwise it looks like you may be breaking a city ordinance. —whiteSHARK13