Note: University facilities are subject to certain public access regulations...

Open to all

  • Haring 1301 (near southwest doors) - At the back of this men's restroom is a single small and dirty shower. It has a shower curtain. *No handles or water {6/21/2016}
  • Kearney Hall
  • Hickey Gym - There are showers you can access from the locker rooms (one in the women's locker room and one in the men's). The showers are also accessible from the pool as well. Not really restricted since nobody checks your ID when you enter so...
  • Plant and Environmental Sciences Building 1244B - this is a lactation station, with a small shower for women to rinse themselves (not a normal, full-size shower)
  • Swimming Pools
  • Veihmeyer Hall - at the east end, in the restroom under the stairwell (no room number) is a single shower. *Water to shower has been turned off {6/21/2016}

Restricted access

  • ARC - new, private, comfortable showers with plenty of traffic.
  • King Hall - The basement bathrooms have single showers. Rarely used and clean.
  • Rec Pool - heavily used and not so nice.
  • Sciences Laboratory Building - Off of the main hallway on the second floor one can find an individual shower. It's relatively new and very clean. It seems to be used mainly for breast-feeding. A sign on the door says "This is not a public bathroom."
  • Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital - second floor, female locker room
  • Davis Athletic Club - it's got tons of showers, but you have to be a member


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2011-04-26 17:05:09   It seems bizarre that the most bicycle-friendly city in the country would not have even a single public shower for bicycle commuters. —SteveDavison