25 Purity Plaza (off Main Street in Woodland)
8 AM - 10PM
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards,

Pupuseria La Chicana is Yolo County's premier Pupusa destination. This family-run, Salvadorean/ Mexican restaurant is located in Downtown Woodland, just outside of the historical district. The building was once a Taco Bell, but the the colorful inside, hand written signs, and friendly (non-uniformed) employees give a unique, home- style feeling to the classic TacoBell brick architecture. The prices are very low and the portions and flavors are very generous.

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What is a Pupusa

Pupusas are the signature dish of El Salvador. They are thick corn Tortillas that can be filled with Chicharron (seasoned ground pork), Queso (soft white cheese) Frijoles (refried beans), Loroco (bud flower), squash, or some combination of those ingredients. Pupusa Revuelta is probably the most popular Pupusa and consists of Chicharron, Queso, and Frijoles.

Should you feel bad about eating pupusas? Maybe. Check out Ethical Eating page and decide for yourself.


The restaurant has a giant printed menu spanning the entire front counter area. It's very difficult to photograph, though that hasn't stopped some people from failing to do so on on Yelp. There are no printed take out menus so you have to go in and check it out for yourself. But basically it has everything you would expect to find at a Mexican restaurant + Pupusas + other Salvadorean treats + breakfast.





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2015-09-07 13:45:43   The food is magnificent and well worth the trip to Woodland. Their frijoles refritos are amazing, and their quesadillas are fantastic. —BarnabasTruman