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Current Information Regarding the QSU

QSU is a non-profit student organization that has had an unsteady history on this campus for decades, with various revivals and hiatuses. As of Winter quarter 2012 the QSU has been actively holding meetings and planning different types of events. The QSU is open to students and community members. Our goal is to challenge norms of all kinds, discrimination against all people, and to serve as a safe space for LGBTQIAP-AlphabetSoup identifying individuals.

The working mission statement of QSU reads:

“The Queer Student Union’s goal is to contribute to the queer community at UC Davis. We aim to provide an additional resource that contributes to and brings together the already existing network of queer organizations on campus through social events, community networking opportunities, and participating in community activism. We are open to people of all creeds and identities because we believe that developing bonds and friendships is crucial to building community.”

Aside from meeting every week, we have a multitude of events that we put on:

-Queers on the Quad: Held every Wednesday at the MU Quad from noon till people want to leave. It is a space to hang out in the sun with queers and their peers (snacks will be provided!) -Dance Party"Fun"-draisers -Queer Potlucks

We are always looking for new ideas, so if you are interested in putting on an event that you think would coincide with QSU, shoot us an email. Also, check out our Facebook page to get involved and hear about different events that would be going on. Please, don't hesitate to get involved, all are welcome!

Upcoming Events

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Queer Student Union or QSU has been around for decades, but has been in a constant state of flux for most of its existence. 

In the Summer of 2003 five students, Dan Reilly, Jonathan D'souza, Brenna Langstaff, Kim Woods, and Aldrich Tan, sought to resurrect the organization to help bridge the gap between the splintered queer communities on campus. The group put on a few well attended and well received programs, including a Queer Prom featuring Pansy Division.

QSU reactivated briefly with a handful of meetings and events in the 2005-2006 school year, when it was picked up (with some controversy) by officers Lisa Guernsey, MarionEveridge, Mihn Phran, and Eric Sneathen, all of whom have since graduated.

In 2007 (the last active year until 2010-2011) the officers were as follows: Grant Schoonover- Co-Coordinator Steve Cha- Co-Coordinator Eric Chau- Publicity Chair Aeron Terry- Social Chair Lee Grino- Treasurer


At the end of Fall quarter, 2010, a group of students began attempts to revive the QSU in efforts to bring the many queer students groups together as a unified whole.

During Winter Quarter 2011, the UC Davis Queer Student Union became an official student organization through the UC Davis Center for Student Involvement. Throughout the quarter, QSU met weekly on campus to discuss topics relevant to the attendees and their lives. QSU has recently hosted a few events - namely bake sales on campus and dance parties off campus. QSU also sent a delegation of 60 people to Western Regional, an annual LGBTQIA conference for people of high school age and older. 

Bake sale for QSU. Winter quarter 2011.

Officers for QSU at the end of Winter 2011 • Co-chair Miguel Espinoza • Publicity Chair Andrew Mojarro • Recorder CJ Platenkamp • Social chair Kelsey Walling

SPRING 2011 The Queer Student Union will be holding meetings every Monday at 6pm. For more information, contact one of the officers.

WINTER 2012 I'm excited to announce that QSU is coming back this winter! The plan right now is to create a chill space for LGBTQIA identifying students to come together and get to know one another. We've talked about having like a game night/hang out space for two hours every other week, and having discussion spaces on the alternate weeks.

::UPDATE:: The first Queer Student Union meeting of this quarter will be held Tuesday, February 7th from 6-8pm: GAMES, FOOD, MUSIC.

We are not planning on having any kind of formal group discussion at this meeting, but rather we will be encouraged to have conversations in smaller groups about our hopes for the student union.

After considering the conversations we've had with folks last quarter and results from the survey last spring, we are planning on having game nights/socializing every other week and more formal discussions on the alternate Tuesdays of the month.

FALL 2011 On Thursday, Sept 22 from 11AM - 1PM, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center is hosting Queer Welcome to kick off the year. From the LGBTRC website: "Queer Welcome provides an opportunity for new and returning students, faculty, and staff to get connected to the community and find support and resources. Different student organizations and campus departments set up information booths and hundreds of people come by to enjoy the food and music!"

QSU will be tabling and fliering at the event!

Please contact Sarah M. Hernández (smhernand@ucdavis.edu) for more information about Queer Welcome.

On Friday, Sept. 23rd at 8pm QSU will be hosting a fundraiser at Delta of Venus Coffeehouse & Pub. There will be dancing and socializing and drinks sold at the bar. $3-5 suggested donation at the door.

For more information about the organization, contact one of the chairs.


Dance Party Fundraiser

When: Friday, Sept 23rd, 2011 · 8pm - 1am Where: Delta of Venus Coffeehouse & Pub · 122 B Street, Davis CA

$3 - 5 suggested donation at the door.


Is this still in association still in progress, or...? I'm interested in getting involved! :o) — strawberry

27 March 2011 We'll try to keep this page updated and let you know about upcoming projects and events. — Janny