This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Five large capacity washers can handle your nasty sleeping bag

407 G Street (behind The Style Lounge)
Mon-Fri 7am-6pm
Sat 9am-1pm
Laundromat self-locks at 10pm
(530) 753-4058
Before 1982

Twelve regular capacity front load washers are available

Quick Clean Center is a drycleaner and really decent laundromat. They provide same-day professional wet cleaning and drycleaning service — as long as its dropped off before 9am, it will be ready by 5pm. They also provide a fluff and fold service, but no tailoring or alterations.

Self-service wash prices range from $1.25-$2.50, depending on size and type of washer. The facility offers five extra-large washers, twelve front-loading washers, five top-loading washers and eleven dryers. The dryers cost 25¢ for ten minutes (as of Sept 2010, this info seems no longer relevant - 25¢ only gives you slightly more than 6.5 mins), which initially seems expensive but they are big strong dryers and dry your clothing quickly (about 20min on high for jeans)! When the dry cleaning service is open, it's reasonably safe to run off and get a snack without worrying about your clothing disappearing, though I'm sure they wouldn't actually recommend this.

A change machine (accepts $1, $5, $10, $20) and soap vending machine are available.


Eleven large dryers run hot but dry quickly

Dryclean two-piece suit: $10.50 [May 2005] Dryclean down comforter: $19.95 [Sep 2006] Dryclean slacks: $5.50 [Nov 2006]

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What's your experience with Quick Clean Center?

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2006-02-25 19:20:31   Very happy with service. I recently got a suit drycleaned there (coat and pants), plus a silk blouse. The blouse needed some additional washing, and they volunteered to do it (happily and at no extra charge, too!). It was only about $12-14 for all that. Highly recommended. —JulieEickhof

2006-09-08 09:09:44   Good service EXCEPT they keep breaking buttons on my shirts. I've had to go elsewhere because of this. —GeorgeScheer

2007-01-22 16:15:06   The guy that works here is AWESOME! He gaves us some articles he wrote and ask him about his past, it's very interesting! —NicoleBush

2007-05-13 17:28:26   Great service - the gentleman who works behind the counter in the morning will alert you to dryers that are still warm or have time left on them, and gave us a free wash token after he learned it was our first time at the Quick Clean. Nice place that we'll continue to use. —SaraMeyer

2007-05-13 17:32:29   I took my band uniform in here after Picnic Day. The uniform had some mold on it, but the pants were entirely covered in it. The guy behind the counter wasn't sure he could save the pants, but when I picked them up, they were pristine. I'm still shocked that I couldn't even tell that anything had been wrong with them. —AllisonEriksen

2008-02-11 16:36:30   I love their "all comforters $19.95" deal! I have a comforter from Japantown that they cleaned well, and they even return it with a plastic comforter storage bag! They're really nice _Chibi

2008-09-10 22:11:44   I've tried several dry cleaners in Davis, and Quick Clean is the best one I've found in town in terms of price, quality of dry cleaning service, quickness of service, and friendliness. This week I had a suit that needed to be cleaned right away for an interview. Joel (one of the owners who works behind the counter) turned it around cleaned and really neatly pressed in less than 24 hours.

Note: Quick Clean is across from the G Street movie theater. —davis.renter

2009-02-21 16:16:26   I'm taking my laundry here from now on vs using the often broke washer and dryer at my complex. Quick and cheap! —ChrisThompson

2009-07-09 21:31:26   Joel is the reason we go here. He does the best job and is so nice. He started carrying my laundry to & from my car for me when I was pregnant and now he still comes outside if I have my daughter (3 years old now!) so I dont have to fuss with the car seat. This is the only place we will go as long as Joel is there. The owner Kirk is really nice too. Great prices & fast! —jwendt

2009-10-21 15:18:40   Wonderful service. Today was my second experience with this place and both Joel and John were very accommodating and just really nice people in general. Really happy that I can take my laundry to a place with amazing customer service just a few blocks from where I live. :) Also, ditto NicoleBush, John's a really interesting person. —kg18

2010-01-06 18:09:02   Best folks on earth work here. They do a reasonably good job cleaning clothes too. Prices are great. But Joel and John are the main reason I go here. —bpwhite

2010-02-13 08:33:44   My Name is Craig Harris and I am a business man with very little extra time. I have been using Quick Clean for about 2 years now with not a single complaint. They are courteous and as their name says "Quick and Clean". Kirk has provided me with my own Laundry Bags which makes it so easy, no arm fulls of cloths......just put all my dirty cloths in my personal laundry bag, drop it and go. Very convenient, great prices, and wonderful service. They have never lost anything or ruined anything. On a scale of 1 -10 they are an 11. I highly recommend Quick Clean to anyone. Once you use them you won't do your own laundry anymore. :)

Thanks Kirk for your Superior Service!


P.S. I have 7 shirts a week washed, starched, and pressed and have never had a broken button. —craigharris

2010-02-15 12:51:52   Professional, quick, and an excellent value. I am extremely satisfied with the service and quality of the dry cleaning. And I've NEVER had a broken button! —Scottos

2010-02-15 17:12:09   We have been very pleased with the services provided by the Quick Clean Center. We use their drycleaning services and have found them to be very quick, effective in getting out stubborn stains. If their is any problem with the drycleaning there is no problem in returning it and having the problem fixed. This is a plus in that many drycleaners are not willing to continue to try and get the stain out, instead they say there is nothing they can do. Customer service and satisfaction is a high priority at Quick Clean and that along with the friendly service and very reasonable prices is what will keep us loyal customers. We recommend Quick Clean Center to anyone who appreciates quality drycleaning. Thanks for the years of great service! - R.White —pookie986

2010-03-05 11:21:40   I am in the hospitality industry, wear a suit to work EVERYDAY and work crazy hours. The service I receive at Quick Clean is just that - Quick, Clean, and may I add convenient. I have my own laundry bag - I drop it off and they do the rest. Never a missing article of clothing or missing/broken buttons. Great prices and service. I dont even wash my husbands dress shirts anymore - they go in the laundry bag too. Thanks Kirk and crew! —brandyjones

2010-06-14 12:45:04   Fine place but there is a guy who works here who stands in the door way every 15 minutes or so and smokes cigarette. Fills the room with smoke and makes it difficult to enter or leave without lungs full of second-hand smoke. Today when i went in he was sitting on the outside bench next to a little girl (maybe 10 years old) while smoking. After he finished and left the poor girl sat there coughing for several minutes. This place is good for your wallet but bad for your health! —srbarb

2011-01-24 09:52:02   I think the dry cleaning part isn't open until 8am on weekdays.. I went at 7:30am and they weren't yet open. —KelseyCondell