123 D Street
Downtown, there is free parking behind the salon
Monday closed
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-8:00
Wednesday & Friday 9:00-6:00
Saturday 9:00-5:00

Pomegranate Salon is a hair salon in charming downtown Davis. Pomegranate's owner/stylists, Stacia and Rich, have over twenty years of experience using advanced techniques to achieve precision cuts with efficient timing. Stacia is a master colorist offering a full range of color services including; highlights, lowlights, gray coverage and ombre color. Hairstylists Natasha, Larisa, Olivia, Hannah, Noel, Nelson, Karla, and Jamie are all a part of the team at Pomegranate working to help each client find a look that complements their individual style.


*To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.


    Haircut: $35-65 Full color: $105 Highlights: $110 (partial), $130(full) Eyebrows: $20




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    2007-03-06 13:12:39   I just got my haircut by Rich, and he is awesome. I was a little nervous about going here, since there weren't any comments on the wiki about them. I didn't have an appointment, but I called ahead to see if someone was available and I was able to go in immediately. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my hair, but this wasn't a problem at all. Rich immediately sat down with me to talk about my hair (and offer me a cappuccino). He really listens to you and takes the time to make sure that the cut suits you and that you are happy with it. He also communicates really well, tells you what he's thinking before he actually does anything. It was a little more than I was planning on spending on a haircut today, but it was totally worth it. My last cut was at Tangles, and that was about the same price but a mediocre cut and experience. Rich spent so much time making sure my hair looked good. Everyone was really friendly, and I definitely recommend this place. The best hair experience I've had in Davis. —JennSuzuki

    2007-03-15 09:54:55   Okay, this sounds funny but Stacia cuts my hair AND my 3 1/2 year old daughters hair. We love Stacia and really enjoy the new salon. After moving back to Northern California from Los Angeles I was a little spoiled from the amazing hair salons. I am thrilled to have found in Salon Pomegranate all of the attributes of an urban salon. Rich even made me a cappucino with Rice Milk! I love my highlights and cut- one of my oldest and most honest friends told me this was my best look in years. Thanks Stacia and Rich! —AimeeFuszard

    2007-03-29 16:04:19   I got my haircut by Rich, and it was a wonderful experience. Being that he was very personal in getting me the cut I wanted. I've gone to about every single hair place in Davis, and this is the only place so far that could cut great hair. This place is the place to go if your looking to find a place that stands by its haircuts :P —MinhTran

    2007-03-29 19:31:33   I just got my haircut by Stacia and absolutely love it! I haven't been this happy with how my hair looked in forever! She listened to exactly what I wanted and made sure it was perfect before I left. Rich and Stacia are very friendly, personable, and good at what they do. Rich even made me a cappucino with a side of thin mints (perfect after a final!) I definitely recommend going here! Thank you! —MarenWalker

    2007-04-10 19:24:44   This is the best salon in Davis and, as far as Im concerned, anywhere around here. Rich has been cutting my hair since they opened and I have always been really impressed with his style, technique and care. He is a first rate hair stylist but whats more, he's friendly and always holds an interesting conversation. I think this place has the best elements of both a friendly neighborhood salon where you want to go just to hang out and talk, and a major urban salon where you can count on the highest quality and professionalism. I've been to almost all the other salons in Davis and some in San Francisco and Sacramento, but I've never found a place that had the qualities of Pomegranate Salon. The prices are more than fair considering the quality of the experience, and you wont be disappointed by the cut. —DanielR

    2007-04-25 12:41:54   I have been going to Lisa for years, and her pedicures are amazing! My feet are just beautiful, and she deserves lots of credit for making them so soft and pretty. I usually get the full Spa pedicure and it's worth every cent. She is extremely meticulous with her polish lines, and the polish lasts at least 3 weeks. It looks very professional. Lisa always takes whatever time she needs to gently file my feet (no one comes close to her technique), and she never seems rushed; always delivers very personal treatment. —AndreaPlon

    2007-05-21 13:20:46   Saw Stacia last week for a consult & cut. She was the first high-end artist (expensive but worth it) in YEARS who actually listened to what I was trying (haltingly) to say & offered useful suggestions for discussion. She then followed through with a fast, excellent, very polished cut. She is also peppy and entertaining. Definitely a wonderful addition to the Davis scene. I will go back for color as soon as I have time. —FreddieOakley

    2007-08-01 17:54:07   I came in with YELLOW hair and Stacia made it come out exactly the way I wanted =) —SandyRose

    2007-08-10 15:17:35   Just got my haircut here yesterday. My appointment was with Stacia. I thought I as running late for my appointment so I called in to let them know, no one answered and I had to leave a message? It seems like no one runs the front desk? Arrived on time and the front desk was empty but Stacia did greet me and said she'd be a few minutes. The atmosphere of the salon is cute and pretty relaxing though it is a bit small and cramped. The building is obviously not meant for a hair salon. I brought in a few photos and she helped me pick the one that would be best for my face shape. During the shampoo the neck rest/cushion kept on sliding off and was very uncomfortable. Stacia ended up only cutting my hair for about 15-20 mins. Her cuts were VERY simple and blunt. She was also a bit rough, pulling and tugging my hair a bit more than what I am used to. She seemed a bit angry and frustrated when she was cutting my hair, just judging from her facial expressions, and she didn't really try to make conversation. I love my hair cut and she did a good job on styling it and used some great products on my hair. But overall my experience was very average. For a $60 haircut I expected a bit more. —AmyYang

