UC Davis East & West Quad
Saturday, April 19th, 2014 (42nd Annual)
Affiliated Organizations
Native American Student Union (NASU)
Student Programs & Activities Center (SPAC)
Cross Cultural Center (CCC)

Created in 1969, the first University of California, Davis Powwow was hosted in conjunction with the creation of the Native American Studies Academic Program. In the years to follow, the Powwow became the culminating event for the Native American Culture Days. The UC Davis Powwow has benefited the campus and since inception it continues to be the premier cultural event for Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in the surrounding communities. It has been a nationally recognized event with attendees, vendors, dancers, judges, head staff and drum groups from all over California and the nation. The Powwow provides an opportunity for many Native families and surrounding communities to join UC Davis in celebration of cultural traditions. This event has served as an excellent recruitment event for prospective undergraduate and graduate students and a retention tool for currently enrolled students. Students involved with the planning of the Powwow are able to maintain their roots and build a stronger connection to their identity while surviving what can be an isolating experience in higher education at the UC Davis campus. Important relationships are formed between Native students and our youth who are interested in pursuing higher education. The Powwow provides a location to promote awareness of American Indian culture and education.

Historically, Pow Wow has been a tradition on this campus springing up around the time of the initiation of other Culture Days programs such as La Raza Cultural Days and Black Family Day. For this reason, Powwow is currently housed in the Cross Cultural Center and receives funding from ASUCD, the Office of Campus Community Relations, Student Affairs and partnerships with campus and community organizations.

Powwow is made possible thanks to collaborative partnerships with faculty, staff, departments, alumni, student organizations and off-campus groups that enhance and support the overall program and build positive connections within the larger UC Davis community.

42nd Annual UC Davis Powwow

The 42nd Annual UC Davis Powwow will be organized and coordinated by the Powwow Planning Committee that consists of student leaders from the Native American Student Union, American Indian Recruitment and Retention, as well as members of the Native American Studies Department, Cross Cultural Center and other on-campus entities.

The 2014 Powwow is taking place on Saturday April 19th 2014 11am to 10pm. The UC Davis Powwow takes places outside on the East and West Quad area of the UC Davis campus. The Powwow will feature Indian taco food vendors as well as craft vendors from Mescalero, Cherokee, Washo, Pauite, Inka, Osage, Kickapoo and many more. This is a contest powwow with grand entry happening at 12noon.

For more information please contact powwow@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-7032.


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