This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.






640 W Covell Boulevard , Suite F (in Anderson Plaza)
Asian Fast Food
Monday-Sunday 11:30AM- 12AM
(530) 750-7888
Price Range
$1.69-$5.00 for drinks
Payment Method
CASH only
See below

Quickly sells tapioca drinks as well as some food items, much like Old Teahouse or any other tapioca drink place in California. It was formerly the North Davis location of Great Clips.

They are currently (as of May 2012) offering these 6 drinks for special price: Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Milk Black Tea, Jasmine Milk Green Tea, Thai Milk Tea, and Taro Milk Tea. Specials change every 2 weeks; tapioca (commonly referred to as pearls or boba) can be added for $0.50.

Quickly is a franchise. Each Quickly store is owned by a local owner. The owners pay to use the Quickly products and pay a percentage of profits to Quickly. The store used to be owned by the person who owned the local franchise of Ohana Hawaiian BBQ, however the Davis Quickly store was sold to a new owner.



As a grand opening special, they offered four different teas for $0.99: Black Tea, Black Milk Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, and Jasmine Green Milk Tea. The store no longer sells frozen yogurt. There were two flavors of self-serve yogurt along with a few toppings. Their frozen yogurt may well have been the least expensive in Davis.


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2008-10-25 17:55:25   Just got my drink from here, kiwi slush with aloe added, pretty good. It was a little crowded since today was grand opening and there were lots of people just hanging out inside and outside, price ranges from $2.50 to $5.00+ depending what you're adding :) —flamecrow

2008-10-25 20:46:04   menu looks like standard tap ex flair but I'm still down to give it a whirl —StevenDaubert

2008-10-27 00:00:54   My first was the Mango Slush. Most places I go to seem to use the champagne or manila type mangoes... which make it really sweet. But ... damn, it tasted like a Mango-a-go-go from Jamba Juice. TRYYY ITTTTTTT ! —tila2killya

2008-10-28 12:02:26   As long as I'm not forced to give my business to Old Tea House, I'll be happy. —metal.lace

2008-10-28 13:13:27   Wow! They had grand opening special where their black milk tea was only a dollar, and it was awesome! I'm so glad we have something like this in Davis (and within walking distance of me). My only wish is that it wasn't cash only :( —ascapoccia

2008-10-28 16:24:20   Tastes better than OTH although prices are along the same lines as OTH. The color and design of this building is nice. However, the location of the cash register causes a massive blockage at the door. Grand opening prices for the drinks are pretty damn nice. —BenLee

2008-10-28 16:56:21   I've been to it, although I haven't ordered something from it yet. Very much like Old Teahouse, but there were actually places to sit! The line was very long. —IDoNotExist

2008-10-29 17:53:23   Hasn't ANYONE noticed the extraordinary number of flies on the ceiling? While waiting for my drinks today I started counting and came to #127 flies on the wall/ceiling in the dining area. Flies were crawling all over the yogurt toppings bar as well(-cringe...) I was initially excited to try their yogurt/toppings but I'll be avoiding it unless the owners of Quickly cleans up the flies. Their food items are quite tasty and remind me of Old Teahouse...however the flies need to go!!! —Magster

2008-10-29 18:54:42   Their crispy popcorn chicken is significantly better than Old Teahouse's. That being said, I spent 15 minutes waiting for it to get to me, only to find that one of the employees had 'bumped' her friend's ticket, so that they got it instead of me. I then had to wait a further fifteen minutes. As I said: it's good, but if I have to wait half an hour to get it, I don't think I'll be seeing that much of Quickly. —JoePomidor

2008-10-29 19:48:36   When I went today it was really busy, the line extended beyond the door.(Dont be in here if there is a fire, you'll never escape!) My only complaint is the rudeness he guy at the register with an Ohana's shirt(the owner I guess) was barking "money, money!" and snatched the cash out of my friends hand before he was told how much to pay. Aside from the free toppings for the $.25/oz yogurt I don't see much of a difference in quality from old tea house. I'll keep coming while the prices are low, but when it does I am going back to OTH. —AmyT

2008-10-29 22:42:58   Same here. Speaking of that rude Owner, I went in there with a few of my girlfriends and the way he stare at us was very disturbing. Will only go if he's not around. —AvilaVoom

2008-10-30 21:29:16   I've been here three times already. First was during the day, and service was fast but the black milk tea tasted a little off. The second time I was there, the line went out the door, and they were painfully slow considering the fact that they had 6 people out front and 3 in the back. The last time was the worst. We waited FOREVER for the drinks, and our food came out before the drinks. When we ordered, we had asked for a large cup for the green apple rose tea, the girl forgot to input large, and when we realized that 2 minutes after we ordered, we told her, at which point she said that it was too late to change it, the drink was already made. Funny how the drinks weren't called until 15 minutes later. I had ordered small pearls in my drink, and boy did they skimp on it. There were no pearls left after my first sip. I'm guessing they were running out? As for the food, the popcorn chicken had pretty much no meat, and my friend lobster balls came out frozen. I told the guy in the Ohana shirt (I'm guessing he's the owner), and he just scowled at me and took it back. I didn't even get a simple "sorry about that." Then I felt really bad because that guy yelled at the cook in the back (which he shouldn't because he was the one that rushed my order in the first place).

Also, why are there ONLY chinese people working here? Talk about job discrimination. Their job application asks you if you speak mandarin or chinese

When I looked up one time while waiting for my drinks, I thought that the ceiling had polka dots. Well... it's not polka dots. They're flies.

Needless to say, once their $.99 drinks end, I will no longer be coming by. We seriously need better options than quickly and OTH in Davis. —JennPham

Add: I went back today on 11/4 and this time they forgot my pearls. =( too bad i didn't realize that til I got home since the pearls were supposed to be in black tea. The fly problem is a little better, now the ceiling only looks half polka dotted. Also, I saw them skimp out on some poor guy's onion rings.. He got like three tiny little pieces, it was pretty sad to look at.

The application probably asks if you speak Chinese because the menus are in Chinese and English. —NickSchmalenberger

Yeah... most places with multi-lingual menus give preference to those who speak the language. You'll often see this at Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants as well. —KellyM

2008-10-31 00:03:28   It was really crowded today, plus the cashier had absolutely NO idea what she was doing. Why hasn't the management trained their workers so they'd at least do the simple things right. All that mess along with bad attitude really put me off after waiting for 50 minutes in the line. Doubt I'll come again. —ty55

Why would you wait in line for 50 minutes at a place called Quickly?

