Quik, Quiksilver, Puff Pants
Chocolate Turkish Angora
Tiffany Snell
Docile and extremely cute.

Quik is a kept feline who lives with his mom, Sharon and Amy, the infamous Zimmerman twins, Scott of the legendary and Fish at the Sycamore Lane Apartments. Originally from LA, he moved to Davis with his previous Dad. At some point, probably in 2003, he developed an extremely painful abcess in 2 teeth and spent his time in a depressed haze. Frustrated by the lack of veterinary care he was receiving, he decide to search for a new mommy. Eventually, he chose TiffanySnell for her veterinary aspirations. She is a proud member of the Class of 2010. After a tooth extraction surgery in March 2005 at Midtown Animal Clinic, a unique and princely personality was revealed. Quik soon became a different kitty. He generally spends his days chasing after bugs, eating, and sleeping.

Quik used to live on A St with Jon, the drummer extrodinare for Sholi, who coined the nickname Puff Pants.

Unfortunately, on September 6, 2008, Quik lost his life after being hit by a car :(