This is a list of local private tutors. Also see tutoring.


French Tutor

Native French speaker offers personalized private lessons in your home. All levels. Experienced tutor with individuals and small groups. Teaches Introduction French and Intermediate/ Advanced classes at the Davis International House. For more information contact Leiti at

Voila! French Tutoring

Voila! French Tutoring by Dr. Gitane Tutoring on an hourly basis for Students, Travelers and Lovers of the French Language Conversation, Pronunciation, Vocabulary (530) 758-3949 Payment Options: Accepts Cash, credit card, etc., and Davis Dollars



German/Dutch Tutor @ J Street, Davis

Improving (practical) knowledge • Enthusing Licensed Instructor with a Master’s Degree German and 12 years’ experience in secondary education (private and public schools)

Master of Arts degree with honors in German Language and Literature, Utrecht University, The Netherlands - 1993
Secondary Education Teaching License, German and Dutch, University Of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, NL - 1990

Contact Constantia at info<at>


Spanish Tutor

Gloria Lozano Widner Vista Spanish Tutoring

With over 15 years as a private Spanish language instructor/tutor, a longtime resident of Davis, and a native Spanish speaker, I love sharing my knowledge with students in my community! My students range from those just starting out at Holmes, Emerson or Harper Junior High, Davis Senior High Students, UCDavis undergrad/graduate students who need help as they work towards graduation (both with language and term papers), and professionals who want to improve their Spanish for working relationships, or just enjoy the pleasure of learning! 

You can reach me at: (530) 400-4014 or or my website!


Teal Arbor Stories

Jennifer Wilhoit (206) 529-7517

Mentoring: This service is for any individual who wants to receive supportive guidance working one-on-one with an experienced writer. Individual mentoring is a way for somebody to engage more deeply with her own creative potential, gaining appreciation of her inner nature. Therefore, we might focus on journaling techniques or creative expression as means of deepening one's writing. Learning how to let one's writing emerge from the core self is a goal of mentoring. Over all, mentoring supports the processes of the writer as well as the process of writing.

Editing: Traditional editing services are available. The level of editing (light, moderate, or heavy) depends upon the needs of the writer in tandem with a professional assessment of the document's readiness.

Tutoring: For those who want to improve general writing skills, to apply critical thinking in writing, and to hone the ability to proofread and edit one's own work, tutoring is recommended. Whether one considers himself a novice writer or a professional, I will be a guide through every step: from idea generation to first drafts, editing, revisions, final drafts and polishing. Tutoring is different from mentoring in that it is more solely focused on the writing outcome.

Workshops: TEALarbor stories offers half and full day workshops upon request. Small groups who want to participate in a workshop together can arrange a special time and location with the facilitator. Choose from the following:

Writing for Insight workshops focus on process writing. Individuals in the group explore their inner landscape through directed writing activities, coming to understand themselves in novel, richer ways. Writing as Rite workshops use simple rituals, symbols and metaphors as the foundation for writing. Participants spend time out in nature and with creative materials doing guided writing practices. Writing for Outcome is very focused written work for a group that wants to explore together a specific type of writing such as memoir, a particular kind of journaling, travelogues, research or interview documentation, etc.

Wonderful Writing For You!

Are you struggling with your written assignments? Need help with your report or thesis? I am an ex-university professor who can help you understand how to bring your writing to the next level. I work via email and in person to show you how to make improvements to your work and raise your writing ability (and grades!). Reasonable rates and fast turnaround on critiquing / correcting written assignments. Evening and weekend hours for one-on-one tutoring. Email me at

Specialists in Learning Disability

Kelly Tutoring by Liz Kelly and Allie Kelly

We are two private tutors in our later 20's who specialize in K-8 grade tutoring. Although we typically work with students in K-8, we are also able to help high school students in English and History, Study Skills, Organization and Paper Editing. We both graduated with AA's and bachelor degrees and are now pursuing masters' degrees and teaching credentials in Education. We both currently work for the Davis School District in Special Education but have spent hours in every grade level classroom. We work with children that have anything from lack of study skills and organizational problems to students with learning disabilities like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia. We typically work after school at the Yolo County Library in Davis. Both sisters grew up in Davis and went all the way from kindergarten to high school graduation so she understands the pressure put under Davis kids at any age. We offer a free consultation meeting with both the parents and the child to be tutored before tutoring even starts so you can decide if we are the right fit for you! We charge $25 for one session a week. Each session is 55 minutes and we use a system of communication notebooks between parents and tutor, prize reinforcement and constant and non judgmental communication between tutor and the student. We don't have a lot of spaces left so please contact us quickly as tutoring times tend to fill up! We start most of our sessions (which may already be taken, so ask for a particular time(s) available from 2:30 -6:00 at the Davis Public Library on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (We start at 1:30) and Thursdays (Fridays/weekends/and evenings may also be available; just ask!). For more information, please e-mail Liz at and leave your phone number so we can call you back! We look forward to meeting you!