2008-10-31 00:22:56   I came here a few nights ago around 22:30 and the line was too long so I left. I probably won't go here at all unless the line is less than halfway to the door. —NickSchmalenberger

2008-10-31 12:10:32   Hey, I work @ quickly and I'm sad to see the number of dissatisfied customers on here. I hope you guys accept our apology, but please understand that we have just opened and we were put on the spot with so many customers to serve. But given time, we will start to get accustomed to the many variations of drinks we have to make. As for the flies, we hate them as much as you do, and were trying to figure out a way to get rid of them. And regarding the service, I can't speak for all my coworkers, but I try my best to put on a friendly face and provide good customer service. But it is something that should be brought up with everyone who works there. Again, please accept our apology and perhaps give us another chance in the future :) —jfong252

2008-11-01 11:53:32   I don't even know where to begin with how disappointed I am to see people complaining already — they JUST opened, what, a week ago? Cut them a little slack until things settle down, and realize that their lines are probably really long because 1) the employees haven't had the practice to provide you with automated behavior and 2) a lot of customers are visiting a new place. Geez.

Moving on, my experiences have been pretty good. The first time I went was with a couple of friends, and I ordered a jasmine green tea, which was sweeter than I would have preferred. When I went by myself a second time and ordered the same drink in a large cup, it was much less sweeter than I expected (probably primed by my first drink). My third and most recent visit was surprisingly crowded for a midnight on Thursday. (Or maybe I don't get out much?) My friend and I had each ordered two drinks, and though she was right after me, we waited maybe 10-15 minutes but never heard her number called. We were going to wait until "275" before asking, but one of the employees noticed us before it got to that point and asked what her number was and immediately set to fulfilling her order. So I'm pretty pleased that the employees have been friendly and courteous in spite of the stress of handling so many people. :)

I'm not super critical about food, so a *capacity*-related thing I really love about Quickly is how much more SPACIOUS it feels compared to Old Tea House. It's definitely a plus that it's closer to where I live too. It's too bad about the abundance of flies though, and hopefully that'll be resolved soon, in a food establishment. Is it fly season or something? My generally decent apartment has had a strange upsurge of them in the past week when before, we had none.

I am wondering, however, about their caramel snow drink. I'd never had it before and that was the last thing I ordered. It wasn't bad, but mine was very strongly coffee-flavored, which makes me wonder what the *caramel coffee snow* is like... —AmyChow

  • My main complaint isn't about how long it takes for the food to be prepared, it's that the people who work there bumped their friends up in line. I had to wait twice as long just so someone's friend could get their popcorn chicken before me. I think that's a crap way to runa business. —JoePomidor

2008-11-01 20:30:17   Quickly: Fly-City USA?

My girlfriend and I noticed that Quickly just opened by our favorite chinese place stopped in for some tea. Things were going well until she pointed out the fly paper trap on the counter back where the tea was being prepared which was coated in flies ... then we noticed the ceiling. I have never seen so many flies before, and this place opened a week ago? The scary part is that they all look like small, baby flies; meaning they're coming from somewhere in Quickly ... ewwwww!

It pains me to be harsh on a place that just opened-up, but they have a serious health issue that needs to be addressed, quickly! —VladLoscutoff

2008-11-02 18:24:28   Apparently, they were meant to open up 2 weeks earlier than they did, but didn't pass any of the health regulations!! EW.

Regardless, I decided to try and give them a chance, so I walked in this afternoon to check it out. I was one of 3 customers, and it took them 15 minutes to make my blueberry slush; which, was essentially huge chunks of ice and bad syrupy flavoring.

Probably won't be stopping by anytime soon again... :/ too bad, since it's so close to where I live! —whatheFUNK

2008-11-04 02:15:50   i got so owned trying to get food there twice!

proportions are waayyy too small for the price, and they're just mediocre foods. the sweet potatoe fries tasted like oily regular fries, the were 5 small pieces of calimari in the whole container, the bento box had 3 small pieces of meat and a lot of rice. yea. i think if the 99 cent drink special stops i'd probably go to old tea instead. —bambam

2008-11-04 11:46:28   I went back again and the FLY issue has improved drastically-I still counted about 16 flies roaming around but significantly better. I hope they keep the 99 cent milk tea special-that is the only thing making me return to this place. —Magster

2008-11-04 16:00:12   why do they have to copy ot's food menu and make the food sooooooooo much worse than ot's?guess the owner's just dying to make money without thinking too much and long. —dd

Most "Pearl Tea"/Boba places in California have very similar menus... as for food quality, I never understood why people ordered food at these tapioca drink places. —KellyM

2008-11-05 17:20:58   Hi everyone, i am also an employee @ Quickly, and i just want to take this opportunity to summarize all the complaints we've had thus far and try to explain some of the problems and also forward these complaints to the manager of the place. From the look of things, our main complaints falls under the category of:

1) Wait Time 2) Sanitation problems (flies) 3) Low efficiency of workers 4) Quality and portion of the food 5) Employee's bias towards their friends and lastly, a small (but oh so funny) problem of the owners staring at customers.

1) Regarding wait time, i want everyone to rest assured that everyone @ Quickly is aware of the problem, even the employees. But the truth is, there's nothing we can do about the speed of food as they are managed by the kitchen. The manager has already told the kitchen to speed things up, and even though quickly is technically a "fast food" restaurant, our cooks all have normal sit-in restaurant experience so i can assure you that the food provided for all of our customers are restaurant quality, and as most of you may know, restaurants don't make 10 minute dinners. Regarding drinks, i can promise that all of our employees are working their hardest, and those that are just not fast enough has already been let go (kinda mean, but it's true). We just opened up and most of our employees didn't receive training until one day before Opening, so it might take them a bit longer to get use to the recipe for each drink as well as the location for the ingredients. I'm happy tell you guys that all of us employed at Quickly are improving in speed, and it's only a matter of time before everyone can make say... 4 drinks at once.

2) Now the fly problem is a situation we are ALL annoyed by. Trust me, as an employee, i hate flies flying around me as much as any customer, and personally i'm not a bug guy, so i've told the manager time and time again to take care of this problem. We already have 1 "small" fly zapper in the restaurant by the door (it's a blue, lamp-looking thing to the right of the door near the ceiling) and 2 fly zappers in the back kitchen. The manager has also ordered a large Ohana-sized fly zapper waiting to be delivered, so i'm certain the fly problem will go away soon. Meanwhile, please be patient and let our temporary fly trapping pink sticks do their job~ lol

3) Like i said before, all the employee speeds are increasing as they accumulate more experience and speed WILL pick up, i promise you this.

4) Quality of food personally to me isn't a big problem. Personally i find all the food (not snacks) i've eaten in Quickly so far to be pretty good, but the snacks....yeah well... they're not very big (we employees as well as you customers already know). I also don't think it's fair that 6 pieces of calimari rings cost 3.50 (or something like that), and i also hope the manager will either increase the portion or decrease the price asap. So for now, why don't everyone just stick to actual food items and popcorn chicken~ their portion is still pretty good.

