This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Oakshade location

South Davis at Oakshade Town Center
2191 Cowell Blvd. Suite E
11am - 9pm (8pm Sundays)
(530) 297-0551
Web Site

Quiznos in South Davis closed on July 7 2011. A sign was posted on the window that they could not afford the rent, which had been increased by the property owner.

Quiznos is a chain that makes toasted sandwiches and is responsible for this commercial. Their sandwiches are more expensive than the ones served at Subway, but arguably tastier. Their original claim to fame was that they toasted their sandwiches, which prompted more sandwich places to start toasting theirs.

Quiznos introduced a new sandwich called the Toasty Torpedo as well as a smaller version called the Toasty Bullet.

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Former Locations

There used to be a Quiznos in West Davis at Covell Plaza, 2038 Lyndell Ter. (by Sutter Hospital).


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They changed their menu around the end of spring 2005 and among other things took out their version of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. — JasonAller

2005-10-15 22:37:20   I'd say Quizno's is well worth bothering with because they actually have really good food. Other than Zia's they have the best Meatball sub (the only sandwich that matters) in Davis. —ZacMorris

2005-11-12 09:14:57   The steakhouse beef dip on the value menu is a really good deal. It is like a cheesesteak except cheaper. —NickSchmalenberger

2005-12-13 19:37:15   why does everything the make have some wierd sauce on it? Plus the South Davis location is always out of meatballs —DudeNude

2005-12-16 10:19:00   The sandwich I got was ok, but I believe is too expensive when I paid like $4 or 5 just for the sandwich, no sides or drink included. =/ —JoAnnaRich

2005-12-16 12:18:50   I second the comment that the steakhouse beef dip is a good deal. Of course, it doesn't have any veggies either. As for most of the other sandwiches, they are generally not inexpensive, but you can sign up to get coupons in your email that make them more reasonably priced. —AlexPomeranz

2006-01-18 11:09:27   Their food is good, but there are better places in Davis to get a sandwich, namely Nugget and that Italian shop on 4th st. Quiznos is way too expensive for what you get. I was at home last weekend (where Quiznos is sadly the best sandwich in town) and it was $8.70 for a large sandwich, without chips or drink. —AndrewLeonard

2006-03-09 12:46:26   Has anyone tried the new Prime Rib sandwhich? —MichaelGiardina

It was perhaps the tastiest heart attack I've ever had. While $10 for a large is quite pricey I didn't have to eat anything else that day. It could have used some mushrooms though. — DavidReid

I got the regular on whole wheat and it was good. I probably could have eaten a large. I think the steakhouse is a better value though. It doesn't have onions, but it is fairly similar. -NickSchmalenberger

2006-06-03 12:39:42   What is quiznos hiding, anyway? Why won't Quiznos post nutrition information about their full menu? —CoryHamma

2006-06-09 02:54:37   I think what they are hiding is the hidden calories and fat in their secret sauces, which are a trademark of almost every sandwhich they offer. I will ask again. Why does every sandwich (except the meatball) have some kind of wierd slimey sauce? (passed off as chef recipe smokey mustard, grille sauce, mild peppercorn sauce, chipotle mayo, creamy bacon alfredo sauce (BARF) honey mustard DRESSING, Rasberry Chipotle sauce, Honey-French dressing, etc, etc.) I don't like secret sauces in my sandwich, and if the other ingredients are so tasteles you have to add slimey sauce to make it tasty then there is a problem. This place is the Taco Bell of fast food subs. —DudeNude

2007-01-26 14:25:21   love quiznos. just they do not tell u how many calories are in anything i think, but i think someone could figure out the amount of cals in the food. My fav is the chicken cabo sub. just going to Quiznos is a guilty pleasure on one of those days i say, "screw cals"—i dont have many of those days fortunately. —KimberlyMiller

2007-01-26 16:31:59   I wish Quizno's would post nutrition info also, but as mentioned it is pretty easy to guess what has the most calories which is what I want. I always get one of the large steak sandwiches and I think the prime rib cheeseteak or the peppercorn are the best. Instead of feeling guilty about eating high calorie food, simply enjoy eating it then enjoy spending the calories doing something interesting like a walk or bike ride. —NickSchmalenberger

2007-03-03 11:55:46   The steakhouse beef dip is a very tasty sandwich, and is not that expensive. There is also a Quizno's in Woodland. —AlexPomeranz

2007-03-15 16:54:22   Quiznos taste good especially their spicy sauce. The fact that the sandwiches cost so much I seldom go there. The South Davis store is not very friendly and the manager is very shady. They also are constantly hiring. All the Quiznos I've been to havent had any good customer service. =( —BrandonToo

2007-05-20 21:28:51   At least this place is an alternative to Subway. —Jedron

2007-07-19 13:32:58   To expensive if want a sandwich and chips and drink at least 10.00, i love the taste but no longer eat there because of prices Togo's is the best still —dickjones

