Operated By Spiritosanto Boarding and Care

Owner Ross Spiritosanto

Address 9080 Old Davis Road (South of railroad tracks)

Phone (530)341-8722

Email sbc.pcstables@gmail.com

Putah Creek Boarding Stables is under new managment!  All horse boarding and related services are now provided by Ross Spiritosanto of Spiritosanto Boarding and Care.  The stables is located just south of campus on Old Davis Road. We are close by the Center for Equine HealthCalifornia Raptor Center, and Putah Creek. This is one of the closest barns to UCD campus aside from the Equestrian Center and accessible from campus via bicycle. We are a family run and friendly establishment welcoming new boarders. The ranch's main barn contains multiple stalls with attached paddocks and four large irrigated pastures for daytime turnout. Stalls contain rubberized mats and feeders. Horses are fed twice a day with oat hay and/or alfalfa based on boarders preference. Boarders may use an alternative feed (provided by the boarder) at a discount to rent. Current boarders are very friendly and helpful with no drama. It a great place to enjoy the peaceful countryside just one mile outside of downtown.


The stables has one large, uncovered, outdoor arena that is available for lessons and training.  It currently does not have all weather footing and may become muddy during the rainy season. We have recently added new fencing and lights. The four green pastures stay irrigated year round, so there is always grazing space for your horse. Turnout is on an "every other day" rotation, so every horse in the barn has a chance to be turned out. There is new panel fencing on the pastures, which is a safe and reliable alternative to wire or mesh fencing.An outdoor wash rack with mats and round pen makes grooming and training a enjoyable experience. Each boarders has accessed to a large locked tack room with personalized closets. Each closet contains shelves and a saddle rack for easy access and storage. The barn is an old facility, so the structures are in a "well-used" condition. Improvements and new projects occur on a year round basis. This allows us to update and refine the barn as needed based on demand. Currently we are installing new fencing and adjustments to the arena and pastures.


Management is friendly and accommodating. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help! Rates are kept low through self-service mucking, but can be available for an additional fee. Pitchforks, wheel barrows, and shavings are provided to keep you stall clean and horse happy. Boarders are allotted a sufficient amount of shavings per week. There are no full time trainers or instructors on site, but several resources are available within the boarder community. There are several trails in the area which many of our boarders enjoy. The arena does not currently posses jumps or poles, although there are a few barrels. Dogs are allowed on property as long as they are not aggressive to animals or people. Rules are pretty lax as long as you are not being unsafe or uncourteous.

2016 Rates: $260 for stall Includes feed and wood shavings for bedding (you muck and pasture your own animals, but our management feeds).  Contact us for additional information on Rates, sericvices and boarding options.




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2010-08-25 23:30:23   How big are the stalls? Also, is there the possibility of paying someone to muck for you if you can't make it out everyday? —AllisonFortis

Yes it is possible to pay someone to muck your stall RyanDMiller

2011-02-13 13:24:04   The stalls are on the medium-small size, kind of a tight fit for a thoroughbred or warmblood to lay down. But they have pretty large attached paddocks. Many of the boarders have arrangements with other boarders where they share stall cleaning duties (you muck 2 or 3 stalls one day, and they return the favor when you can't make it out) I don't think the management offers stall cleaning, even if you pay extra. Last time I called all their stalls were full. —chamomile