    2007-08-11 13:12:21   Okay, I have had my hair cut by Stacia more times than I can count. Not only does she tolerate my dog, my sick obsession with my hair, and me using her computer to look up the pictures of the hairstyles I like, but the atmosphere in the salon is warm and welcoming, the cappucino is hot, and the conversation is lively. I have never not gotten an appointment, or not gotten a perfect cut. Stacia was the first stylist to ever color my hair and now I can't believe I ever lived with hair that just one color. Salon Pomegranate is the finest salon in Davis and I'm glad to not have to endure the Aveda nonsense at Tangles. Talk about pretentious. You have to try Pomegranate!!! —RAB

    2007-08-14 12:15:41   I had my hair cut by Stacia here about a month ago. The cut turned out pretty well, and the salon is really nice, but the experience left something to be desired. There was none of this capuccino business that everyone else is talking about. The cut cost me $70 with tip, which is what I paid my former hairdresser (who, unfortunately, doesn't live here), but it hardly felt like $70 worth of care and effort. The whole process, wash, cut, and "style," took 35 minutes. Stacia sat me down an asked me about my hair but was distracted and didn't offer any suggestions or discuss any options. She was in the middle of a fight with her husband, and was so angry that she literally did not hear/respond to the small talk I was trying to make to diffuse the tension. She cut my hair really fast (think Edward Scissorhands), almost dropping the scissors a few times, and barely breathing a word to me (she did, however, reatreat to the phone to breathe choice words to her husband). Instead of asking me how I like my hair styled, she mussed it up with some product, blow dried it for a few minutes into a poofy mess, and then put some more product in it to calm it down. I had to go home and wash it. So, overall, it was a stressful, rather than relaxing, trip to the salon. The cut turned out well, if not a little too short. Next time I will go somewhere else to get more for my money, not because she's not good at what she does. —TawnyMata

    2007-08-18 16:49:57   Since moving from the UK 4 years ago, I've been looking for a comparable stylist to my one in London. So far I've generally been disappointed with the salons in Davis, too boring and safe (and in some cases, not great cutting skills). But, I think I've found the high-end service and techniques I've been used to, with Pomegranate. I had my hair high-lighted and cut by Stacia today and I can honestly say that the colour is the best it's ever been and the cut looks amazing, it's EXACTLY what I wanted. She also cut my husband's hair and trimmed our baby's fringe. Stacia and Rich are so friendly and fun to talk with, I would highly recommend them (in fact I have already to several friends who've been impressed too). —LizA

    2007-09-13 14:09:45   I've gotten my hair cut by Stacia three times. Pros: she generally does a good job and once offered useful advice when I was having a hair crisis. Cons: no cappuccino or anything ever offered, she's been in a hurry/late each time so I've always started at least 5 minutes late and worst for me- she charges roughly what other salons cost but for only 30 minutes (for a haircut) while my other salons were 1 hour appointments. The bad part of that is that she ends up doing the cut pretty fast. Last time she only cut for 12 minutes and then when she felt she was done and asked me what I thought, I told her I thought that the back was too square and one side was uneven, expecting her to fix it. However she said it was fine and rushed me out the door, where the next person was waiting (who had lost her first 5 minutes while my rushed appointment was ending!) So- my dilemma- pay neurosurgeon-type hourly rates for 15 minutes or less of service that turns out well 50% of the time, or pay the same elsewhere for a longer appointment that may or may not turn out well. My recommendation: charge the SAME price you do now for 45 minute cuts. Then you have 15 minutes in between appointments to finish your other business and your customers are well-served. You initially lose some $, sure, but you gain in satisfied and loyal customers willing to regularly fork out $65 for a haircut... and perhaps more for other services. —Joanna

    2007-09-14 05:26:12   I have had my haircut several times by Stacia. I have never had a better cut or color ever. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with someone cutting and/or highlighting my hair.. usually they never listen and do what they want, while they look at themselves in the mirror. NOT AT POMEGRANATE! Stacia is very attentive to what you want and will give you suggestions. Since the day that I first walked into the salon I have always walked out looking great! As for some comments about running a bit behind.. DUH... You can run behind with me, that means you are taking extra time and care of the people that are sitting in that seat. Stacia, you are a true artist! I highly recommend Pomegranate Salon!! —Natashag

    2007-10-21 06:48:47   I love my hair!! I was really nervous about getting my haircut, as I had some bad ones in the past. I had finally found someone I liked when I lived in LA, but it was getting too expensive to fly down. So, I thought I'd try Pomegranate. I'm soo glad I did! Stacia put me right at ease. She listened really well to what I wanted, and it came out exactly how I wanted. The color is perfect, and the cut is the best I've ever had. I mean it. My husband said so too, right when I walked in the door. I'm definately going back. I also got my nails done by Lisa, and they are perfect. She did a great job. It was a great experience. I walked out looking great, and feeling confident. I can't wait to show off my new haircut. Thanks Stacia! —MinnieMouse

