The purpose of the Pothole Project is to catalog potholes and other hazards in hopes that the City of Davis will fix them. Raised sidewalk slabs and other pedestrian hazards should be directed to the Sidewalk Crack Project. If you spot pavement problems, upload them to this page and indicate the date and specific location of your observation. Councilmember Lamar Heystek will check this page as often as possible and forward all issues to the city's Pavement Manager Nancy McKee. He will update this page as necessary when any problems have been taken care of.

In the 2006 election, Heystek campaigned on a platform of improving our streets, sidewalks and bike paths by establishing a maintenance fund in the city's budget for these projects. His rationale was that streets, sidewalks and bike paths were among the most basic of city services — on a daily basis, every Davis citizen made contact with concrete and asphalt. His first tangible success in response to a constituent's concern was the inclusion on the city's list of streets for repaving the section of Oeste Drive between Antioch Drive and Eighth Street. The 2006 Road Rehabilitation Project was approved at his third City Council meeting.

As a long-time student renter living north of Covell and west of the Wildhorse development, Councilmember Heystek felt it was important to begin providing better roads to the residents of north Davis. That is why he took the lead on the City Council in advocating for the only rehabilitation project north of Covell Boulevard, the reconstruction of the roundabout at the intersection of Alvarado Avenue and Anderson Road. On June 26, 2007, the City Council approved the Covell Boulevard Rehabilitation Project, which called for improvements to the roundabout. A week before, on June 19, 2006, Councilmember Heystek had realized his goal of establishing a roadway maintenance fund when the City Council unanimously adopted the 2007-8 budget, which set aside $100,000 in funding for maintaining streets, sidewalks and bike paths.

Another option is to use the City form for reporting this, the Citizen Request Manager.

This project, along with the Burnt-Out Lights Project, were inspired by the DavisWiki Payphone Project.

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2007-07-27 07:14:22   NOt a pothole per se, but if you are going over the Richards Overpass into South Davis, in the left hand lane there is a section near the crest, that has a huge unexpected bump..... —JamesSchwab

  • Ive experienced that one many of times. The funy thing is that it still catches me off guard. -MattHh

2007-07-27 07:31:24   Part of the wording seems to duplicate the Sidewalk Crack Project. Maybe you were unfamiliar with it and you might want to link the 'raised slab' wording to link to that instead? —WesHardaker

2007-07-27 07:54:55   Thanks for your comments, Wes! I had no idea about the Sidewalk Crack Project. —LamarHeystek

2007-07-27 09:33:44   Do roads on campus (like Orchard Park Dr.) count? —ArlenAbraham

  • They may certainly be posted here; I just don't have any pull with Chancellor Vanderhoef (our Dutch connection nonwithstanding). —LamarHeystek
    • You did help with the bike lane problem as you entered campus —DavidGreenwald

2007-07-28 04:17:01   Covell Blvd westbound, right after F Street. There is a dip near a manhole. —JohnWong

2007-07-28 04:18:44   Covell Blvd westbound, right after Pole Line Rd. Uneven pavement. —JohnWong

  • It appears the preceeding two comments were made while driving over each pothole sequentially. :) -KJM

2007-07-28 22:13:51   Not a pothole, but the roundabout on Shasta could use some reflective paint on it, it is very difficult to see at night even when you know it is coming up —DavidGreenwald

2007-07-31 02:29:08   Although the City of Davis does not have jurisdiction over State highways, can we still make a request to fix the highway pavement? especially the pavement along the westbound 80/113 junction? —JohnWong

2007-10-18 10:19:01   There's an annoying little pothole in the bike lane on the West side of F St just South of 5th Street. I hit it with my bike and poo-jar my crotchal region everytime. —WillGaggioli

2007-10-25 19:56:19   As you turn from 3rd northbound onto L Street with a bike your natural path takes you right for this hole. —JasonAller

2007-12-11 19:15:52   Oak and Russell east side crosswalk Oak and 8th, not really a pot hole, but bike tires fit into the gap of the drain JasonAller

2008-04-22 13:27:15   Actually Lamar had nothing to do with the paving of Oeste, the street had been on list long before Lamar was even on the Council. In his defense he never claimed credit for it in the first place. —Nancycat

2008-04-22 13:28:01   The City does not maintain UCD streets. —Nancycat

2010-04-13 01:45:22   I think this one is CalTrans territory, but the freeway exit going from Westbound 80 to Northbound 113 (in front of the Equestrian Center), there is one NASTY pothole. The thing is huge, and I'm not sure how deep it is, but I think I heard someone speaking Cantonese as I went past... —Flynn