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Donna Gary
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Progressive Property Management Service is a property management company that serves the Davis area.

The City of Davis is a vigorous and unique community. We are noted for our

small town atmosphere and quality of life. Real Estate values are generally higher

in Davis than surrounding communities. Sustaining higher property value depends

greatly upon quality property maintenance and oversight for owner occupied

properties, rental properties and commercial properties. Progressive Property

Management appreciates the delicate balance between owners and tenants and

strives to preserve positive working relationships with all of our clients. Our

attentive service and quality property maintenance supports value preservation

and satisfied tenants.

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2013-06-11 11:01:36   Progressive is the best property management group I have ever been involved with. Donna is wonderful and always had our interests as tenants in mind. She is always quick to respond to concerns and deals fairly. —GregBishop

2021-11-11 20:13:52   We rented from this property management from 2012-2019 and it was the worst property management experience I’ve ever had. The first signs of trouble were that Donna Gary (owner) was new to being a property manager (she was a tax preparer) and that Donna hires family friends instead of the best professionals to fix things whenever she can. The first handyman who came (very early on because the bathtub was leaking and ruined the downstairs ceiling) made repeated uncomfortable statements to me and kept looking at our things and commenting on what we owned. Instead of repairing the ceiling, they painted a board and boarded up the damaged area. When our washing machine broke down, the same handyman came and commented that it was “probably one of my g-strings that did it.” I felt extremely uncomfortable (by the way, I don’t own any g-strings and wondered why his mind would go there). Donna would come in without proper notice until we asked her for at least a 24-hour notice, which she then did do. However, when she would enter the property, she made comments about how many items we owned. I don’t understand why that was any of her business since we were taking care of the place. Apparently, having musical instruments, my South American items, books, and toys (because of our kids) was too much. One of the worst experiences of our lives happened when new neighbors moved in next door. The neighbors refused to let our dog meet their dog. Every time the neighbors stood in front of our window our dog would bark. They decided to write a scathing and inaccurate letter to the home owners association about our dog’s incessant barking (which was odd since I was mostly a stay-at-home mom and writer who was there with our dog most of the day and he wasn’t barking). Donna decided to take our neighbor’s side immediately without even knowing our neighbors or the kind of people they were. When our neighbors decided to lie and say our dog bit their daughter (he had jumped up to greet her), she took their side as well and we were forced to give away our dog. FYI, I asked to see the “bite” and there was none. The parents said she was in the ER, but yet they were all hanging out at home without her. Who would send their kid to the ER (pre-COVID times) with her boyfriend while hanging out at home? They didn’t let me look at the “injury,” they finally showed me a pic of a tiny scratch (from who knows where) but no bite. No police enquired and no animal control contacted us. But our family had to endure a painful goodbye to our therapy dog. Donna was not looking out for our best interests. She cared more about what the neighbors thought. In 2017 we went on a trip and Donna entered our home to let in the electrician. She claimed that the one banana we left (in good condition) was evident that we leave rotten food out and we were inviting an “infestation.” She wrote us up and said she found some crumbs on our table, we didn’t fold our laundry before we left, there were a couple of rinsed out dishes in the sink and that we had dog hair on the stairs. She gave us a few days to make amends before evicting us. The craziest part was her claims of flies all over. There were no flies when we arrived home. We easily put away our laundry. We took pictures of how it looked when we left so that a judge could laugh at her if we took her to court. The part that hurt deeply though was that I live with the constant embarrassment of hair loss, and she knew we had not had a dog for years because of her. I cleaned up any hair of mine that fell out on a regular basis but apparently missed the stairs. I couldn’t believe she wrote me up humiliating me for my condition knowing full well we didn’t have dog hair since we had no dog. That was the lowest blow. This experience caused me PTSD fearing that I would be homeless. I started seeing a psychiatrist to help me through this. I refused to talk to her from that point on because hearing the words “Donna” and “property management” caused me major panic attacks. I had my white husband talk to this very white older lady (Donna) from that point on, until my husband moved for work during the week and I was left with the nightmare of communicating with her. I didn’t leave a review before out of fear of retaliation by way of a bad reference when we moved. Two years after we moved, we needed to find a new place (the homeowner wanted to renovate and move in). We were put in the position of having to list Donna Gary at Progressive Property Management again as a past landlord. She literally put us in a position of homelessness as she gave negative comments about our dog and the things we had. I was shocked and very upset as we bent over backwards to do everything she asked us to do. What more could she want from us? Thankfully an owner decided to look past her comments and we were only homeless for a few days (something I will never forget and will connect her with for the rest of my life). I recommend against renting from her as she will judge you by what items you have (by the way, I am an author and it’s natural for me to have books, and I’m also a musician and children’s educator). Also, I would warn fellow BIPOC against renting from her as she seems to deal better with people of her same ethnicity. —RG