2007-08-17 14:39:30   The South Davis location is advertising that it's under new ownership, so I decided to stop by and see what had changed. The manager seems to be the same as before, but they have new menus. I have to say, that in the years that I've lived in Davis, this location seems to have been on a downward slide. They have removed my favorite sandwiches from the menu (I don't think any subs come with spring mix anymore, it's all iceberg), gotten rid of the good salads, and the people behind the counter never seem to know what goes on the sandwiches. The new menus make things even worse. They have fewer sandwiches listed, and they've removed the brief descriptions of what they have on them, so now all you have to go on is the name. My frequency of stopping by Quiznos has dropped off over the last two years, despite working within walking distance. This week may have well been my last time there. I used to consider Quiznos a step above the regular sandwich shop, but this is just sad. (for the record, it's still probably better than the Subways in town, which for some reason seem to be the worst Subways I've ever eaten at) —MattCzarnowski

2007-09-09 16:56:49   Just stopped by the West Davis location and found that the owners had closed the doors for good. —MarkWatson

2007-09-09 23:10:17   The one off the West Cap exit in West Sacramento is better. Wimpy veggie portions at the Davis one and the lady was nice, but kind of pushy about getting me to put cheese on my sandwich. :-\ —Casey

2008-03-27 01:12:10   I hate this place. Sandwiches are gross because they dump like five gallons of sauce all over it. The sandwich ends up soggy. Re the nutrition facts, I'm sure the powers-at-be would rather not disclose them since every bite has 900 calories and way too many carbs, fat grams, etc. —CurlyGirl26

2008-05-15 01:02:46   got food poisoning here three times in a row.....dont go —Kry

2008-10-12 10:20:28   The put too much sauce on which overpowered the taste of my sandwich. I didn't like it. —feichu-huya

2009-02-23 15:52:06   They seem to be having a gimmick right now where you can get a coupon for a free small sandwich:

No idea how long that will last, though —MaryLieth

2009-02-25 21:04:46   This place is a joke. They are not participating in the sub giveaway FYI. Overpriced sandwiches. —AlexK

2009-02-28 18:45:14   The manager of this store is the cheapest person I've ever met. There were these nationwide promotions in the past, but she never participates in them. I'm never going back there again. —j.s.

2009-03-01 09:45:49   The only time I come here is when I have a coupon or there is some sort of promotion. I agree that the sandwiches are better than subway ,but also more expensive. The south davis location this past weekend really dissapointed me as nationwide all the Quiznos stores were participating in the million sub giveaway. I went there with some friends and there was a sign that said this store is no longer participating. My friends and I were so bitter that we ended up going to subway for their 5 dollaar footlongs. Advice to managment when there is a promotion especially in a college town and in a weak economy participate or you will end up losing lots of customers to your competitors. —ElizabethBarthel

2009-05-13 20:37:12   I've always liked quiznos better than subway but I dont like this quiznos. They contents inside the sandwich were wimpy and I agree with alot of the other comments here, definitely need to work on not being cheap and giving better service. There was a miscommunication about whether I wanted chips or cookie with my combo (actually I didn't even hear her ask and if she did, she has a pretty thick accent) and she thought I agreed to chips. When I told her I wanted the cookie, she refused and said I had to and could only get chips. (They cost the same) Just kind of seems like if I had gone anywhere else they would have been like "oh yeah sure no prob" and pushed some buttons and I could have gotten what I actually wanted to eat. —Michelleshueh

2009-05-13 23:30:00   I agree that it's a bit pricy, but the sammiches are soooo gooooood. The middle-aged lady, who I assume is some kind of manager, always gives me the stink eye when I use a coupon so that the price will approach competitiveness. I understand that customer service can be difficult sometimes, but there's no need to act like I'm stealing one of your children when I use a coupon —JoePomidor

  • Been back a few times since posting this, and the people are much, much friendlier. I don't know if they read this or if they were getting bad reviews some other way, but their service has noticeably improved. —JoePomidor

2009-05-14 00:13:45   I'm a huge fan of Quizno's. Their sandwiches put Subway to shame 99% of the time. However, this particular location doesn't impress me. These guys never seem to take my coupons. On the rare occasion they do, they give me an evil look for it. I just stopped going here because of the lack of friendliness. Meh. :-\ —WilliamLewis

2009-05-24 20:22:53   I stopped by Quizno's today (Sunday) at about 7:45pm. When I walked up to the door I was surprised to find that it was locked and all the furniture was stacked up for closing. I saw an employee inside and pointed at the clock, noting that is was 15 minutes until close. She opened the door to tell me that since business wasn't as good as the owner wanted that the store was closing early.