    2007-10-28 14:20:22 This salon is fine for haircuts, but I would never recommend it for highlights. This was the first new salon I'd tried in years, but after moving up to Davis I was far away from my regular stylist and really wanted to find someone good in this area. After my experience with Pomegranate, I gladly made the 2-hour drive to my regular stylist last weekend because it's just not worth "experimenting" with unknowns. My stylist took one look at what Stacia had done to my hair and told me it was going to take "several" visits to fix it. My natural haircolor is light brown. I went to Stacia and told her I wanted highlights/lowlights, which is what I've been getting at my regular salon for the last ~10 years. Stacia told me I didn't need lowlights because I already had plenty of darker color in my hair. I trusted her judgment. Stacia put faaaaaar fewer foils in my hair than usual—so it went very quickly and was utterly transitory. I got home and when I started examining it in the mirror I was horrified by what I saw—there were enormous blocks of hair with no highlights at all, huge sections of blonde, and in many places the highlights started a good inch away from my scalp— the overall look was messy, sloppy, and cheap. I hate having to call and complain about *anything*, but after paying a small fortune for a cut and color and being appalled at the outcome, I called and left a message that night saying I was totally disatisfied and wanted my money back so I could go have my usual colorist fix it. Stacia called me back first thing in the morning, which was great and I was very appreciative. She told me no one in her entire time cutting/coloring had ever been unhappy with her work before—fine, but that does nothing to change the state of MY hair. I told her I'd be happy to come down and show her what I was talking about and then they could give me my money back, which she agreed to. I went down shortly thereafter and Stacia told me she was convinced it was a "misunderstanding" and that I hadn't been clear about what I'd wanted and she was certain she could fix it. She asked to be given the opportunity to fix it. Stupidly, I agreed. I came back later that afternoon and asked whether, since I now had huge chunks of blonde, she was going to put lowlights in as well. She again told me no, that I had plenty of brown and again, stupidly, I went along with it. It was clear she was staying late to do this, which on the one hand was nice, but on the other hand she was clearly rushed and attempt #2 wound up being much, much worse than the first one. Due to being rushed she performed some bizarre act of putting foils in my hair and then as soon as she finished putting the last foils in, she began taking the first foils out and washing half of my hair (??). The end result was me with basically bleach-blonde hair, with dark roots showing before I even left the salon—so I essentially got a sloppy tint-job for the price of a highlight. At that point I was embarrassed, tired, and totally disheartened. I just went home and cried. I regret not being firm and just asking for my money back without letting her work on my hair again. Consequently, I immediately had a very obvious, very stark demarcation line—blonde/brown. After seeing my regular stylist last weekend, and her telling me it was going to take several visits to fix what Stacia had done, this was one very expensive mistake. I was fine with the haircut Stacia gave me, but I will never be going back for either a cut or color. —S.O.S.

    2007-11-15 13:24:02   After Roxies closed, I closed my eyes and threw a dart at davis wiki for a new salon. I had my hair cut by Rich today and he was AMAZING. not only did my haircut look hot hot hot (best i've had in years), but he was friendly and intelligent. I enjoyed Pomegranate more than any salon i've been to in davis so far (it being the 4th i've been to)... —AthenaGlaukopis

    2007-11-25 13:38:08   I've lived in Davis for 18 years, and have tried a number of salons in town, as well as in Sacramento. Pomegranate is definitely at the top of my list of salons! I had a great cut and color last week by Stacia. I've had lots of compliments, espcecially on the color. My husband, three kids and I have been going to Pomegranate for the last few months for our hair needs, and have had only positive experiences with both Rich and Stacia, including a last minute appointment squeezed in by Rich to clean up my son's unruly mess. Pedicures by Lisa are phenomenal as well. Pomegranate Salon is a great addition to Davis! —Bennett

    2007-12-02 12:01:49   I am willing (and have) travelled far distances to get a good cut/color, so I was pleased to find that I didn't need to anymore once I tried Pomegranate. I have seen Stacia a number of times and she is not only extremely sweet and professional, she is also EXTREMELY talented and skilled. My highlights are exactly what I wanted and through her guidance I think they are more complimentary to my look and have the natural look I was going for. They grow out REALLY well and I have been truly impressed. I personally appreciate that she takes the time to wash out the foils in sections because that means she is watching the color and taking it out and washing as it is needed, rather than washing it out all at once and having some of the hair be over-processed. In my experience this is the sign of a careful stylist. My color has never looked better and I have been getting highlights for 13 years. Additionally, I have been really happy with my haircut. It is easy to do, really cute and stylish. I have sent quite a few people to Stacia after they have complimented me on the cut. My mom loves her also, she travels long distances to see her and always raves about how well her hair keeps. My brother and my boyfriend see Rich and LOVE him. They really take his advice seriously, and really enjoy talking to him. I think overall Pomegranate is a great experience and I would highly recommend. Thanks to Stacia and Rich for being so awesome! —jjm

    2007-12-06 21:18:57   Stacia is the most caring and understanding person I have ever met. She is real, down to earth and totally listens to what I want. Her hair cuts are remarkable and her colors are as amazing. Rich has cut my sons hair and he too is compassionite and understanding. The two together make an amazing couple who spent 24/7 together. I admire their committment and the ability to work and live together. Most of us would love to have the same arrangement they have been able to perfect. The salon is so homey. The products are wonderful. The front staff is friendly. I wish they offer coffee or soft drinks more but with that said......I absolutely love the services they provide. —prettywoman

    2007-12-06 21:21:24   Lisa provides the best pedicure I have ever had. When my mother was recently in town I booked an appt with Lisa and my mother even said it was the best around. I just wish she was easier to get appts with. But it means she is so good, she's busy. I just have to except that. She is wonderful. —prettywoman

    2007-12-09 12:53:51   Stacia was still at Tangles when she first cut my hair, and I can't imagine going anywhere else! Stacia, Rich and Lisa truly treat you like family, and spending time there is always pleasant. They may not run exactly on schedule, but that's because they're truly taking the time to give each person what they ask for. Stacia always has ideas for what to do with my hair (I always ask, and hate when a stylist has no opinion!), and the conversation is always interesting and lively. Lisa's pedicure was the best I've ever had, hands down, and when I came in with a rather botched silk wrap yesterday, she fixed it and made my nails look great! Even with a scheduling snafoo, the lovely Stacia, Rich and Lisa made it work and I left with everything I'd hoped for! I can't recommend Pomegranate enough, especially if you're looking for that family feel. —SaraGoldband

