2801 Spafford Street , near Peña Drive
Tuesday-Saturday, 9AM TO 6:30PM

R & R Thrift is the thrift store complement to All Things Right And Relevant, located just next door. Like All Things Right And Relevant, all profit goes to fund 11 mental health agencies in Yolo County. They also employ or provide employment for mental health clients and are constantly looking for volunteers(there are volunteer applications and training is provided for anyone looking to help out).

It is one of the cheapest places to shop in Davis and is a good place to find Halloween costumes. It is also good for kitchenware odds and ends, children's paperback books and funny cassette tapes.


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2007-03-19 00:06:09   This is the cheapest place I've ever shopped. Except that one time I found a pair of jeans on somebody's lawn next to a sign with the word free on it. —AliceChoe

2007-04-01 19:28:39   If you are hunting for old records, this is pretty much not the place to do it. They had about 40 total. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-09-18 23:24:04   R & R Thrift is good place to find good deal stuff. But, there is one lady (cashier) who kinda has a big body and very light skin. She was not really friendly and was mean to me. She acted like she thought she was an important person. Geez.... She is not supposed to do that to customers. —SoMeOnE

2007-09-18 23:46:11   What does the size, shape, and/or colour of her body have to do with anything? —Graham.Freeman

2007-09-19 15:46:43   if you complaint about the cashier's service—I got trouble also one time with her. But, a lot of them are very nice and respect to people. —viviancute

2009-11-20 17:26:36   I got my suit-jacket here....FOR $1! —GreatRyan

2010-07-11 07:03:29   It's not the best prices for clothes (too expensive and not enough choice for me. Go to woodland for that), but their books and vhs tapes are off the hook cheap. My boyfriend and I went in there the other day and he's like "Don't spend too much money~~" And we picked out 3 hardcover books ($0.25 ea), 3 VHS tapes ($0.50 ea) & 2 softcover books ($0.10-$0.15 ea, I can't remember exactly), either way, I spent $2.50 and laughed at my boyfriend. —Mogitha