5) Now THIS problem is a problem i haven't seen yet, and i am just as surprised as JoePomidor that this is happening. This is definitly not fair and shouldn't happen EVER. We as employees are suppose to follow the number of the drinks as they are printed out on the receipts at all times. There are no special discounts or lines for employee's friends, as a matter of fact there aren't even special discounts for employees who are not working. Even us employees have to wait in line just like regular customers when we are not working, as well as pay regular price. If anyone ever see employees "bumping" their friends up the line, please remember the day of the week as well as time of the day down and notify Quickly, the employee will be punished as see fit by the manager.

This last problem...... i actually don't know what to say. As a guy, of course i never have this problem lol, but i'm pretty sure he's not doing this on purpose to freak the customers out. His english is not the best so... maybe he's trying to be friendly in his own way.... hahahaha but yeah, seriously, don't think about it too much, he is NOT going to come up to you and ask for your number or follow u home. —TimW

2008-11-06 02:36:09   i ordered the fried turnip cake, they just give me 4 uncut pecices which is different than the quicklys in the bay. the quickly in the bay cut them in small chuncks and the portion is way biggeer than the quickly in davis. Also one of the employee's face is always red which means he is drinking all the time during work?? lol not just one day, but several dayss. so lol. dont know what else to say —OCG

2008-11-06 21:17:53   I have to say quicklys at other places are way much better than this one. —Desmond

2008-11-10 00:24:22   I went there on saturday night and the service was really good. There was a line when I walked in but my drinks came out really quickly and the workers were both pretty friendly. I ordered a quickly special and the waiting time food was about 15 minutes. —kkash

2008-11-10 12:06:53   had some fried chicken, which would be the main item I would patronize quickly for, it was respectable.

Hopefully they will iron out the kinks and improve over time! —StevenDaubert

2008-11-11 10:25:39   I’ve been here twice, and I can say that I will never go back again. There’s many reasons why, but there’s two BIG reasons. The owner manager, which I think is also the same guy at the Ohana BBQ place, is just very creepy. Every time I walk in, he stares at me, which would make any girl uncomfortable. But the fact that he doesn’t just stare at my face is what gets me even more disturbed. Many of my own girlfriends have been here before, and they told me they experienced the same thing. Blank stares for like 30 seconds from that guy. I have had it! I’ve never been that uncomfortable in any restaurant before. I don’t care if sometimes the Teahouse takes a bit longer for my drinks and food, I’d rather go there than to deal with that creepy tall guy. The drinks and food is what makes me want to stay away from this place. I ordered a strawberry tea drink, and it tasted awful. It tasted like there was no tea inside, just flavor powder and water. I ordered the crispy chicken as well and it tasted grainy. I mean it hardly had any chicken in the pieces, just batter mostly. This was my first experience. Despite everything, knowing that I went during the first few days of grand opening, I decided to give them another try, thinking that being open for almost 2 weeks perhaps the first experience was just a small mishap. I went there the second time, and ordered the snow bubble drink, and it took them almost 20 minutes to make. I was clearly ahead of at least 5 customers, but I saw that the employees skipped my ticket to give priority to their friends. That made me upset…When I got my drink finally, I took a sip and It tasted even worse than the strawberry tea drink I ordered the first time. It was bland and had no creamy taste at all. Chunks of ice that were not blended at all!

Avoid this place!!! Service is bad, drinks are BAD and Food is Bad! The only good place in this plaza is sushi unlimited and Albertsons and occasional McDonalds.


2008-11-11 10:52:22   This place sucks... I went to get a Milk tea w/ tapioca (like the easiest thing to make other that a milk tea w/o tapioca) while my wife and kids went to Guad next door. It took over 15 mins to get my drink. No one had ordered anything and my drink was just sitting in their lid sealer forever. My family had already finished 1/2 of their meal by the time I got it and the ice had melted and made the drink too watery (ugh). Go to OTH way better —Aaron.Curtin

2008-11-13 18:27:32   I had a rose tea with pearls and some other jelly stuff and somehow it ended up costing me almost 4 dollars!!! I don’t know what rose tea is suppose to taste like, but it tastes like crap and way too expensive.

But on a side note, I noticed that the tall Ohana BBQ guy is the manager of this place. I don’t think I want to be going here anymore. I was at Ohana BBQ last year when they first opened and witnessed that same tall Ohana guy make a smoothie and spill it all over the counter and then scoop the smoothie with his hands back into the cup and re-blend it and gave it to a customer. Someone else wrote about this too, read Ohana BBQ daviswiki page. If he is running this place, I would be very cautious of how they make their drinks. And I also agree with Sarahlee he always stares at people in a very shady manner.


2008-11-14 22:29:46   I recently visited the Quickly in sacramento and it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! There menu might not be as big but they still have the normal good stuff like the popcorn chicken and the fried calamari. the way they have fried fish balls and 10 of them for only 2.99. The owner there is really nice and i always seem to see them around. The service their is great and i got my food in less than 5 minutes.The employees there were also very friendly and greeted me as i walked in. :D My friend got a regular milk tea with boba (and i had a sip) and it was great. The boba was the exact chewyness and the milk tea was really OUT THERE. The taste was totally there. refreshing, yummy, and SWEET!!Sadly,the Quickly in sacramento does not open as late as the Quickly in davis,but they do open til 11 on fridays and saturdays. sOOOOO.. if you ever have a chance to visit sacramento you SHOULD stop by. It is located on 16th and U street. Well..then..hope this review helps you ... =] —angelyu

2008-11-15 00:15:21   Personally, I am not a big fan of tapioca drinks. Since everyone is talking about Quickly, so I came by and give it a try. I ordered their grand opening special "Jasmine milk green tea" w/ large tapioca. I waited for like 10 minutes in line and like another 10 minutes for the drink. Here's my comment on the drink:

- not enough ice

- bland taste

- tapioca way too soft

To sum it up, the drink is not worth my wait nor my money. This place needs to kick it up a notch before I'd come back and give it another try. —T.CHOW

2008-11-18 23:33:21   Well, I tried going here again. I waited twenty minutes in line (at 10:30pm) in order to get to the cashier, where I placed my order. Then I handed her my $20 bill. At this point, she rubbed it a bit, looked at it, then carried it over to the other employee who was working the drinks machine. They conferred, and she came back and informed me that my bill didn't 'feel real'. She then asked if I had any other bills, which I did not. Her suggestion was that I go next door and use the ATM. I was not exactly thrilled by that option, since I didn't want to spend an additional $1.50 to get another twenty, wait another 20 minutes in line, then hope that this bill would "feel" right. I was a cashier myself for over a year, and I understand the pressure not to let counterfeits past, but there are much more sophisticated and nonsubjective techniques beyond feel, such as checking the watermark or magnetic strip (something she didn't do), using an ultraviolet light (ditto), or using a detector pen (same). I think that I may give Quickly one last attempt to redeem themselves, but at the moment this is strike two from me. —JoePomidor

  • Ouch. Just reading this, it almost feels like a strike for me as well...but I'll still give them a try eventually. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-11-19 14:39:25   Anyone know when this place is ever not busy? —SunjeetBaadkar

  • Tuesday, approx. 3:30 p.m. That's when I was there yesterday and we were the first in line. —condemned2bfree

2008-11-19 17:42:56   I gave this place a try couple time, and all I get is disappointment. First time, the tea is way to sweet, it's impossible for anyone to drink it. Second time, I learned to order it with less sugar, but it tested bland. I even saw one of the guy work there smoke some stuff smell damn like weed. I was hoping quickly will be better than Old tea house, but apparently they are not and even worst. —JackieH.