*Summer Tutoring is available at all hours! Please e-mail for more information! We ARE filling up fast so contact us! We do a free assessment and discussion with both parents and the child needed to be tutored so we can figure out the best curriculum and the best way to "fit" your child in. We are able to travel to your home or meet at the Davis Public Library*

Marea Palmer-Loh

Marea is a credentialed elementary level teacher with 10 years of experience in the classroom, tutoring, and working with special needs children. She graduated from Pomona College in 1999 and is fluent in Spanish. She can tutor any age and subject, including Spanish, but is particularly qualified to help elementary age children with learning disabilities, struggling readers, and young mathematicians. Carefully designed lessons coupled with Marea's infectious enthusiasm for learning and positive encouragement will help your student excel. With experience in many research-based programs, she can design personally-tailored lessons to specifically pinpoint and then strengthen areas where your child can improve. References available upon request. Contact Marea at

Physics tutors 

Club Phy

Club Phy is a group of physics graduate students who have extensive experience teaching and tutoring both the physics 7 and 9 series.  contact: (510) 328-5455.

Math Tutors

Math Tutors help in a variety of subjects and grade levels. You can find some through the UCD Math Department list at

Email List

Here is an easily copied list of emails for tutors in mathematics taken from this web page and the UC Davis Math Tutors web page.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,

Gurav Priya - CONTACT ME FOR---GRE Math, Middle & High school Math, 16,17,21 series!

Math can be fun. Yes  I can help you. I tutor Math 16ABC , 17ABC & 21ABC along with middle school and high school math.You can also contact me for GRE math.  For appointment,contact me at Usual Rate is 15-25$/hr (negotiable & varies according to the math level) .Visit the website: for more details.

Grant Acosta

I have over 20 years of math teaching experience, including 5 years at the high school level. For the last 16 years, I have worked at the Student Academic Success Center at UC Davis tutoring students in Algebra, Trig., Pre-Calc (Math 12) and Calculus (16ABC, 17ABC and 21ABCD). If you are a UCD student, I am very familiar with curriculum in these courses, and I also know the styles of many of the professors who teach them. I can help you maximize not only your understanding of the material, but also your grade!

If you are a Davis High or Middle School student, you probably already realize that the math curriculum in Davis moves fast and is very challenging. I taught 5 years of high school math in a very similar school district, so I can quickly recognize the important concepts that you should know, and I can explain them clearly. I have had great success tutoring DHS students!

Contact me at (213) 304 - 0676 or


Rajwant Singh Bedi, PhD -

The highly personalized and targeted approach helps build study skills and motivation to excel in classroom and beyond. CareerFasten offers private customized tutoring programs for science, mathematics and engineering disciplines for high school and college students. Whether you need us for the whole year or just to prepare for an upcoming exam or report, we'll help you master the course material and gain self-confidence for future success.

We also offer coaching for Standardized Exams in math and science disciplines. Those interested in studying for SAT subject tests and Advanced Placement (AP) exams in all math and science subjects should contact us to schedule a personal meeting to identify your needs and develop a personalized program.

Contact us at (530) 574-1942 or to find out how we can help you excel!

Christopher Bumgardner, PhD

Christopher received a PhD in mathematics from UC Davis in March of 2011. During his time as a graduate student, he was an instructor for a few math classes (21D, 22B, 16B) and a teaching assistant for numerous lower and upper division classes (all calculus upper and lower division, real and complex analysis, advanced algebra including linear algebra, topology, introduction to higher math, and more). Christopher also has been a private tutor for high school and college students since January of 2009. He has had a lot of success with helping students with anything from just getting through a math test to pinpointing weak areas in a student's mathematical knowledge. Christopher puts a very conscious focus on finding learning styles of a student and then adapting his teaching style to accommodate. A lot of the time, Christopher finds he ends up helping students learn math by helping relieve math anxiety, and then the student's mathematical abilities, whether past knowledge or present understanding of concepts, can thrive.

You can contact Christopher to set an appointment for a tutoring session by email (preferred): cjbumgardner(at)gmail(dot)com; or by phone: 530-848-0245.

Brandon Dutra

Math is hard. There is no question about it. But I want to help reduce any frustrations you have. I'm a applied math PhD student at UC Davis. I hold a pure math BS degree and a minor in computer science degree from UC Davis also, so I have taken the same math classes you are in!

email: bedutra at uc davis dot edu website:

Mike and Terri Leonard - Mike and Terri's Davis Tutoring Center

Michael Leonard, Ph.D.