    "2008-2-11 11:52" I just got my hair cut by Rich, and it was a great experience. My boyfriend wanted to pay for a nice haircut for me as a Valentine's Day gift, and when we came in, we saw that they also had a massage therapist there as well. She was able to give my boyfriend a massage without an appointment, and I got my great haircut, and it was a very enjoyable hour and a half spent. Rich really seemed to care, offered honest opinions, and transformed my look. I've never been to a hair stylist who put this much time and effort into my look. It's obvious that he really loves what he does. I'm very happy with the attentiveness and great conversation, and my boyfriend loved his massage. Best Valentine's day gift exchange ever. -Kat Ishina

    2008-02-13 13:40:51   I just got a massage by Marisa and it was wonderful! Iv been stressed lately and after I walked out of Pomegranate I felt on top of the world. I hadent even realized how much my neck and shoulders where bothering me until after my appointment and I thought, wow this is how I am supposed to feel. Marisa was absolutely wonderful, shes very professional and has a magical touch and I defiantly intend on returning to her regularly. This is the best medicine for stress I have found! —lisahogan

    2008-02-13 14:18:53   Just go back from getting my hair cut here by Rich. Made my appointment this morning- which I love because I am a last minute person. Loved that Stella, there beautiful dog, came out to greet me when I got there. I knew I was in the right place! Rich was great and listened to what I wanted and really made sure I was happy with what I got. I will be a repeat customer for sure. —AshleyDunleavy

    2008-02-29 02:08:45   Like the sit com Cheers states "I want to go where everyone knows my name"this is the spot I go for massages from Marissa she is ahhmazing,I have cronic shoulder and upper back pain/tension/stress from my job and after a session with her I seriosly am ready to concer the world,or at least my day.This spa is what makes Davis such a great place to live,not to mention Stella the hottest sheperd in town. —IanN

    2008-04-03 09:00:49   I'm late getting to this, but just wanted to add to the discussion: I've been having Stacia do my color for about 3 months now, and I have never been happier. The first time she did it she wasn't happy with it and refused to let me pay until she got it the way we wanted it. Since then it has been perfect every time. The salon is a delight. Just a tiny sophisticated treasure complete with a friendly dog and a cup of coffee is you want one. I've also gotten a fantastic pedicure. Can't say enough nice things! —FreddieOakley

    2008-05-17 14:18:17   I just got my hair cut by a new stylist Hannah at Pomegranate, as a walk-in customer. For background, I hadn't had my hair cut in 3.5 years b/c I've been too busy to drive back to the bay area where I used to get my hair cut. I have Asian hair that is slightly wavy with straight portions, and mixed hair is hard enough to manage so I've pretty much tied it back to avoid subjecting myself to a haircut nightmare as many stylists have had trouble with my multi-textured hair. I finally took the plunge last week and I'm really glad I did—Hannah did a terrific job of listening carefully to my concerns, and then delivered on a hair cut that was exactly what i wanted. She kept the length, trimmed off split/damaged ends but also strategically razored in regions to balance out the "poofier" regions, and added mid-length face framing strands that were "tuckable" behind the ears for a professional look or worn loose for a more casual look. She also gave me a small (free) bottle of detangler. It was a bit pricy-$60-but in my case, worth it. Hannah worked quickly and it was clear she was cutting with confidence, not in haste. She loves her work, and it shows as my hair looks healthy and stylish! on the salon itself, Pomegranate has a really nice feel to it—I walked in and the owners' two adorable kids, and very dogs (one an American husky puppy) kept me company while I waited my turn. Staff were friendly. I'd recommend Hannah (haven't tried the others) but was VERY pleased with my haircut. I'll be back again. —JMDavis

    2008-05-26 12:09:06   I got my haircut by Hannah, and she is AWESOME! My color is beautiful and the cut is super cute! I have been looking for a salon since I moved here in August and I finally found it! It was my first time there and I felt like I had been coming for years. I would be happy going to any of the stylists here! The woman's hair Stacia was working on while I was there turned out great! I'm so happy I found you guys! I'm sending my husband in to get his hair cut for "Locks of Love" soon. They give a 1/2 off discount if you are cutting for this foundation. Awesome. —scubarugirl

    2008-07-07 10:46:48   After seeing the positive reviews on here, I made an appointment for a haircut with Hannah and she was great! She made me feel really comfortable, listened to my ideas and gave her own suggestions, and was really friendly and easy to talk to. The cost ($60) seemed like a little much for the amount of time spent (around 30 mins, from shampoo to styling) but it was a great haircut. I've never received so many compliments on my hair as I did after seeing Hannah. Plus the salon itself is really nice and I liked the products she used. Also, if you like animals, the owner's 2 adorable and well-behaved dogs (1 is a really cute puppy) hang around the salon. I'll definitely go back to Hannah again! —StephanieNuccitelli

    2008-07-16 14:52:23   Excellent hair cut (Hannah). Excellent Massage (Marisa). I will go back :) —ACA

    2008-07-17 13:29:14   Just thought I should weigh in with a different point of view. While Hannah is quite nice and did an okay job on my color, the haircut she gave me ranks among the worst I've had (not to mention among the most expensive). It was uneven, and chopped different lengths rather randomly, without really creating any style. She had offered to fix anything I didn't like, but once I had a chance to work with it a couple days and realize how bad the cut was, why would I trust her to "fix" it? —slh

    2008-07-25 10:26:06   Contrary to the previous comment, Hannah has done an AMAZING job on my hair every time I've seen her for the past couple of years! She takes care in listening to what you want and always delivers! If you ask her what she thinks of your new idea for a cut and she thinks it won't work out with you hair, she's honest with you and tells you what WILL look good, and she's ALWAYS RIGHT! I'll get my hair done by her as long as she's around! An added bonus: I called her and told her my boyfriend needed a new haircut because his old style just wasn't working out and she got him in that day and PRESTO- FIXED! So, she works wonders with both men's and women's hair! THANK YOU HANNAH:) —everdrw