  • The recipe that we learned for the flavored teas or milk teas results in extremely sweet beverages. Most of the workers now know that we need to decrease the syrup by a lot. But if you or anybody ever gets something that is way too sweet, feel free to bring it back to us and we will remake it for you :)—jfong252

2008-11-20 01:05:05   I ordered the baby octopus from there and they were delicious! The only bad thing is they put the piping hot food in a styrofoam box and it melted through. Also, they are no longer open until 2am on certain days. —JessicaYang

2008-11-20 15:30:20   what do you guys expect out of a chinese owned place? Depending on the owner, they're either gonna pop out a nice ass place or a "cheap-as-can-be" place. And Im not sure about everyone else but this is the latter. However ,it confuses me because Ohanas food is to die for. They just cheaped out on this place, i guess and just trying to make the most money off of a college town. Definetly the quicklys in the bay area, taiwan, other countries that ive gone to are way better in taste. The drinks here are of course super cheap at least for now because of the grandopening specials. But once that ends, i dont think i'll come very much. Oh yea, mandarin/canto speakers out there, order in chinese, they'll be a lot nicer to you....sadly but true —boked

  • Just wanted to say, I don't understand canto, but I speak mandarin. I prefer that customers to speak English to me. But regardless of what language you speak, I treat all of my customers with the same quality of customer service. So I'm just saying, just because Quickly is a Chinese place doesn't mean that all the workers fit into the Chinese stereotypes we seemed to have developed.—jfong252

2008-11-24 22:22:19   i've had the honey ginger tea and am sipping on the passionfruit rose tea right now...they're both REALLY (too) sweet. and they never have durian stuff. personally i consider this a good/great/FANTASTIC thing but my friend doesn't. they are indeed pretty quick, even with the constant line, but i've heard from other people that it doesn't compare to bay area quicklys. the staff has always been nice enough when i go there. —MiranPark

2008-11-26 08:14:36   Had my first Quickly experience yesterday. The tea was quite excellent actually. I got the green apple green tea (w/ tapioca), since that's my fav at the Old Teahouse. I enjoyed the tea much more from Quickly (as it was less sugary sweet), but the tapioca is smaller and less consistent than the tapioca from Old Teahouse. Because I had read about it here, I took notice of the fly problem. It is a problem. Dude, get an exterminator or something. That's an infestation. —condemned2bfree

2008-11-27 00:02:55   I gave this place a try TWICE, and didn't like either times. I tried their milk teas and I guess the flavor was really bland, like it was almost watered down. They need to improve their drinks or the ingredients they're using. —vietgirlwithappetite

2008-12-03 00:46:46   Personally. the line is too long. But I love the food there though. The black tea actually taste like tea and the food pretty awesome. But I rather go to a restaurant with a little-less wait. —schu

2008-12-04 09:42:16   Wasn't particularly thrilled with either the food or the tea. I ordered a peach flavored black tea (though I should have asked for it in green) and my beef and broccoli over rice came with a "free" Jasmine Green Tea as well. The total bill came out to be a little over $9, but that's the price of trying things out, so whatever. I was there for a good hour and a half just chatting with a friend and, while the line got really long, it also seemed to clear out relatively fast as well.

To be straight-up honest: I couldn't really tell the difference between the peach black tea and my jasmine green tea with the exception that one was darker than the other. Both had a mildly sweet taste to them, but nothing WHOAverwhelming. I imagine people who prefer to taste the tea in their drinks will appreciate this, but it seems that consistency is still an issue, so who knows.

I wouldn't buy their meals again. I've yet to try the snacks, but the beef and broccoli was just too salty with little flavor otherwise. My friend ordered the salt-and-pepper spareribs and that too was definitely a lot more salt than pepper. The meal was also mostly rice, which was actually rather welcome considering I needed something to neutralize the salt.

In the end, I wouldn't rule this place out completely. It appears that many of the employees are reading the reviews on Daviswiki, so hopefully that's a sign that customer input is being taken into consideration. —AbbYu

2008-12-06 22:46:39   Just order a beef with egg over rice and these mother fukers gave me 4-5 piece of beef and the rest is rice wtf......? —shithead

2008-12-10 15:29:33   Ok. So I really was very excited to see a Quickly come to Davis, but now I am soo over this place. My first experience here was so so. The place was only a few days open and I expected some mishaps. Yesterday I swore off this quickly. The place only had about 6 people in it.... all waiting for their food. About 10 min into my wait for an order of popcorn chicken, I saw the lady bring a bag of food and place it next to the register. I had this feeling it was prob. mine. Around 10 min. later she finally calls my number. I asked her why my food sat there for 10 min with two employees completely ignoring it sitting there. She said, with food in hand pushing towards me, "it's still hot".... SERIOUSLY!!! That is all I get, a "its still hot" No I'm sorry you were waiting. Talk about some crappy customer service. I am a huge quickly fan, but this experience has totally thrown me off. Also, can you guys get the flies under control... it's just gross. —hazeleyes16

2008-12-11 00:06:07   So much rice and so little eggplant, but the free Jasmine Green Milk Tea was really really good. —YummyApple

2008-12-14 12:51:15   I love their jasmine milk green tea. I did have to wait FOREVER thought for my sweet potato fries, which really were not that great. However, I tried the eggplant tofu special, and it was great! I enjoyed the free drink that came with it too. They do need to step up on the cleanliness though. The little table by the counter with the couch is always gross and the floor underneath it is disgusting. —nicknamebubble

2009-01-04 00:35:26   This place is pretty good if they could change the whole menu, make the food slightly more edible, and clean the place. Other than that, excellent place! —ronlad33

2009-01-18 01:59:07   Horrible place. The dumplings tasted bad, our drink orders were completely FORGOTTEN and after we reminded them they made our drinks but they were NOT WHAT WE ORDERED! and on our way out there were drunk people smoking and loitering talking shit to us... i will never go back. old teahouse is 1000 times better and that's saying something... —ChelsAlex

2009-01-27 14:37:07   It's the end of January, and I'm happy to report that the Grand Opening prices are still on ($.99 drinks). After reading everyone's reviews, I took my lowest expectations with me for some jasmine milk tea and popcorn chicken today. It was 1:30 PM, a non-busy hour. After placing my order (jasmine milk tea w/ small pearls and lychee jelly + popcorn chicken), I sat down at the counter and looked around. The fly problem seems to be mostly dealt with - I counted 10 tiny flies on the ceiling, accumulated mostly over the drink-mixing area. For a fast food place that size, 10 flies couldn't constitute as fly-infested, plus the rest of the place seemed quite clean. There weren't spots and stains near the sauce area, no trash lying about the floor/ around the garbage cans, and a glance at the drink-mixing area boosted my liking for the place. It was organized and clean. Plus they were playing Jacky Cheung music videos and I love that guy :)

