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Air Pollution

Air pollution affects air quality in our region and can lead to health problems. It is so problematic that our local air districts typically issue about 25 Spare the Air Days each year between the months of May and October. Some things contributing to rising incidents of asthma in local populations:

Pollution in the San Joaquin valley is claimed by some to be among the worst in the state... these individuals expect to see an Aggie story in the near future. Note that Davis is not part of the San Joaquin Valley — which includes San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare and Kern counties — but is actually part of the Sacramento Valley!

(the following is excerpted from San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District)

"Just because you can’t see air pollution doesn’t mean it’s not there. The fact is the San Joaquin Valley has a serious air pollution problem that affects our health and our local economy.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of our air pollution is created right here at home. Data indicates that approximately 27 percent of the total air pollution in the northern portion of the District comes from the Bay Area. In the central portion of the District, the percentage drops to eleven and in the southern area, transport air pollution constitutes nine percent of the total air pollution inventory.

The Valley is particularly vulnerable to air pollution formation because of its topography, climate, and growing population. Surrounding mountains trap airborne pollutants near the Valley floor where people live and breathe. In addition, the Valley’s hot, summer temperatures promote the formation of harmful ground-level ozone (also known as smog). Finally, as population levels increase, so does air pollution. More people equals more cars and more activities that contribute to poor air quality."

Light Pollution

Ground & Water Pollution

Don't dump stuff in the sewers!

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution in Davis is such an issue for some, that the area has gone to lengths which many feel are ridiculous to keep the noise levels down within city limits — of course, the upside is that we don't have to hear leaf blowers before 8am in the morning!


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Why doesn't anyone ever mention forest/grass-fires when they talk about pollution in the valley? It seems pretty obvious to me that those two sources are MAJOR contributors to the poor air quality in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys. — RussBowlus

Some of the burrito eaters I know definitely contribute to localized air pollution! It's as legitimate as snoring or methane from cows, i'n'it?? — AlphaDog

2013-10-22 15:53:19   I live near an Amtrak/Southern Pacific train line in downtown Davis, CA. The noise pollution from Amtrak trains fluctuates based on their use of horns. The trains themselves are lighter than the cargo trains that pass through and squeal. However, the horn-blowing seems to have increased, even over the past couple weeks. It is my understanding that Amtrak trains exhibit a signature double-honk when exiting the station. This is pollution and annoying, especially because it is branding. Amtrak is the only passenger train choice in the area, so it seems like a waste of my nerves to have to hear their advertising horns. What really bothers me, and is prompting me to take action in my community is the excessive honking. Some trains honk continually and these include late night trains and early morning trains. Sometimes this excessive honking is even in the form of a song. Before living in this community I was an Amtrak customer, now, because of the noise pollution I experience every day, as well as the diesel pollution that covers my apartment with soot, I no longer support Amtrak. Are there others in my community that are victim to Amtrak and SP's noise pollution? I am sure that the horn volume surpasses all limits of safe noise pollution. I do not suggest a ban, but from my experience living on the train line, there is no respect for local residents and no limit to the amount of noise Amtrak trains are allowed to make. Any help or information you can provide would be helpful. I am working to create an ordinance to limit honking by train operators in my area. Thank you, Marisa McCune. mmccune3 (at) my.smccd.edu