    2008-08-04 12:43:43   I just got my hair cut by alisa and for such a young girl she did such a great job !!! I have to admitt I have been getting my haircut by a great friend and excellent hairdresser for over 8 years and everytime I strayaway from her i get bad results but this is the first time i have been wrong! i have very thick wavy hair and alisa thinned out the back for me and gave me a great blowout! super straight shiney hair is what i love ! next is a color! thanks a lot alisa ! lisa from winters —LisaMYoung

    2008-08-28 12:17:56   I have got both my cut and color from Natasha. She is very detailed and meticulous and takes her time to get it right. She listens very carefully to what you want and then repeats back to you what you have just said to make sure she has it 100% right. I also think she is such a sweet person! I highly recommend her. —Marchangel

    2008-09-03 16:54:35   I'm very pick about haircuts. My hair is very straight and you can always tell if the cut is imprecise. Hannah cut my hair for the first time last month, and she did an amazing job. I brought in a picture that I thought would work well with my hair texture (note this fact—no hairstylist in the world can mimic a style that won't work for your hair), and she cut it *exactly* like the picture. I used to go to Tangles (the Aveda salon), and I was always found their cuts just a little bit lacking. So I'm going to Hannah at Pomegranate from now on. No head massage like at Tangles, but a much better haircut. —CynthiaCCC

    2008-09-14 20:01:14   Rich was great! He had some great ideas, but in the end went with what I was comfortable with. —meister

    2008-09-26 22:41:05   I've had long hair for a number of years, and wanted to go back to short, but in the past, my short cuts have fought with my fine, straight hair, and have been very high-maintenance. After reading about Stacia here, a few weeks ago I made an appointment and was able to see her the next day. She spent quite awhile looking at my hair and listening to my previous short hair issues, and proceeded to give me the best cut I've ever had at any length my hair has been. My neighbors and co-workers all raved about it, and said I should keep this style forever because it suits me so well. I couldn't be happier with the style. And the best thing is, I can just brush my hair and go to work - no more washing and styling it most morning like before! She truly understood how to work with my fine hair and next time I go back I'm going to have her work on the color. As another commenter said, she is a true artist. —NotSure

    2008-09-28 00:55:15   Another positive review for Stacia! Awesome haircut experience. Be prepared to spend your money, though. —amryan1

    2008-10-14 12:14:32   Nothing but love for Stacia and Rich. Once I discovered how good Stacia was, I never looked back. She cut my hair for the rest of the time I was in Davis.

    She does a mean male haircut. On top of that, both her and her hubby are some of the nicest people I've met. —MK

    2008-10-19 20:11:26   I go to Hannah and she is fantastic. I love the salon and everyone who works there is super friendly. I highly reccomend! —jwendt

    2008-10-24 16:12:48   i had a terrible 4 hour long coloring ordeal at tangles that resulted in skunky red stripes and a mediocre cut. after that i found pomegranate and have never gone anywhere else in davis - stacia is fantastic and really knows her stuff. i've loved my color every time, even when i try something new and drastic. she gives great cuts that compliment my features too. furthermore, i love the atmosphere and always feel welcome... —Stina

    2008-10-24 19:26:24   Rich is the only one who has cut my hair since I left the first comment on this page (March 06). I moved away from Davis last September, and I still drive to Davis to have him cut my hair. And he never lets me down. Always takes the time to make sure my hair is done right. —JennSuzuki

    2008-10-30 08:10:20   After two years of coming to Stacia and Rich, I am again so blown away with how talented they are. Rich took my whirling dervish 5 year old and transformed her tangled mess into a Victoria Beckham meets Edie Sedgwick master cut. I still cannot get over what this adorable new do. I went to Stacia for a chang. We changed my color and cut, and it is just perfect. She had an idea that turned out to be just what I needed. Thanks again for the great work you two!!- Aimee —Aimee

    2008-11-02 22:02:30   This place was HORRIBLE. I left after getting my hair cut in tears. I asked for layers and the woman made the front layers so short that she ended up giving me a mullet! Also, I asked for long bangs and while the woman was cutting them, she kept making them uneven and had to cut them shorter and shorter. They ended up looking terrible! Seriously, my hair is butchered...it looks like she put a weed whacker to my head...it id going to take months for my hair to look normal again...I am NEVER going back!!!! —jennymarshall

    2008-11-10 15:30:10   Rich and Stacia are awesome! I have been in Davis for about 5 years and had been to at least 5 different salons here trying to find someone who could give me a haircut I liked and I finally found Pomegranate. I moved here from L.A. and always got my hair cut at high end salons before and Pomegranate is every bit as professional and both Rich and Stacia (who have both cut my hair now) are very talented at what they do, whether you want something new or just to clean up the cut you have, they are both wonderful people who make you feel comfortable and are capable of actual intelligent conversation (yeah, really!). I have curly hair that I straighten and Stacia was able to give me the perfect cut that looks good both ways and the best part is, I didn't have to rush home to do it the way I like it or go to Supercuts to have it fixed. She taught me some tricks for dealing with my curly hair to make it look less messy that I wouldn't have thought of and now I wear it curly sometimes, which I hardly ever used to do, and it takes so much less time to do in the morning. There is a lot to be said for training, but I think that talent is the key when it comes to hair and Stacia has both. She is an absolute pro and I love her. I found these guys because their kids are friends with my son and they now cut my son's hair, (perfect every time, Rich!) too. I have since referred several friends and colleagues to them and every one has told me they loved the cut/color/experience. Stacia is truly gifted! Thanks guys! —LauraG