My milk tea came very quickly, consistent with the speed of various Quickly's in my home town (Cupertino), and it had been made correctly. However the chicken took 10 whole minutes, which is inexcusable considering that it takes 4-6 minutes to fry the battered meat. I used to work at a Quickly near a high school before my family took over and made it into our own family-style cafe, and in both places, our chicken never took more than 6 minutes from order to serve. I'd also like to note that the cashier served popcorn chicken to someone who ordered after me - I looked several times at that customer and his friend eating it, and I'm sure it was chicken. Kind of disappointing since the cashier was quite nice to me... don't know what happened there. After his bag of chicken came out, I had to wait another 5 minutes. Guess they forgot my order?

As for food quality, I really have to praise this new Davis Quickly! The milk tea was fragrant and tasted right, the small pearls were chewy (it's hard to make good pearls), there wasn't too much ice to cheat me out of getting less tea. And the portion of the popcorn chicken is HUGE. The bag was bulging when it was handed to me, and still hot. Each piece is about 25% batter and 75% chicken. I sincerely hope this quality will be maintained.

I can attest to the comments above about how rush hours are chaotic. In both Quickly and my family's business (BZ Cafe), everything from the individual customers to a lack of [trained] employees are factors to the long wait, and it really can't be helped. Of course, positive employee attitudes and high efficiency would improve those situations. As far as work ethic goes... each owner is different so each Quickly should be different, but "shady" somehow seems to crop up every Quickly I go to or read reviews about. My old one was no exception - the manager would tell me to use less pearls on each drink if we didn't have enough, instead of apologizing to the customer and asking them to wait or go without pearls for the day. She also cut the size of our popcorn chicken by a couple ounces. But it wasn't like she was evil - she simply caved in to the pressure of not being able to serve everyone what they wanted, and sometimes customers can be very demanding.

Overall, compared to other Quickly's, this one gets an 8/10. —EvaL

2009-01-29 03:14:48   The house seafood special is the best. Still can't go wrong with .99 cent milk tea —JasonKong

2009-02-08 15:58:48   I love this place! The .99 cent drink specials are great. Friendly service. It's always nice to stop by. —strawberry

2009-02-22 13:13:46   Service is always pretty horrible. The last time I was there the cashier picked up his cell phone while my friend was trying to ask him a question.

I'll come back for the cheap drinks though. :P —Doro

2009-03-03 23:59:26   Cheap drinks => no flavored Food=> Plan RESULT => never come back again unless my friends drag me to —IanChau

2009-03-04 10:43:00   Hmmm.... lets try this again. So I went here while visting Guad again, 'cause I needed my tapioca fix for the day. I get to the reg.... no one else in line and was pretty much ignored for about 5 mins or so (girl was on her cell). When she finally got off with her BFF, I ordered 3 of the .99 tea special. I asked if I could add tapioca to 2 of them, and she said sure... that'd be .50 extra per drink... OK, $1.50 plus tax for a drink... not bad. I pull out my wallet and she says its almost $10... what happend, I thought I ordered the specials. She said since I wanted tapioca added she had to charge me the regular price. What a bunch of crap. That's the last straw. I frequent Old Tea House on a regular basis (daily). I fillout a punch card weekly, so this place lost some major long term tapioca $$$ from me. Its not that good anyway. —Aaron.Curtin

I've never heard of that! Charged for a regular price because you wanted pearls in the special drinks? Is that the new deal now? UGH!! —strawberry

2009-03-17 21:16:28   I went in on Monday, March 16, 2009. I ordered a bubble milk tea with Tapioca and I got it within 5 minutes. There wasn't a line either. The girl at the register seemed very tired, it looked like she had a long day. I tipped anyways.

Overall, it wasn't too bad, I didn't really notice any flies though. The floor was kind of dirty, but that's to be expected when a place serves a lot of sweet drinks (people spill the drink, it's sugar-laden and so the ground gets sticky and attracts dirt).

I'll be coming back some time in the future, and I will post a review then if I do. —IdealParadigm

2009-03-18 16:23:29   This place is getting more and more "crappy." Since the opening of Quickly, my friends and I have been there numerous times. I can not say that I hate it, but I can not say they are doing a good job either. Some concerns I have are as follow:

1) ONLY CASH is accepted, this is very inconvenient to some as nowadays, students carry credit cards instead of cash. 2) Adding tapioca to the drink seems to cost more than Old Tea House, and not to mention that Qucikly don't offer a punch card. 3) Portion of food is not worth the price. Has anyone notice the down-size of certain entree? The Bento is definitely not worth the price, rice makes up more than half of the overall portion. The "Curry Fish Balls" is a rip off. 4) I really like BBQ Pork and the Roast Duck. So I ordered it and give it a try, BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! 5 pieces of BBQ Pork (Roast Duck), 3 Broccoli, and a TRAY FULL of rice is not worth $7-$9. 5) Hot and Sour Soup is more sour than hot, quality is just as bad as Panda Express. 6) Congee or porridge as some call it has been down-sized. 7) Drink specials cost less at other Quickly.

My advice:

1) get BETTER management skills 2) don't just care about making a profit, because you still have Old Tea House as a competitor. 3) customers are leaving because "price is not right," and you are down-sizing portions with lead to more customers leaving. 4) don't get sloppy with food. (I ordered a "House Special Pan Fried Noddle" on a certain Saturday. It was good, not too saucy and not to dry! Ordered it again days later, it was soggy like a bowl of soup noddles.) 5) Think in a student's perceptive, since your primary customers are mostly college students, think on their behalf. good price and good portion. 6) have a manager outside to keep things under control in case things get out of hand.


2009-03-30 03:32:56   Their drinks are fast and good for the price. The service has been friendly every time I've been there, even when it's busy. I ordered the popcorn chicken and thought the portion was good for the price, but it seemed a bit too salty. I also tried the frozen yogurt and it was terrible, stay away from it! Come for the drinks, not for the food! —DannyT

2009-04-10 21:49:15   Quickly *cannot* be compared to OTH. OTH serves mainly TAIWANESE food, and Quickly serves mainly canto/HK food!! I like BOTH places, as both have their differences. I don't think any one of them could replace the other, ever. To the person who mentioned price differences in this Quickly vs. the other ones you've been to - Location, rent, sales tax, employee wages, and much more all affect how the owner prices his or her services and products. There's gonna be a price difference between a Quickly in S.F. and another in, say, Daly City. Same with Davis vs. Sac. With all due respect it's Econ 101. You like the S.F. quickly's so much? why don't you drive 2 hours to s.f. and get your tapioca there?? Wait what's that? too far? You'll be spending a fortune in gas? Don't have a car? Can't find a ride? Stuck in traffic? not worth the trip? that's what I thought. we have the *only* Quickly in the region - learn to love it people. Embrace that shit and help them make it better.

