Carnitas Gorditos

2 West Court Street, Woodland, CA
Weekdays: 9-6 — Weekends 7-5
Wheelchair Accessible
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Quetzal is a Mexican restaurant located in nearby Woodland serving up inexpensive and delicious food. They make their own tortillas and salsas but have a horchata fountain. Their most popular items are their tacos and gorditos, but they also offer a full menu of options. A gordito will cost you $2.50 and the most talked about gordito on the internet is the carnitas one which features a large serving of slow roasted pork, frijoles, queso fresco, and a pico de gallo salsa. One gordito per sitting is probably all your doctor would recommend eating, but they're tasty and cheap enough that you'll likely eat two. This may be the only place in Yolo County where you can get a gordito.

Free chips and salsa, but note that all of their salsas are very spicy; even the pico de gallo has big chunks of jalapeno.

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2013-03-15 16:01:17   This was my first non TacoBell Gordito so I didn't really know what to expect. Here is some advice for other first timers. 1) Be careful when picking up your Gordito as they are packed full and if you squeeze too hard you'll have a mess. 2) Try rotating and attacking your gordito from the side so that you can experience all of the elements of your gordito together instead of eating through a layer of pico de gallo and cheese, a layer of pork, and then a layer of beans. 3)If they ask you follow up questions in spanglish after you place your order, just nod your head and agree. 4)Even tough guys like me find the salsa to be spicy so be careful applying and consider trying the dark red (chipotle?) one as it is particularly delicious. 5) One Gordito is never enough, but two is always too many. —MikeyCrews