This is a page for you to describe commendable efforts of officers in the Davis Police Department or the UC Davis Police Department, particularly times when they may have assisted you with a problem. It is all too often that we take for granted the risks these individuals assume in protecting our rights and maintaining peace. This page is designed to highlight the importance of their role is in Davis. The flip side of this page can be found at Police Misconduct Stories.

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2005-11-25 01:35:15   I've had my fair share of gripes about the police, but when I needed them the other night in an emergency, they were there in no time. It turned out to be alright, but they didn't mind rushing out at all and were very cool about it. Its good to know they're there when you really do need them. —DaveCar

2006-07-17 00:24:41   When I worked downtown I called them a couple of times for some shady folks. One time was for a couple of skinhead-types who were panhandling...if a passer-by turned them down, they shouted expletives and anti-Semitic remarks. Another time was for a very large, wild-eyed, disheveled man clad only in sweats and a t-shirt on 2nd Street who was shouting, "Stop looking at me f****** b****!" at any woman who passed him. He'd follow them for a few paces, too. Both times the police came quickly, but I didn't hang around long enough to watch what happened. Another time, the police stopped by to check on us while they searched for a couple of men who had just robbed a bank a block from our office. —DukeMcAdow

2006-08-23 12:54:47   In 1995 when I still had long hair and lived in Davis, I had a minor traffic accident at the corner of Villanova and Anderson. The accident was almost certainly my fault as I very accidentally failed to stop at a red light and although as I realized my mistake I hit the breaks I did end up hitting a women driving in her car alone. I felt very bad about it, but fortunately it was extremely minor and no one was hurt. The Police and the Women’s husband arrived in short order and we exchanged insurance information. But, once the women’s husband was there he and his wife became increasingly agitated. Let me emphasize that my car was a junky little Plymouth Colt full of random art supplies, and I was a long haired 25 year old. Taking these maters into account the prime and proper Davis Couple decided I must be drunk or under the influence of drugs. Did I mention it was about noon on a Sunday? And I was stone cold sober? The couple insisted that the officer give me a sobriety test. The officer declined to do so which outraged the couple. The husband demanded that I be tested, “how could the officer be sure I was sober!” The officer coolly stated, “The same way I determined your wife is sober.” Needles to say the couple did not like that answer one bit. But they dropped the matter. I think had they pressed further the officer would have actually tested her instead of me. That Officer had class.


2007-02-13 17:07:49   I just wanted to add that recently I wanted to document an incident and the officer that talked with me was very friendly and answered all my questions and concerns. It was very productive and I was very satisfied in my ability to document the event. —SteveOstrowski

Are you referring to the UCPD or the DPD?

UCDP —SteveOstrowski

2007-02-13 20:48:17   The Davis PD lets people park in their parking lot overnight and I appreciate that. —KenjiYamada

2007-02-15 01:54:52   I was riding without a light last Sat and I crossed Eight street at Oeste and a cop tailed me and pulled along side and told me to walk my bike cause it would be to much paperwork for him to fill out If he was to give me the ticket! Go DPD —StevenDaubert

2007-02-15 08:21:51   I was in a minor accident (I rear ended someone) in October, which was my fault. Even though 4 DPD officers showed up and I had to repeat what happened to all of them, they were pretty cool. I did not get a ticket. The Officer who discussed the incedent at the scene with me was super nice said it was a " true accident", whatever that means. —MyaBrn

2007-03-02 16:36:02   A friend of mine found her stolen bike locked up at the MU terminal today. The UCPD came over and cut the lock off. She's grateful to them. —WilliamLewis

2009-06-25 23:07:46   I was involved in an armed robbery in 1997 where I work (in town). The robbers left the building with hostages at gunpoint, knowing the cops were in the alley waiting. I still feel that it was a tribute to good communication and outstanding discipline by DPD officers that no hostage was hurt and no shots were fired during that phase of the incident. I was in a position where I was less threatened (e.g. no longer held at gun point) but I had a fairly strong conviction that I was going to see one of my friends and co-workers shot — and it didn't happen. I am so grateful, and I truly believe that luck was only one part of that positive outcome. —DougWalter

2009-09-03 21:53:03   Recently read an entry in The People's Vanguard of Davis blog that I think is worth mention on this page. It involves a friend of blog owner David Greenwald who had a disability and was unable to pump her own gas. She had a frustrating encounter with a DPD officer who was unaware of a section of the Business and Professions Code regarding handicap assistance at gas stations. The full story is available at the Vanguard here: Doing the Right Thing: How Chief Black Turned A Bad Situation into a PositiveDukeMcAdow

2009-11-28 02:39:08   A couple weeks ago a cat jumped out in front of my car and I accidently hit it, one of the Davis PD officers tried to help me save it, and even though we couldn't, I thought it was very kind and humane of him to at least try to help. —Lonestar07

2010-04-13 00:43:01   I have found the officers I have had dealings with to be nothing less than respectful, sometimes humorous, even when pulling you over (which happened to me a few years back when I was driving a vehicle that was similar to one involved with a crime). I find it all depends on your outlook. Obviously the ones who are actually in the wrong get caught and complain later about how they were unjustly treated are something different. —WesOne