Poof and Baby
Cats, Domestic Long hair & Tabby
Baby: September 14 Poof: October 24.
Sweet, loving, friendly (ish)

Poof: Poof is a domestic medium hair, dilute calico cat. Poof is a fat cat. She is overweight (clearly). She came from the Yolo County Animal Shelter. She was there for two months, and her time was running out. We originally went there to look at rabbits, and we went to visit the kitties and we fell in love. The next day we went back and adopted her. She is very sweet. She walks with her tail sticking straight up. She is very cute. She has earned the nickname "Fatty Poofy". Poof has been to the South Davis Veterinary Center and she is very happy with her results. She went there for a meet and greet checkup, and was diagnosed with a bad ear infection, just by looking. She was also very thrilled when they cleaned out her ears, and gave her ear drops that didn't sting! Now she considers the vets and vet techs their her "lifesavers". Her idea of an adventure is a trip to the food bowl and back. When she jumps off something, she hits the ground with a thud, and you can tell when she jumps on the ground. She likes to rip things up, and her biggest accomplishment is ripping down a curtain rod from the wall. She lives with a dog named Daisy and Baby, which whom she is sharing this page with. She and Baby have a love hate relationship. Poof HATES baths. She has a tendency to wake people up by scratching theirs heads or biting their ears. She also HATES being in a carrier, and the second she gets in it, she starts meowing, and meowing, and meowing, and meowing. She has a record of a 14.7 second meow. Baby: Baby is a sleek elegant cat; she is a dark tabby/ domestic short hair. She is very graceful cat. She likes to sit our laps. She also likes to try and chew on the laptop. Baby is a kibble only cat. She would probably only eat wet food if she was starving. Baby gains weight after being in the kennel, and she has a record of losing it within three days. Baby has earned the name "Munchkin" and the South Davis Veterinary Center. Sadly, baby had some dental work done, and she had 5 teeth pulled at under a year old. She was very upset with the results. Baby is also deathly afraid of doorbells, and the second it rings she flees the area and hides either in a bed or behind something. She is a very mischievous cat. She likes to steal stuffed animals, and she parades around with them in her mouth, she meows a lot (while still holding the stuffed animal!). She is known to cuddle under the covers at night, wake you up at 6 AM sharp, and sleep on your shoulder or neck. She also scratched up a vet tech at South Davis Veterinary Center, when she was getting her temperature taken... We wrote a very nice apology letter.

They both live with Daisy