    2008-12-05 11:07:25   Great salon! Stacia fixed my color emergency for a very reasonable price. Will definitely go back there. —MSB

    2009-02-12 15:36:05   This place was AWFUL. I had an appointment with Rich and he basically gave me a SuperCuts haircut and charged me $60 for it. He didn't even blow dry my hair at the end. This place is worthless. On top of it, he gave me a haircut which would be suitable for a 5 year old. —davis1818

    2009-02-14 14:30:41   What's the point of the wiki if I am just to ignore negative reviews? —EricaMacGregor

    2009-02-15 14:25:44   I think this place is awesome. My hair looks amazing and it's all because of Kellie. —BrianBaliwas

    2009-02-23 16:42:50   I have been schlepping to Sac and S.F. for hair cuts and color since I moved to Davis 6 years ago. I didn't think a Davis salon would have the cutting edge expertise that our metropolitan cities would have. And then I found Hannah and Pomegranate Salon. Once you establish you Doctor and stylist life is grand. And so it is. Hannah not only takes care of me but my two boys who have curly hair and my husband who wouldn't switch his stylist for years until he found Hannah. The salon has a sophisticated charm that surpasses all others in the area. So getting back to Hannah, I warned her I was not an easy customer, very picky ecspecially with color. Hannah's color work is fabulous. My color is always rich and on the mark. I truly trust Hannah's judgement and feel very comfortable sending my dearest friends and associates to her. I know Hannah and Pomegranate will take good care of them. Thanks Hannah - Jodi —jal

    2009-02-24 13:02:27   Hannah is an amazing stylist. I give her and the salon two thumbs up- great prices, service and quality cuts/colors. —Barley123

    2009-03-03 10:49:04   3-3-2009 Stacia cuts my Japanese American hair better than any hairdresser I have ever been too. My hair is black, coarse, straight, grows really fast and has some crazy random waves that flip at the bottom. So I really appreciate Stacia's skill im managing my unmanagable hair. I bring in sketches, magazine photos and pictures of what I would like and she executes them perfectly. I have had many different styles and I am confident enough in Stacia's haircutting skills that I have gone straight from her salon to events where I want to look my best. If you have Asian hair, check out Stacia for a great cut. Patty Reeves —pattyreeves

    2009-03-21 16:12:41   I just got a cut and color from Stacia, and she did a great job! She has always done a nice job with cuts, yesterday was the first time she has highlighted my hair. I was really impressed. I usually don't give her much direction except for "make it look good" and she always does! —navetdi

    2009-04-17 11:29:21   I was really nervous about changing salons but, based on the feedback from wiki I decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did because I just got the best haircut and color I've had in years!!! Stacia cut and highlighted my hair to perfection. Everyone was very friendly and I had a great time while I was there. They just moved to a new location on D street and there's parking in the back. Just go. —Trena

    2009-07-16 10:50:14   I love this salon! Natalie has done my hair twice and both times it turned out great. The first time I called I was looking for a same-day appointment and they squeezed me in. The atmosphere is great and everyone is really nice, and they listen to exactly what you want. I'd recommend this place to anyone! —LilyT

    2009-07-29 23:38:50   i got a hair cut from hannah a few months ago. It turned out great so when my bangs grew out, i decided to go back for a free complimentary bang trim. Hannah quickly combed out my bangs and chopped them off without even asking me how or what length i wanted it to be. The bang trim was horrible! It was uneven, blunt, and way too short. When i got home, i noticed that she had missed some of my bangs on the side completely while the part that she did trim was choppy and uneven. I had to trim the bangs again myself because she had missed so many pieces of hair and they were poking into my eyes. Turns out, the left side of my bangs were too long because she had forgotten to trim it and the right side is way too short and choppy. my bang trim experience was horrible and i will not ever go back for a haircut or any services what so ever. —Skyler

    2009-08-31 19:57:29   I just got a cut by Hannah and it was great! She so easy to talk to and listens to what i wanted! She will work with what you have and make it easy for you to style. I know that I will always go to her again. Thanks so much Hannah —Sarahplainandtall

    2009-09-10 11:19:56   I got a hair consultation with Stacia, and my hair was colored by Kellie. Both were very friendly, and Kellie did an awesome job with my hair. I told Kellie how I wanted my hair, and she made sure that I got the results that I wanted. This is definitely the place to go if you want your hair to look nice. —gracehwang

    2009-09-18 17:48:37   I am wondering why Stacia would hire someone, have that person come in to work, work all day, and the last 30min of the day go over things, order business cards. Then when driving home, have the receptionist contact the new hire and tell her she is not a good fit and we dont want u to come back. Im in complete shock! The most unprofessional way to run a business. This is not the hiree-it is a friend of the hiree-was looking forward to coming to the salon for my hair needs. Guess that wont happen. —twohycl

    2009-09-19 21:37:10   I have been getting my haircut by Larisa for the last two years. She is awesome! She always does a great job with my hair. I am a very picky person and I chose Larisa because she is very careful with my hair. She always knows what she's doing and the outcome is always perfect! She only lets me go once I am fully satisfied with my cut. I highly recommend Larisa. She is such a polite person and it is always a pleasure to go to her. —Navneet

    2009-09-27 11:53:15   I have gotten my hair cut at Pomegranate a few times and I've always been extremely happy with the results. After trying a few other places, none have compared to Pom. Most recently I got a cut and color by Olivia, a newer hire who is SO good! She listened to what I wanted and gave me a modern, textured bob that I absolutely love. No "Mom-bob" here! I wanted to go from a golden blond to more pastel tones and she did an amazing job. My color looks great with my skin tone and I've been getting complements left and right. I love the atmosphere at Pom too - it's spacious, cozy, and professional...and having one of Rich and Stacia's dogs by my feet while I was getting my cut added a special sort of charm. Love! —Katelander

