RSVP (Registering Students Via Phone) is the name given to the old phone system used by students to register for classes. There are still signs posted by campus phones asking students not to use the phones for RSVP. The system has since been replaced by SISWEB, which, despite its many wonderful features, still lacks RSVP's computer voice. (It really grew on you. It was especially awesome how different words were recorded by male and female voices and sometimes intermixed. Some may even have been synthesized!)

For a while, after SISWEB first came out, it got really bogged down by sudden surges in traffic. (As though the IT guys couldn't have predicted it, right?) Many people stuck to RSVP and effectively "cut in line," since RSVP was designed to handle a fair amount of traffic.

RSVP was available from any phone, so many people fondly recall using it when they had a pass time in the middle of class. The equivalent solution now would probably be a laptop accessing SISWEB through Moobilenet

RSVP was first used to register for classes for Spring 1993. Like SISweb, it had a score of technical issues upon startup, such as busy lines, hang-ups, and misregistered classes. Later on it went pretty smoothly, though. Registering for classes before RSVP was even worse.


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[Is RSVP still operational? What are the phone #'s? Does anyone have any tech info on RSVP (such as where it's located, what software/hardware it uses, who manufactured it?) -SteveDavison

  • It is no longer operational, as all services have been moved to SISWEB. I think 2002 was the last year it was used. there was a time when you could use either to ease transition, but no more. The RSVP number was 752-RSVP(7787). the voice for RSVP was a women who worked in the Registrar's office, although she rarely got recognized as such, even though they all associated her voice with the dread of class registration. -RogerClark