Quarters is a drinking game played with, well, quarters. Yes, the coin. $0.25. You'll probably need about $2 worth, since they tend to get lost all over the place. Also, you'll need a pitcher, and some communal source of beer, usually a keg works well. Oh, and some friends to play with.

Form two teams. 3-6 people per team is a good size. Put some beer in the pitcher - not too much - maybe about 1/5 of the way full. Find a table-top to play on.

Now decide which team goes first, and who is going to shoot first. Hand them a quarter.

The idea is to throw/drop the quarter so that it hits the table-top, bounces, and then lands in the pitcher of beer.

Teams take turns trying to make the quarter go in the pitcher, with each team going in order.

When someone makes it, then the other team gets one shot to match it.

If they they match it, then the person that matched it can put some more beer (as much as they like) in the pitcher, and the next person on the other team shoots, and play continues.

If they don't match it, then their team has to drink the entire pitcher. The person who made it then fills the pitcher up (as much as they like), and the next person on their team starts to shoot again, and play continues.

Keep playing until you can't anymore.

  • It is helpful to have a second pitcher to fill from, especially when your beer supply is a keg. It can be filled up while people are shooting quarters, so that there's no time delay when you need to fill the pitcher you're shooting at.
  • There are many different styles of bouncing the quarter off the table. Most people hold it between their thumb and fore-finger, use their middle finger to get it angled correctly, and throw it downward at the table. Others place the quarter in their palm then flip it over quickly, thus throwing the coin at the table. Still others swear by rolling the coin off the tip of their nose.
  • The quarter may bounce on the table more than once before going in the pitcher. This guy once managed to get it to bounce twice before it went in - after rolling it off the tip of his nose.
  • Feel free to make up your own house rules! We came up with a "sudden death" rule a few nights ago - if the first person to drink from the pitcher on your side finishes it all by themselves, then they get to pick someone on the other team to take a shot. Talk about crazy...!