Inside the West Sacramento Wal-Mart
755 Riverpoint Court, West Sacramento, CA 95605
Monday-Saturday 9AM to 7PM
Sunday 10AM to 6PM
(Walmart open 24 hours)
(916) 372-7200
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QuickHealth is a doctor's office that provides a limited number of basic health procedures for a relatively low cost (especially if you are uninsured). No appointments are necessary, and costs for treatments are clearly listed. The prices are the same whether you are insured or not. Examples of services (prices as of Feb. 2009):

  • Physicals / Check-ups ($59)
  • Diagnostic tests, including cholesterol, blood pressure, allergies, diabetes, illegal drugs, pregnancy, strep throat, STD panels, etc. (Starting at $19 each)
  • Vaccinations, including influenza, meningitis, chicken pox, DTAP, Hepatitis A/B, Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR), pneumonia, tetanus, etc. (Starting at $29 each)
  • Other medical services, like earwax removal, prescription refills, wound repair, wart removal, etc. (Starting at $39 each)

They also offer package deals for multiple related screenings, like the "Healthy Lover" package ($199, includes physical exam and full STD panel including HIV) or the Healthy Heart package ($139, blood/cholesterol/blood pressure/other screenings). The package costs are quite a bit lower than if each test is purchased separately.


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