    2009-10-16 12:21:04   Recently, I just needed a change and my old hairdresser had moved out of the area. I had heard about Pomegranate and wanted to give it a try. I booked an appointment the next day with Kellie. She was terrific. She spent the time to talk to me at length about changing my hair color and giving me a new fresh cut. she convinced me to go darker with my color and it is the best color I have ever had. She used a special conditioner product that made my hair feel great for days afterward. The new do was just what I needed. Kellie is my new girl!! You should try her too. -Suzette Marler —Jejordan

    2009-11-24 15:06:14   I won a free haircut with Larisa through a raffle. I was a bit weary at first because I've had some bad experienes with hair stylists before, but Larisa was awesome!! She listened to me and understood that I was nervous. She asked me every step of the way whether I liked it, if it was too short, etc. She didn't even get frustrated with my thick hair when it took forever to dry! Wonderful hairstylist! —JessH

    2009-12-06 14:04:43   I came in for my recent appointment and was greeted by Stacia yelling at one of her employees at the front desk. It was uncomfortable and very unprofessional, and she didn't stop when she noticed that I'd walked in. The employee asked if they could discuss the matter in the back to which Stacia yelled, "you are acting f***ing crazy right now!" Totally unprofessional. I would definitely not return if it weren't for the fact that Larisa did a wonderful job. —mrss

    2009-12-30 10:59:05   I've been coming here for almost a year and I always have a great experience. Rich and Stacia are friendly, down to earth, and passionate about what they do! This place is everything a salon should be (in my opinion, anyway). Artistic and unpretentious...plus sweet dogs that greet you when you walk in. What more would you want? —EmilyHughes

    2010-01-08 12:13:27   I went here a couple of months ago. I met with Stacia but had my hair washed first. To be honest, the cut was OK but it was not worth the money ($60 + tip). I feel if I am going to spend that much money I should get a full experience, not a 30 minute, wash, cut, and dry. She also used a very straight cutting technique that does not give the hair that much body and left my hair way too thick. To say the least I was very disappointed. —jfung

    2010-02-18 22:12:46   Stacia has been coloring and cutting my hair for the past 3 years and she has done an amazing job. She is a wonderful stylist. The new salon is beautiful and the staff at the salon are very friendly. The business is well run, thanks in great part to the very friendly business manager Rebecca. This is a high end salon with very high quality services and products in a relaxed and friendly environment. My husband gets his hair cut from Rich and his hair looks great (and Rich is always entertaining). We are moving and will really miss Stacia, Rich, and the salon. Thank you Stacia and Rich!!!! —Rhodes

    2010-03-26 11:12:00   I've been going to Stacia for about three years now, because she gave me the greatest haircut of my life and I've never looked back. I've also been to Rich, who was just as fantastic as Stacia. Seriously, those two know what they're doing with women's short haircuts. Love them. Also, Stacia is a whiz with color. Add the rest of the friendly staff (Rebecca!) and the adorable dogs, and this place can't be beat. —Bethel

    2010-06-09 19:09:45   I have been getting my hair done here for years. Stacia is the best! I have done many different styles from long and wavy to a short bob. From the cut to the color, I have been so impressed with Stacia's near-psychic ability to know exactly what I want. Unlike other salons, they don't try to push product here, which almost unfortunate since all the hair products they carry are amazing. DEFINITELY recommend this salon! —AmandaAbughosh

    2010-10-27 13:41:53   This really has nothing to do with anything, but I really like the Pomegranate Salon logo. It catches the eye and looks great. —TomGarberson

    2011-03-11 13:56:08   Kellie Palmer has a magic touch for color and cutting. She was the first colorist to get my 'natural' color the way I wanted it, and continues to hit the color and make it look super natural appt after appt. She has great styling sense and always makes me look and feel fabulous while I'm in her chair and when I'm done! Kellie is funny, talented and caring - an awesome combination for great styling, great use of your time and a positive styling experience. Can't recommend her enough! —LoranWyman

    2011-04-05 18:22:54   I'm surprised that Natalie does not have that many reviews here, because she is AMAZING! :] She is like an unsung hero, although she has not been cutting hair for a long time do not let that fool you, because she knows what she is doing and she is great at what she does. I was recommended to her by my friend and I am glad that I went in. The atmosphere is welcoming and super friendly, she is comforting and willing to listen to what you want, and does not trick you like other saloons in town where you tell them to cut only 2 inches off and they cut 4. Hands down, found my new favorite hair stylist in town and will not be going elsewhere for my haircuts. :] (Just a bonus she also has a super cute and sweet dog named Riley roaming around with other dogs as well... just in case you are a dog lover like myself.) —LindaInDavis

    2011-04-19 10:38:28   Natalie is the best! I have been getting my hair done by her for the past 6 or 7 months and have been so happy with everything she has done. She is personable and knows what cut looks good on every face. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair and love coming to this salon!


