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Psychological Resource Associates (PRA) is a multidisciplinary group of 13 independent psychotherapists in Davis and Woodland with a wide range of expertise and interests. They offer consultation for couple, family and child problems. Specific areas of interest include: life transitions, stress management, eating disorders, human trauma, men's and women's issues.

Dr. Dean Dickerson is a trained EMDR specialist. EMDR or Adaptive Information Processing is an integration of therapeutic approaches that provides rapid resolution of PTSD.

EMDR is effective with:  - Post traumatic stress disorders - Performance enhancement - Generalized Anxiety, Panic Attacks - Depression - Attachment Disorders - Simple and Process Phobias - Addiction

Services:  - Currently accepting new referrals - Supervision groups for Level I and Level II EMDR trained therapists - Individual case consultation to therapists on single event or complex trauma - Supervision for therapists wishing to be certified by the International Association. - Presentations to groups or facilities on EMDR

Susan Dickerson, LCSW - Brief therapy for life transitions, grief and loss, stress management, relationship issues, communication skills, and women’s issues. She works with adults and couples.

Judith Blum, MFT - Individuals and families in transition, the impact of grief and loss, stress management, and coping skills for emotional well-being. She has extensive experience working with school age children and their families, including blended families. She has specialized training working with ADD related issues in both children and adults.

Tina Dolin, LCSW - Certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor. Tina is also a certified SAP (Substance Abuse Professional). In addition to working with clients with substance abuse issues, she works with individuals, couples and families coping with depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, parenting and divorce issues.

Judy Feldman, LCSW - Special interest in the development of self, relationship issues, life transitions, separation and divorce, stress management, grief and loss, and issues related to health and well-being. She works with adults and adolescents and sees individuals, couples and families.

Marta Induni, MFT - Bilingual (Spanish) and bi-cultural. Currently provides individual, couples and family therapy. Professional interests include life transitions, stress management, mood disorders and people affected by chronic physical ailments.

Janet Oleson, LCSW - Works primarily with adults dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic illness and/or substance abuse. Special interests include early adulthood and mid-life transitions with an integrated approach to include bio/psycho/spiritual/social aspects.

Rory Osborne, Ph.D. - Background in trauma and critical incident response on both an individual and an organizational level. He currently provides individual, couples, and family therapy. Professional interests include life transitions, trauma, and organizational development.

Janet Perkins, MFT - More than ten years experience providing child, adolescent, and family therapy in Davis-Woodland school, outpatient, and residential settings. She is currently a therapist and clinical coordinator at EMQFamiliesFirst. Her work focuses on helping clients to increase personal fulfillment, as well as the quality of their family relationships.

Kevin Wheeler, LCSW - Has worked as a social worker since 1987 as a school counselor in a middle school, a home-based mental health service provider, and as clinical director and therapist for a residential treatment program for latency age and adolescent boys and their families. He is currently a clinical social worker at UC Davis Medical Center. His emphasis is supporting families to create their own solutions and to realize their dreams.

Rosemary Miles. Ph.D., MFT - Rosemary works primarily with EMDR Therapy for trauma, anxiety/mood disorders, grief and loss, and pain management issues. She is also a skilled Emotion Focused Couple Therapist and can help you recreate a safe and vibrant relationship with your partner.

Luis Gonzalez, MFT Intern - Luis is a MFT intern close to his licensing exam. Luis works with couples and individual clients seeking breakthroughs with depression, posttraumatic stress, life transitions, grief and loss, and spirituality. Luis also helps couples prepare for marriage, or enhance their current relationship by using the Prepare/Enrich Assessment Program.

Alyssa Henry, Office Manager/Intake Coordinator - One of the unique and valuable aspects of PRA is that each person who calls receives personal assistance in finding an appropriate therapist.

****Psychological Resource Associates currently offers Employee Assistance Programs to the following agencies and businesses.

 Yolo County Office of Education- 177 employees. 8 visits per employee each fiscal year with $10 co-pay after 1st session. Davis Joint Unified School District - 340 employees. 5 visits per employee and 5 visits for 1 additional family member each fiscal year.  Davis Waste Removal - 6 visits per employee each fiscal year.

Davis Family Therapy Collaborative has teamed up with PRA specializing in family therapy and utilizing a short-term design that focuses on solutions, not problems. Their combined experience of over 25 years working with high-conflict families is the foundation of their service.

In six to eight sessions, families receive:

 Strength-based inventory of the parents’ skill set which, along with other family strengths, becomes the basis for mutual goal setting  Full partnership with both parent and child to support the family’s ability to develop and implement solutions  Positive behavior training

Their mission is to provide the best therapeutic skills and interventions to assist each family. Therapists  Kevin Wheeler and Janet Perkins can be contacted through Psychological Resource Associates for more information.

Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.

Davis offers a wide variety of Counseling and Psychological Services.


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