These are reviews of Pluto's from 2006. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2006-01-22 13:27:39   Loves me some Plutos. Hey, by the way, does anyone know if you have to have the PLUTO on your shuttle club card stamped before you get a free meal? —SS

2006-01-22 13:57:06   Yes, the Pluto is the last one to be stamped before your free meal. What pissed me off last time I got my free meal was that they will only stamp your card once for two meals that you are buying, but when it comes for that free meal, they'll only comp you for one of those two. Sneaky bastards. I wish that they were more consistant; one stamp for ONE meal/plate. —KarlaFung

2006-05-01 18:45:53   The salads are quite good usually; I look forward to seasonal fruits and veggies that they offer. A large salad is a pretty huge meal for me, but perhaps not so huge for others. In defense of the people that get mad at other people for "cutting" in line, the place IS pretty confusing to newcomers (even with their little signs). Pretty good stuff, though. —EmilyBlake

2006-09-06 15:12:37   As long as you don't get a stingy person making your salad, Pluto's is consistently one of the best places in town. I love sitting out on the patio when the weather is nice! —RachelCakes

2006-09-08 09:20:55   I love this place. A little hectic with lots of people, and thus long lines for some foods, but the sandwiches are really, really good and the salads good as well. I love all the fruit you can put in them. Onion rings also tasty, favorite of my boyfriend. Sadly, though, I wonder what will happen now that Pluto is no longer a planet? Heh, just a dwarf. Nerd, I know. —ChristyMarsden

2006-09-12 02:24:16   Long lines, harried servers, and weird fixings. I wanted a salad with some crispy leaves, bacon, sliced egg, ranch dressing and croutons of some kind. I got a look like I was from mars. I ended up with romaine that apparently came out of a microwave, some greasy soggy croutons that tasted like purple, and some vague viniagrette that might as well have been mineral oil and orange juice. It took forever to get, it took forever to pay for, everyone in the place (customers) was totally cell-phone enabled obnoxious. Terrible experience, and, unfortunately, an identical repeat to every experience I've had there. Terrible food, terrible environment. I can't fathom why anyone would go here when Fuzio is 50 feet away. —ChrisLambertus

2006-09-12 23:34:55   I went here the first time my parentals came for a visit, around my birthday. Long lines, noisy, large cell usage (middle of the day on a weekend), But My personal Complaint is that the Salad Tasted Dirty. I felt like it hadn't been washed enough or something, and couldn't even eat half of it. And I'd been eating at the DC up until that point, so while I wasn't expecting anything fine, I wasn't expecting something worse than what Sodexho provides, either. —MaxMikalonis

2006-10-09 16:15:56   I love Plutos. Fresh foods. I suggest you go with a buddy and get a salad, an appetizer or sweets, and a sandwich to share. That way you'll get to try all these different items on the menu and enjoy the meal more. —KiwiSelina

2006-10-27 16:18:54   Pluto salads are the best! If you don't like salads much bulk up on the fruit instead —LizCerv

2006-12-13 22:01:43   Good fresh salad. The price tag seems rather high just for veggies, but it is worth it on occasion. The soup here is also very good. —JohnHumperdinkle