Mike earned a bachelor's degree in geophysics from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley, and was awarded the departmental citation for the highest academic achievement among his graduating class. He then stayed on at Berkeley to earn a doctorate in geophysics, a State of California Teaching Credential in math and science, and a wife, Terri. Prior to opening Academic Improvement Center, Mike divided his time as a research scientist, consultant, and educator and has been a classroom teacher up to the college level.

Terri Leonard, M.D.

Terri graduated phi beta kappa and summa cum laude from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in psychology, a State of California Teaching Credential in math and science, and a husband, Mike. She then dropped out of U.C. Berkeley's Bolt Law School to attend medical school at U.C. Davis, graduating in the top tier of her class. Upon graduation she was persuaded by her husband to abandon medicine and join him in a blossoming business he had recently started. Terri has also worked as a classroom teacher in math and science at the middle school and high school levels.

They provide tutoring in a range of subjects including: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Multi-Variate Calculus, Differential Equations, General Physical & Life Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, All Advanced Placement and Honors Science Courses at Davis High School, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Social Studies.

To contact Terri and Mike for tutoring, email or call 530-753-0504 or visit Visit them on Facebook at


Samuel Raskin - SAT Prep Individual Tutoring

Samuel is an SAT Specialist with a 2350 official SAT score and 10+ years of tutoring experience.  He currently coordinates tutoring for the UC Davis Student Academic Success Center.  He is available afternoons and weekends to help students master all sections of the SAT.


Julie Schiffman - Davis Math Tutoring

Julie received her Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics with honors from UC San Diego in 2000. She worked for the UCSD math department as an undergraduate Teaching Assistant and was also awarded an Errett Bishop Math Scholarship. She earned an MBA in 2007 while living abroad. Julie is experienced in tutoring all ages, elementary school, middle school, high school, and on. She can help with arithmetic, algebra, trig, geometry, calculus, and AP classes. Julie is a stay at home mom. Her goal is to help students discover that math is fun and not scary!

To contact Julie for math tutoring, email or call 530-554-9945 or visit

Joannie Siegler

Joannie is a former Cornell University lecturer, substitute teacher in Davis, and current tutor of math and science in Davis at the elementary, junior high and high school levels. She is willing to tutor one-on-one or in groups. Flexible scheduling allowed. Location can be at your home or hers. Contact Joannie at for rates and availability. References available upon request. "I absolutely LOVE working with students! It's my passion!"


Barnabas has about a decade of experience in the classroom teaching mathematicks at every level from arithmetic through differential equations, so he knows all about how you were taught the wrong way in the first place and can help you put the puzzle in your brain back together. He also has a bachelor's degree in math, a master's degree in teaching math, and a teaching credential (all from UCD), and has taken many of the math courses that UCD offers. You might recognize him by his cape, beard, staff, wizard hat, abacus, wand, and contagious enthusiasm for mathematicks. If you see him on campus or in town, stop and ask him about different levels of infinity. He is currently teaching full-time and is too busy for regular private tutoring, but would be happy to answer a question or two if you track him down in person.


Chemistry Tutors

Joannie Siegler

Joannie taught college chemistry and has been a chemistry tutor for Davis High School Students for the past 3 years. She absolutely loves helping out struggling students and those who are trying to bring their Bs up to As. She will work with students in AP Chemistry and in the regular chemistry classes. She is willing to work one-on-one or with groups. She can hold review sessions before tests, or help with preparation for the AP test. Please contact her at for rates and availability.

Mike and Terri Leonard - Mike and Terri's Davis Tutoring Center

Mike and Terri tutor chemistry as well as math, physics, biology, anatomy & physiology, all advanced placement and honors science courses at Davis High School, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Please see the "math tutors" section, above, for more information about Mike and Terri.

Animal Science and Biology Tutors:

Jill Hagey, MS

I have a BS in Cell Biology, MS in Animal Biology and currently am working on a PhD in Animal Biology with a designated emphasis in Host-Microbe Interactions. I have been a teaching assistant for Animal Science courses and BIS 2A (Both honors and regular sections) for the past 2 years. My strengths are in tutoring for students in biological sciences, molecular and cellular biology, animal science, genetics and microbiology courses. 

I rely on the student to direct me to where their weakness are and what they need help with. However, I commonly find a barrier to success is a student not understanding what they don't know and by questioning their knowledge base we can determine areas of focus. My strengths are an ability to give non-scientific analogies for scientific concepts to demystify complex problems. I consider myself not just a tutor for helping a student pass a test/class, but a mentor in scientific thinking and practical application. for rate and availability