Campus Recycling has seen a major decrease in revenue thanks to the administration's decision to stop baling cardboard. (see aggie story)

UC Davis used to collect, sort (to remove contamination), and bale all cardboard collected on campus. This was important for campus recycling because we could separate out contamination and sell the clean bales of cardboard directly to the mill. This allowed us to receive higher rates for the material. Many campus Environmental Organizations are upset about the decision to stop baling because cardboard is now shipped loose to Sacramento - a process that costs us much more fuel for transportation and a sharp decrease in payment. Occasionally the loads end up in the Landfill due to contamination or loads that do not fill the truck (these loads are then mixed with trash and sent together to the Landfill).

The baler is now for sale at the Bargain Barn.

It has been suggested that ASUCD should buy the baler and turn it into a source of revenue.


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The cardboard is hauled into Sacramento by the same truck that goes to collect garbage from the Med Center bins. There isn't an increased fuel usage. Think of it as the truck being reused which is one of the four Rs. - JasonAller

Well, when the cardboard is shipped loose the trucks actually have to make more runs to sac to drop the cardboard off... more trips = more fuel ~~ MikeyNolan

2005-02-21 20:59:41   What are the economics of the cardboard bailer? Was it losing money? —JackHaskel

2005-02-21 21:36:47   Jason makes a good point - the big problem with recycling cardboard at UCD is medwaste contamination from the Med Center and Vet school. Blood and urine were sorted out by R4 staff (full timers) and the shipping info from these sources of contamination was collected so R4 could kindly ask those contaminators to stop (a major function of the group is eductaion). If cardboard is contaminated (by what's in the truck or dumpsters) then it is thrown out. Now, no one will see what goes to the recycler before it gets there - entire truck loads can be landfilled if contamination is significant. —MikeSiminitus—— 2005-02-21 21:39:20   In terms of economics - baling cardboard allowed us to store the bales until prices were best for selling the stuff. Cardboard prices fluctuate quite a bit. Save the lengthy cost-benifit for the admin types. Is the landfill generating revinue? Why should recycling need to be self-sufficent when solid waste is not? —MikeSiminitus