There's not a SINGLE AUTHENTIC asian restaurant in Davis, EXCEPT OTH and now - Quickly. So for those who're whining - what a way to drive one of the *only* authentic asian restaurants of this generation out of a college town that's already LACKING in said restaurants. Rather than bashing here on the wiki, many would agree it'd be more constructive if you offered helpful suggestions as to how they could improve, like many other reviewers have done. For those of you who complain (and rightly so) about customer service, almost always the customer will have something to do with it. You'll know this when you've worked extensively in the retail industry.

There're many flaws to this Quickly in Davis, but so do all the other restaurants in town (most of which are decades older than Quickly). So give them some credit!! shiiiet. I'm only an occasional customer there, but would certainly hate to see it go away. It's one of the last remaining authentic places like I said, it's a shame to see it get bashed so much. Yes, I'm a Bay Area native, and yes, I've lived in HK for years so when I say something's authentic HK-wise, you can be damn sure it is. xD —AnthonyLam

2009-04-18 00:28:15   Although I frequently come here because I'm addicted to bubble milk tea, the service is terrible. They don't live up to their name, and I swear the people behind the register have hearing problems. After the first time they got my order wrong, I made the point to speak loud and slow, just so it wouldn't happen again. I always order the same thing, large bubble milk tea with small tapioca and litchi coconut, and time and time again, they give me large tapioca (even on the receipt it says small tapioca), and when I tell them they got the order wrong, they say "Oh do you want me to fix it?" Why is that even a question? I mean, you got my order wrong, I paid almost 5 dollars for my drink, I would like to get what I paid for. Also, a lot of their food is way over priced it's ridiculous. $3.50 for 7 fishballs? are you kidding me?

The other Quickly I go to in Dublin also has some pretty terrible service, maybe they just suck at hiring people that are capable of listening and being nice to customers. —masterofmasters

2009-05-05 19:40:39   I ordered my usual C30 Beijing beef with rice after a very long day. Came home and mixed it up to unearth a dead, fried looking mini-cricket bug. Too hungry and tired to make a fuss and hey, it's dead, right? Om nom nom. —trinhj

2009-05-12 00:41:59   This place has a hit and miss on good customer service. I went on Monday at 11:50 pm and received the worst customer service ever. The girl at the register was extremely rude and obviously did not want to be there. Granted it was 10 minutes until closing, but at least she should show some courtesy to the customers. She messed up my order and seemed annoyed when I corrected her. She didn't even bother handing my change, but instead slammed my change on the next table with my receipt without telling me it was mine and moved on to the next customer. It was extremely rude since it is common courtesy to hand the receipt and change to the customer or at least she should have told me it was mine. There were people behind me deciding what to order. She was very impatient about it and tapped her fingers in an annoyed manner and asked if they were ready (in a tone as if to make them hurry).

I ordered their taro pearl tea and it was very powdery. I had to dilute it with water when I got home.

I believe their frozen yogurt is cheapest in Davis. Their selection is limited though and is often out of order.I do like their popcorn chicken. IMO, it is better than old tea house's —ilovecandy

2009-06-08 00:40:59   Quickly SERIOUSLY needs to work on bettering their customer service skills and MANNERS. I placed my order as politely as possible, with my "please" and "thank yous." And what did that short red hair man-woman did? He or she whatever he or she was rolled it's eyes at me and turned it's back on me as soon as it slammed my receipt on the counter. —HmAnnie

* Lol that reminds me so much of my experience there today, except that my androgynous server did not have red hair. —ColinDoyle

2009-06-15 22:04:20   I've been a regular customer at quickly since their grand opening. I've NEVER had ANY trouble with their customer service. There were a few times that they got my drinks slightly wrong, but it wasn't a huge deal (mainly my fault for not making my preferences very clear). Contrary to what some of the other reviews here have said, in my experience, all of the servers there are courteous. —AnthonyLam

2009-07-01 23:17:08   The one on Covell is the WORST place on earth! It takes FOREVER— there has very likely never been a stupider, slower group of cretins in Davis. 25 minutes for some lousy tea?! I will never patronize this place again. —bpwhite

  • It's not really tea... it's flavored sugar powder + water. —KellyM

2009-07-21 02:21:42   Had some chicken here, it took days to get out with a relatively uncrowded store, and it wasn't bad... —StevenDaubert

2009-11-28 23:39:46   The menu on this page is no longer update. They have changed their menu 2 weeks ago. —Kelvin

2009-12-06 00:19:47   I go here for the Ma Pao Tofu (C28) and its soo good. Its definitely a huge portion and has enough spiciness from real chili peppers. I always end up having left overs. —MissAmyQ

2009-12-07 10:43:36   Ordered a beef chow fun off the new menu. Wasn't expecting much, just some reheated chow fun like you get everywhere else. To my surprise they cooked it to order. The bean sprouts were fresh and had snap to them, and the meat was cooked medium and still had pink inside. Flabbergasted. —tombrokaw

2010-01-22 18:17:28   Quickly's been hit or miss for me, 2/3 times I went it took a long time to get my drink, however the most recent time I went (few weeks ago) my drink was ready super fast. the first time I went I ordered a Lychee Slush, but it was a bit sugary. . .that may have been before they adjusted their drink recipes, however. The last two times I got Lychee Snow, which was much better. I've never had an issue with the tapioca either, always a good amount, right amount of squishiness. . . I haven't ordered any food yet but I know most all boba places I've been too in Orange County always take forever to make the food, so that's not surprising to me. —KellyCorcoran

2010-01-25 00:33:22   I personally prefer the taste of the drinks here over OTH. There's just something off about the drinks at OTH. I haven't seen any flies, there's plenty of tapioca in my drinks, and everything comes at about the same pace as Old Tea House when it comes to food, though drinks are a little bit slower (though sometimes they're faster, depends on who's making them it seems). I haven't met a rude employee either or seen any ticket bumping, so if you can, get your butts over here instead of OTH. Most of the problems seem to be alleviated. Something could be done to help the atmosphere though. —BmetalV

2010-02-10 23:44:03   Why would this place not have regular Tapioca available when the store opens? You'd think that a restaurant which has been operating for some time now would understand exactly how long it takes for tapioca pearls to be available to the public and time their operations accordingly, but to my dismay they did not. O well. Too many disappointments and bad experience tells me I have to avoid this establishment from now on. That's too bad because in the beginning of their opening I was a happy returning customer but now they fail in the simplest expectation.

BTW they only offer 2 drink specials for 99cents now: Black tea or green tea. That's it. —KimN.