If the owner wishes to have more customers, it would be a wise idea for her to stick to the posted hours. This was my first time visiting the Quizno's in Davis and I have no urge to return. —davisreviewer

2009-06-08 20:03:00   As a former employee I strongly suggest against eating here. The manager puts 3 ounces of meat on regular sandwiches, instead of the 3.5 that Quiznos Corporate mandates. She will also use the meat from the cheaper Roast Beef sandwich in place of the Black Angus if she runs out, and won't tell customers about it. In order to save on disposable gloves she makes employees keep them on when doing dishes meaning that sometimes you can get dishwater in your sandwiches. She also disregards corporate hand-washing and dish-washing guidelines. Sadly this is the only Quiznos in Davis, so many people will still eat here, but Kulwinder Nijjar doesn't deserve your patronage. —Wiegraf

2009-08-04 11:37:36   If i'm correct this is the only Quiznos in Davis? Well,they're subs are heavenly! May seem pricy at times, but recently they've been having some good deals like: buy one sandwich and get then second one for a dollar. Clean environment, and friendly service as well! —DanielP

2010-03-14 22:51:47   Came here on a Sunday night and had a Prime Rib Peppercorn Sandwich. The people who served me spoke very softly but at the same time looked frustrated. I ordered the large, and was surprised that they didn't cut it in half. Furthermore, they really skimped out on the cheese and onions on my sandwich. It might've been because I went there about 30 minutes before closing, but this was a significantly worse experience than I normally have with Quizno's, though I'm not exactly a regular at other Quizno's locations. I'll take Togo's over this. —BrandonWong

I'm not sure how things are lately, but in 2006ish I went to a Quiznos on the K Street mall in downtown sac, and this Quizno's fairly often. In my opinion this one has gone downhill and I hardly go here, I heard maybe they got better but I still haven't gone back much, or to the one in Sacramento. But I definitely remember getting bigger and better toasted cheese-beef sandwiches in sac than here in Davis. I also usually went to the one in Sac around an hour to half hour before closing, on my way back to Davis from Sac City College. -NickSchmalenberger

2010-04-13 21:25:55   The last time I was here (a Wednesday), I had the large primerib peppercorn with tomatoes on it, and it was tasty enough, maybe I should have put pepperoncinis on also. After eating it though, I slept the whole next day and didn't eat at all or on the day after. By Friday afternoon, I still hadn't eaten since the sandwich and I felt very sick. I dryheaved a few times and felt better. I'm not sure if this was related to the sandwich, but maybe it was. —NickSchmalenberger

2011-04-17 19:04:21   Today I went to have lunch and noticed a sign in the window that they are going to be closing on July 11th, 2011. Since this is one of my favorite places to eat in Davis, I wasn't happy to find out that they are closing. When I ordered my sandwich I asked to girl about the reason they are closing. She said she didn't know. So I pressed on and asked the girl on the register the reason why. She said that the rent on their space was going up 20% and the owner couldn't afford it.

I've seen this kind of thing before. They want to raise the rent so much that they know that they can't afford the higher rent and know that there only option would be to close. Problems is that they don't even consider the loyal customers that like that business. In this case this is the only Quiznos in Davis and people wouldn't have any other place else to go in Davis.

So I decide to make my thoughts known to the property management/owner they are being inconsiderate of the loyal customers of Quiznos. I'm going to let them know that I think that they should make a much more reasonable offer of rent that the owner can afford and so that the loyal customers of Quiznos can have a place to go. This week I'll be calling Petrovich Development Co at (916) 442-4600. Anyone else who wants Quiznos to stay I would suggest calling too and letting your opinion be known.


2011-04-19 17:38:45   Todd , I couldn't agree more about the closing of Quizno's. I too was curious and asked why and received the same response. The lady also told me that the rent is $6,000 a month and with the 20 percent increase it would be $7200. The owners need to realize that due to the economy and places going bankrupt in that area there will be nothing left. They are just being plain greedy. I think QUIZNOS should be allowed to stay. With the economy the way it is sales are down and it is not fair to gouge a business even a chain like Quiznos. I too will be making a call to management. —ElizabethBarthel

2011-04-29 15:51:46   Got a call last Friday from Tracy Johnson from Petorvich Development the management of the shopping center. She thanked me for calling to support Quiznos. She says that they haven't raised their rent and they couldn't come to terms of a new agreement for a lease renewal. A term of of a lease renewal is the rent that they are going to have to pay if they want to stay there. No they haven't raised their rent because they are still under the terms of the current lease. I don't know if she is trying to confuse the isssue, but they want to raise the rent for the new lease. —ToddJames

2011-07-02 20:08:34   Can't edit from my phone but if anybody was planning on going before they close for good, they closed at 6pm today without warning and will also be closed all of July 3 and 4. —MeggoWaffle Update: they're continuing the trend of closing early without notice. If you're trying to use up your groupon before they close for good on the 11th, lunch is your best bet.

2011-07-09 13:09:29   I was very disappointed to learn that Quiznos would be shutting down in July. I am super bummed. My girlfriend and I have eaten at pretty much every restaurant in town and Quiznos was definitely in the top 5. We have gotten sick, crappy food, poor service, etc at SO MANY places in Davis, Quiznos was one of very few places we got 100% consistently good food, great service, and we never got sick once. I really hope Quiznos reopens somewhere else in Davis. All the Subways in this town are terrible. They are stingy with ingredients, never friendly and the sandwiches are always "Meh". Sad to see one of the best sandwich shops, and restaurants in town go. —angrychair

2011-07-09 13:16:59   Quiznos for dinner? You need to man up, take that girlfriend to more than just a fast food joint, get what you pay for, or at least you should. Try buckhorn in Winters. Don't be stingy —Theangrydiner