Cars Like Ants is one of many bands that have performed

Silo Pub on UCD campus
Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Anne Julia T. Baluyot
Andi Perry

Pub Live is the series of free shows sponsored and organized by Campus Unions Programs. It's a great way to have fun on Friday afternoons while waiting for parties to start, as well as meet others who share the same interests as you (beer and music!). If you are in a band and are interested in performing at Pub Live, please send program coordinators Anne Julia T. Baluyot or Andi Perry an email.

This Spring, Pub Live will also be hosting Thursday shows in light of the great Davis weather! Come and share a pitcher with your friends after class!

They were voted one of the "Best entertainment events of 2006 in Northern California" by MUSE, The California Aggie's Arts and Entertainment Magazine.

Upcoming Spring Quarter 2007 Shows:

Not quite a band? If you are a comedian, magician, vocalist, acoustic guitarist, etc. and would like to perform at the CoHo, visit our sister site, CoHo Live and contact Program Coordinator Chris McDonald at

Past Performers:


Cars Like Ants (Oct 27th, 2006) Red Horizon (Nov 17th, 2006) Red Horizon (Nov 17th, 2006) The Soul Fire Machine (Feb 2nd, 2007) Living in Disguise (February 9th, 2007)

Fliers From Previous Shows:


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2007-01-23 11:21:17   anne you are doing an amazing job!! i heart you beezy!! —AndreaPerry