2010-03-01 21:49:32   Save your time, money, & appetite for Old Tea House instead.

Never coming back here for food (especially!) or even drinks. I gave the cashier my order and paid and when the person behind me ordered the same exact thing, the cashier told him that it was unavailable. I popped back and asked her if that meant my order was unavailable, too. She asked someone behind her and said yes. Okay, very smart. I replaced my order with a curry chicken dish. I realized halfway that there was a CURLY black hair in my curry. That's right. CURLY BLACK HAIR. My friend sitting next to me ALSO found a CURLY BLACK HAIR in her food. Do yourselves a favor and find (unhairy) food elsewhere. —Ricola

2010-03-07 18:16:42   I came here to see the famous flies on the ceiling, I was disapointed... only one (there seems to bee a bug zapper above the door). The milk tea and lychee jelly drink we got were very good (but overpriced) and the popcorn chicken was a very large portion for $3.95 and free of black curly hair. Service was not friendly. Overall not too bad and not too good. Volume on the TV was way too LOUD. I give it a C. —DagonJones

  • It's not hot enough for the flies yet. Try again in a month or two. —hankim
  • Just wait for the curly's only a matter of time. —Ricola

2010-05-15 22:40:48   I don't like the food here because it tastes bad and 70% of the time it gives me stomach aches. The drinks aren't that good either because a lot of times I can taste the powder they use to make them. What's worse is their customer service. I ordered 2 food items to go once and when I finally got my order the girl pointed to 2 boxes on the counter so I went to get them. I asked her for a bag and she grabbed one behind the counter and threw it on top of the boxes. I thought she was going to bag them for me, but she just stared back at me. I ended up doing it myself and the boxes were really greasy on the outside. Thanks a lot... —iAteHere

2010-06-02 13:43:21   More like SLOWLY. :( But I do like their selection of drinks. —PaulV

2010-06-06 21:09:59   a warning to vegans or people who do not drink milk for whatever religious/health reasons: although their menu claims that they use soy milk in their milk teas, I asked the cashier about this and he told me bluntly to "forget the sign" they only ever use non-dairy creamer (which, despite it's name, does in fact contain dairy)

what a jerk, I would at least expect an apology for being duped into giving them my money at least a dozen times, well, never again —KtotheF

2010-06-07 17:57:01   Very inconsistent, the food is great if you are lucky, but the same dishes can also be ridiculously salty. It really depends on the chef's mood that day I guess. —xgen

2010-07-16 17:08:05   I do not recommend Quickly. One time they were playing a very R rated, perhaps x rated, video on the big screen. I couldn't believe the violence and nudity. When I alerted a staff member that she was basically showing porn, she looked at me blankly and said that a customer had requested it. It was weird. —JasperD

—Well they are a private business with (as far as I know) no prior pronouncements of being family-friendly.

2010-07-21 03:26:35   Just ate here earlier today, their portions have gotten a lot smaller compared to when they first released their more restaurant-like menu. More rice less side dishes now. Saddening. There are still some very nice choices here, you just need to know them! Ask around or even for their recommendations! —ClarenceL

2010-08-19 17:16:15   I love this place! I've always received a great service and regardless of the day, time or how busy the place is, the staff is always mellow and helpful: I usually take my tea without sugar (I don't like sweet drinks that much); the person who took my command suggested I always ask for "less sugar." It works perfectly. For some dishes you can also ask for "less oil." They are that gracious and the food is yummy! (Try the Singapore Style Fried Noodle)

Last but not least, I've sat there a couple of times to do some work online. Their WIFI connection is great, and I was surprised not to see them initially listed in Davis WIFI Hot Spots


2010-09-13 01:58:34   The staff outright seemed to hate me from the moment I set foot in the store.

Wouldn't recommend this place, though I love the Quickly in Sac. Guess I have to stick with OTH :( —sundeimasu

2010-09-17 00:58:18   i dont like it here.. i prefer old teahouse.. -__- im not impressed with this particular location —sallythatgirl

2010-09-30 19:34:44   so, THERE WAS A FLY COOKED INTO MY RICE. also, the pictures look nothing like the food. that is all. —mushroomdreamer

2010-10-26 02:36:37   Their fried rice costs the same as at Old Teahouse, but they very literally give you only HALF of Old Teahouse's portions. —sososharp

2010-10-26 16:01:58   Had one taste of the pork cutlet and I threw it away. It's like eating salt and fried oil. —Davekhuh

2010-10-31 12:08:24   The drinks here are far too sweet compared to Old Teahouse. The drinks in old teahouse is balanced. You can actually taste a 'tea' flavor and the sweetness is just right. Their popcorn chicken is fatty but that's what you expect. The food here is a lot better than their drinks. —Kenny0427

2010-10-31 21:32:56   The bbq pork is so good! It comes with plenty of rice and bok choy also. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-11-02 17:31:52   The milk teas suck, sorry =(! more than half of it is the simply syrup. one time i had a mango milk tea and you know when water/sugar/etc mixed something milky start separating after a little while? well it had only been like 20 mins that i was drinking it and the milky stuff and simple syrup were separating into nasty lookin flakes already. ehh. service is regular. just buy/pay. nothing great.. my friend loves the pork and preserved egg congee though. —SallyVo

2010-12-02 19:49:59   I really love the drinks here (especially the almond & avocado snows! Don't be put off by the greeness of the avocado) and come here on my breaks when I'm at work next door. My only complaints are that are always soo slow and I've had the occasional "stomach problem" after drinking their drinks, so I really don't think they use soy milk.... Anyways, they really need to start using that second register... Never had the food, but I would like to try it. —KaprilWooley

2010-12-05 00:44:36   Drinks and food are decent, but service is very lacking. I came in once a little before closing, and was refused service because they were "closed." I checked the time, and I clearly had a few minutes before they were supposed to be closed. I doubt that the two long-haired girls behind the counter were managers of any sort, because if a manager was present, I doubt I would have been turned away. If you say you will be open until a certain time, honor it. Just because people want to go home a few minutes early doesn't mean that you should refuse service to someone who comes in thinking that the joint will still be open. After being turned away, I went over to Save-mart, which has the same closing time as Quickly, and was able to purchase some snacks because they were still open. —anonymon

  • If it was a slow day leading up to the closing hours, the kitchen will close a tad bit earlier. You can still however buy drinks, but not snacks and food. ): Manager is the same as the one from Ohana Hawaiian BBQClarenceL
  • Yea, I know they close their kitchen like 15-30min before closing time, so I didn't order food. I just wanted to order drinks :[ —anonymon

2011-02-07 08:27:17   OMG I went to a Quicklys in gilroy and the service there was far better than the Davis location. I arrived five minutes before closing and I was still able to order food. The food tastes a lot better at that location and they have more food options. The employee in Gilroy was also super sweet and the service was outstanding compared to the rude woman that works in the Davis location. The manager in Davis should take some tips in customer service from Gilroy! —mugadork