      2011-05-06 12:09:23   I have had my hair cut and colored by Stacia twice now. Both times she was creative and very good. Her prices are fair and reasonable. Getting a suitable appointment time is simple and can be done online. The big 'wow' factor, though, is how well our children are treated at this salon. They are greeted warmly and respectfully. Both Rich and Stacia have gone out of their way to help them pet the dogs while giving gentle safety instructions. Stacia has been cutting our little girl's hair for a few years, and it always looks healthy and beautiful. I trusted her enough to give our 1 year-old his first haircut and it looks beyond sweet. I cannot stop staring at him. She managed to give an impeccable cut even though he wiggled like never before. Their experiences here encourage our children to behave in a respectful manner and that they will be treated the same in return. The salon is crisp and clean. The decor is tasteful and modern and there is always wonderful music playing. When I come in by myself, I feel like it is a true getaway. —MrsC

      2011-05-21 22:15:32   I used to get my hair cut and highlighted (2 diff shaded of blonde) here. I went to both Tara and Natalie. They were super nice. I loved how Natalie did my color, and I loved how Tara styled my hair the way I love it (curled!) each time. This is a really high end salon. I loved the convenience of registering for appointments online. I stopped coming here because my hair wasn't growing out as well as it did with the girl who did my hair back home [I'm a UCD student]. It's a bit on the expensive side, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone on a budget, but it's a lovely salon. —JennyAnnMcAllister

      2011-07-13 10:08:59   Tara is GREAT. I went to her for about three years when she worked at Lil Bit Sassy. She always gave me exactly what I wanted! I highly recommend her. —LenaSchiffer

      2011-07-25 11:43:13   I had a really great experience here. I went in with long hair for a consultation with Rich, who does really fantastic short cuts. I had been waffling about cutting my hair for some time, and needed advice. Rich took a good look at my hair, advised me on what short cut would work well, but he made sure that I heard him say I should wait til I was certain I wanted to go short. In the mean time, he tidied up my long cut. I really appreciated his time and understanding. I'm looking forward to my next experience at this salon.


        2011-08-05 15:07:27   Hello All .. It's Kellie.. Wanted to let you know I've moved to Luci's Salon in the Est Plaza Davis...

        you can reach me there at 530/747-0522.. or anytime on my cel 530/308-0458

        Hope your having a fantastic day and looking forward to seeing you again soon ! —KelliePalmer

        2011-09-16 07:50:09   So, I spent about a month waffling over the short hair, but yesterday I was ready. I am so thrilled with my haircut. The salon worked with my schedule and Rich paid great attention to the look I described, as well as the (very limited) time I was willing to spend on it in the morning. I woke up this morning and was so glad to have a cut I didn't have to fuss with — it looks great. —rlreeves

        2011-12-21 21:45:32   I've had my hair cut by several of the stylists here, but mostly by Natalie. They are the BEST. Worth every penny. When I first moved to Davis I walked in a couple places and was ignored by the staff. Not at Pomegranate. They are the nicest, most personable people. Their great personalities are only matched by their excellent hair cutting skills. I've been going to Pomegranate for almost 4 years and am extremely happy with their work. —ActionFigureBarbie

        2012-06-03 15:55:30   I have had my haircut twice by Caitlin, who seems to be one of the youngest members on staff, as well one of the newest. However, Caitlin gave me the best haircut of my life—twice. I have been in Davis for two years and bounced from hair dresser to hair dresser and salon to salon to try to match the skill of my hairdresser for the past 9 years. Caitlin not only gives a great cut, but totally surpasses the abilities of my hair dresser for the past decade. So happy, can't wait to get my third cut from her! —DanaHissen

        2012-07-26 12:55:48   I ABSOLUTELY love Stacia and Rich. First I should mention that I have a really weird texture to my hair - it's extremely unruly and course - yet Stacia totally gets it. She always gave me the best cut for my features and my type of hair. Sadly I've moved countries and I still haven't found anyone as awesome as her. Also Rich is a really nice and funny guy, who is insanely skilled. One time I went to him with really short hair for a cut and dye, however he said that since my hair was pretty short, it would grow out within a few weeks rendering the dye job obsolete. He didn't want to see me waste my money (I was just a college student at the time) so he suggested I just wait till it was longer, or that I do it myself (I didn't want anything fancy, just one tone of color). I think that's really remarkable of him, as most people wouldn't give a darn and would just milk you for what you're worth. As I said: really nice people who genuinely care about their clients. Highly recommended!! —momokoneko

        2013-10-19 16:06:22   I was nervous about going to a new salon after having moved to Davis from the Bay Area. I have had plenty of bad hair experiences, so I made an appointment for highlights and a cut with Stacia, the owner, figuring I would take a chance based on all the great reviews. Thankfully, the good reviews are accurate! I am so relieved! Stacia did a great job, spending a really long time making sure I was happy with the highlights. She is also super nice and fun. I can't wait for my next appointment! —AlexisMartin

        2013-10-31 17:08:45   I was a little nervous about a new salon/stylist, but Ginger completely rocked it. My hair looks amazing. I'm in the grow-out process, but I really needed some shape and texture, since I had been cutting my own hair for a long while. Ginger spent some time with my hair before she started cutting, and she really listened to what I wanted — and what I didn't want. She sculpted my hair with a razor (my favorite) and shears, and it's laying PERFECTLY now. She cuts wet, then dry, so it's about as precise as you can get, and she really knows what she's doing with a razor, so my short cut looks sleek and polished without being dowdy or derivative. I will definitely be returning to Ginger for regular appointments. Additionally, the entire staff, from the front desk personnel to the owners, are super friendly and relaxed, and I saw a lot of amazing hair coming out of the salon from other stylists, too. This salon is top notch. —BurningLotus

        2015-06-24 21:50:01   I do not recommend Stacia as she does not listen to clients. I went for a-line bob and showed picture of angle, layering, and length. Unfortunately, there is virtually no angle (blunt bob), it is about 1.5 inches too short, AND the left side is 1/2 longer than the right. My hair is too short right now for the shape of my face and I feel like a bubble head. Very disappointed for a $65 hair cut. When you pay $65 for a hair cut, you do expect your stylist to listen to you and do what is asked. Will not be a returning client and do not recommend. —lcarlson