Power kites are large kites designed for extreme sports. These sports include Kite buggying, Kite surfing, Snowkiting, and Kiteboarding. Power Kites come in a range of sizes and are measured in square meters. A variety of designs exist but most are basically a smaller version of a paraglider. For more information go to www.powerkiteforum.com There are a handfull of Powerkiters in the Davis area, most use a kite buggy because these work well in a variety of conditions. There are only a few areas in Davis suitable for such activities which consist of large grass fields, so it is often necissary to travel to dry lake beds or wide beaches such as Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Dagon getting some air at the beach A kite buggy at Ocean Beach


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2008-04-26 15:09:41   what does this have to do with Davis? —JasonMoore

2008-04-27 22:43:12   not much to do with Davis in particular. With a small handfull of people in Davis that are into this sport I thought people might like to know more about it if they saw one of us at a soccer field flying around. Maybe the pictures should be strictly Davis kiters and Davis locations? —DagonJones

2008-04-27 22:51:10   Where is the nearest place to Davis where this can be tried? Did Robert Vreeland release those photos given that posting them here puts them under the Creative Commons License? —JasonAller

2008-04-27 23:15:51   thats hogish, I saw someone kitting on the beach in SD. A buddy of mine said rigs go from 500 to a couple grand —StevenDaubert

2008-04-28 08:15:08   I sent an email to Rob, I will re-post the photos when written permission is given. The best place to go here in Davis are the sod farms in south davis. Because the farms are private property, we have gotten permission from the owner to use the fields. Good public lawns include the Harper Jr. High east lawn and the Nugget fields in north Davis. —DagonJones

2008-09-08 12:05:20   Does anyone know of a windsurfing and/or kiteboarding club at Davis? —sam.wainer

2009-07-13 21:21:32   Are there any windsurfers or kitesurfers at UC Davis? I will be going there in the Fall 2009 and am hoping to meet up with younger windsurfers and kiters. Also, if anyone has any interest in learning these sports, I would love to help you out. Email me at Alex@FaceLevel.comcoolmtnbiker048