2011-04-03 14:19:20   I just came back from this place and let me tell you this place is horrible. When I spoke with the cashier, she did not greet me, no hello's no thank you's, in fact I was the one who said hello to her. Took about 15 mins to get my strawberry snow! They only had one person working the cashier and the drinks and it was not busy at all. It seems like every single time I come here for a strawberry snow, its always liquidy and it seems like Im just drinking cold juice. I wouldn't recommend going to this place if you're looking for a decent bulba drink. —lx

2011-05-09 19:09:48   I went today to check it out, it's actually pretty good. Not too crowded, fairly cheap, good stuff. If you want something really good, I would recommend you Old Teahouse, but Quickly is also good. They make the food fast and you don't really have to wait too long. PLUS it's got more space than Old Teahouse, which makes it more comfortable for you to wait on your order. —AndyChung

2011-06-21 23:59:30   Nobody in their right mind would go to this place to order a meal. The only thing someone would order here is a drink (which is pretty good). Their meals are horrifying. Ordered a pork fried rice once and the pork was mostly bone with bad parts of meat attached to it (the parts which are very chewy and slimy when going down). Plus they only accept cash here —JohnathonJosephs

  • There's no such thing as pork fried rice there.... —DavisQuickly

2011-08-12 22:25:22   A few things about Quickly: -Their drinks are outstanding. Davis is so lucky to have such a fun place to visit. -In defense of the people complaining about the flies, there's actually not much a business can do when it's "fly season." Any time you open a door, there are bound to be critters that make their way in...the one thing they COULD do (not sure if they have or not) is get some even small, cheap fans and place them on their counters. I worked at Starbucks and we had the same problem, and this is how we dealt with it. -It would definitely be refreshing to see a non-Asian face working at Quickly!! Not that there's anything wrong with the folks they have...just that being a WHITE FEMALE who does SPEAK MANDARIN, my HOPE would be that they would consider me, assuming I ever did apply! It may be a concept to some people, but YES, white people, and other people of varied races ARE studying and WANT to learn Asian languages! —katietakara

2011-08-16 16:04:06   I've been to this place multiple times because my friends love it. I actually don't mind the food and the drinks, but the customer service here is terrible. I don't ever expect to be treated like royalty, but I do not like waiting 10-15 minutes at the register just to order something when there are no other customers in line. I would go to Old Tea House over this place any day. —PaulV

2011-12-04 03:32:34   Cons: Workers have major attitude problems, greasy ass food. Pros: Workers are cute, huge portions.


2012-02-14 14:52:22   Customer service sucks here! Do they only hire girls that don't smile or greet their guests? Every time I order, I feel like I've just interrupted them texting, watching a music video, or chit chatting with friends. When the order does come, they call out your number and sit down. Anyways, I normally order their drink specials so the price is decent and the drink is ok. I've ordered their popcorn chicken numerous times, and each time, it taste like they forgot to season it. —BingL

2012-06-21 20:06:06   This place is gross. Girls working there with a lot of attitude and their popcorn chicken is flavorless. Why is it so popular?? I don't understand. Nasty nasty nasty! —Jujubean

  • Because their drinks are good? I don't come here for the food, but the drinks. As a milk tea fanatic, their milk teas are one of the best in Davis, in my humble opinion. MichelleNguyen

2012-09-03 09:33:37   When it first opened it was nice. I hadn't been back because of the deteriorating quality of service and the food. I came back about week ago in the off chance things might have improved, but they still had terrible service and flavorless food. Avoid this place if you can. —CarlosOverstreet

2012-09-03 12:00:29   I agree with Carlos that this place was much better before. I used to love their cheap meals that included sides and were reminiscent of Japanese bento boxes. But now their food is boring and the service is awkward and inconsistent. I only come in here occasionally for an iced green tea. I recommend the nearby Dosirak or Ding How as passable alternatives in the same complex. —ScottMeehleib

2012-10-21 15:24:21   The food is inconsistent, but it's pretty big portions for the prices. I got a rice dish once and was disappointed; I would recommend black pepper udon with fried beef or the beef chow fun. Baked noodles are fine too, just know what you are getting into!

The milk tea here is better than OTH's, but OTH does flavors better, so... Take your pick!

Overall, decent place, I like studying here cause of the free wifi and accessible food. Also, they don't care if you are there for hours. —HannahToru

2012-12-22 01:13:30   There's one particular female worker here who just stares at you until you tell her what you order, but one time, I had the pleasure of having a different worker working the cashier—she and her friend were very nice, actually said "hi" and "what can I get you?" (on a night when it was packed), unlike the formerly mentioned female worker. Quickly recently put up a "now hiring" sign, so hopefully they hired someone with customer service skills just as great as the latter two girls. Their snow ice is misleading though—I had the pleasure of eating REAL snow ice back home in Southern California, so I was disappointed when I found out their Snow Ice is really just a drink. Then again, I should've expected that much since it was from the drinks menu. —JenniferNguyen

2013-01-06 19:37:19   I've been going to quickly fairly regularly since they opened, but tonight will be the last time I go. I ordered a dish I've had many times before, and picked it up when they called my number (it was the only order on the counter), then drove home. When I opened it at home, I found a completely different dish. I returned with it, and they promptly apologized, saying that another customer had taken my order. They made another dish, and as I walked out I confirmed that it was the one I had ordered. As I drove home, I noticed an unpleasant smell started filling my car. When I or home, I opened it again and the main smell I got was that of old fish, or possibly garbage. A friend who was there described the smell as fishy, and similar to old, used dishwater. I threw away the food without even tasting it, and am eating canned soup as a replacement. I'm also going to tell my friends about my experience, so they don't make the mistake I did, of assuming their food would be worth paying any amount for. —JoePomidor

2013-07-02   I've begun to notice how inconsistent their menus are. They have three menus, one that is plastered on the window out in front, one on the wall, and one in pamphlet form. Some of the food listed on the menu on the window aren't even listed in the pamphlet menu, so it's very confusing. I've tried ordering food I've seen on the window menu only to be told that they don't have it. Well, then why is listed on one of your menus? Their menu needs a huge overhaul. — MichelleNguyen

2014-07-03 15:27:41   Came here with a mighty boba need around 8pm on a Wednesday. Nobody else was waiting for service at the register, and there seemed to be one lady handling all the behind-the-counter work and another in the kitchen. The lady at the register was quiet and seemed kind of shy, but she ran down the list of options for me for ordering a large milk tea with boba ($3.50). She patiently waited for me to count out exact change.

Drink arrived in about a minute. The tea was watery and kind of flavourless beyond the initial sweetness, and the cup was maybe a third-full with boba, to speak generously. Generally, it was unremarkable. I've had much better bubble tea before for the price, but I'm willing to come back and try other flavours. In my regard, Teabo in South Davis has wares that better represent the delicious potential of bubble tea, but Quickly is closer to where I live. —JaniceW