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Club President(s)/Leadership (2011-2012)
Greg Tam, Francis Nguyen
Established in
(November 2007)
Meeting Location
ARC Pavilion/Sci Lec Parking Structure (4th Floor)
Meeting Times
MW; 8 PM - 10 PM or view the calendar here.

Popping Club is a growing and active dance team at UC Davis that emphasizes funk styles and hip-hop. Both choreography and freestyle are taught to members. Popping Club performs at the annual Davis Dance Revolution competition hosted on Picnic Day every year, as well as various events around campus. There is no membership fee.

See a trailer video of the 2012 - 2013 school year here.

See a recap video of the 2011 - 2012 school year here.

The primary dance style in the club is popping (a particular form of dancing). Popping also refers to a number of illusionary sub-styles, including (but not limited to): waving, strutting, ticking, boogaloo, tutting, animation, and strobbing.

At Popping Club, members develop their own personal freestyle dance personalities, foundation, and technique through various activities. Members may also learn choreography and sets, which can be vital with the learning process of developing personal dance styles.

Some members of the club spending a day at the Ramble

The club strives to create a welcoming and supportive community; the diversity of the club (in terms of background and dance style) allows everyone to contribute, whether it’s teaching a newer member how to wave, or recording videos so members can see their improvement through the years.

In addition to a strong community, the club emphasizes the importance of popping/funk style culture. Members can be exposed to the dance community outside of Davis by going to jams (battles); it is an amazing experience anyone can benefit from, as well as a means to inspire people to improve.

The Jam I, an open all styles dance battle held in Winter 2012

Everyone joins Popping Club for different reasons, whether it’s making new friends or improving their dance skills. Check out the club and see if it’s right for you!


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