Groups Represented in the Coalition

In early January 2005 the Progressive Coalition was started with the purpose of empowering, mobilizing and coordinating the separate undergraduate, graduate and community groups into a Progressive Movement.

We are working with two assumptions:

  • Davis is the strongest Progressive base in the region. Thus, Davis has the most Progressive resources.
  • There is a need for stronger, efficient coordination among Progressive groups.

We want to build an enduring Progressive movement that is able to expand through out the region. Successful expansion is only possible by high-level networking, coordinating and mobilizing within the Davis base.

We need hard-working volunteers who are willing to commit time over the next several months. We need people for public relations, outreach, fundraising, website design and coordinating.

This is not another group or organization, but the beginning of an enduring movement.

The Coalition is not affiliated with a particular political party as we have significant numbers of Greens, Democrats and Independents. We are simply like-minded, Progressive individuals.

Past Events


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I propose having some sort of quarterly meetings for the Coalition. The sort of thing where the various groups can let others know what they have planned for the quarter, and perhaps brainstorm ways to help each other. —JosephBleckman

2006-12-11 15:59:33   If anyone wants to coordinate the progressive groups back together, I know that I'm not the only person that would be glad to see it happen. —JonathonLeathers

2006-12-11 16:17:27   I agree, but given the people that are talking about it, lets hope that it is for true progressive reasons rather to fullfill an agenda —AndrewPeake