Po the Rat

Po was named so because she looks like an opossum. She lived with the Z twins (Sharon and Amy) and Davis Coeds Scotty. But she belonged to Amy.

Po shared a cage with Endora the Rat and missed Delores the Rat, who passed away in November of 2004.

Po was found dead on the morning of March 1, 2005. Here is Amy's LiveJournal entry:

"My baby Po died.

Sharon bought me Po because she knew i'd appreciate the slightly ugly/very cute little rat she saw at Ace. And I did. She was the cutest little possum-rat ever, and she was mine.

I named her Po for several reasons: Her similarity to a possum was the major reason (She had thinnish curly gray hair through which you could see the pink of her skin), and the word Po' means "little" in Italian.

Po survived Delores and is survived by Endora. She was about a year and a half old."