The west, California and Davis owes a good deal of what they are today to the Missions, the Gold Rush, the Railroads and finally the Lincoln Highway (now I-80). The rail system came through Davis in late August or early September of 1868 (accounts differ).

The railroad tracks that split up the town into neighborhoods have a number of railroad crossings over them. And of course the Amtrak station is your point of boarding for rail travel.

A quick ride on Amtrak to the east places you in Sacramento, where you can visit the California State Railroad Museum. Of course, Amtrak can also take you in any direction, across the country, to the Bay Area, or a beautiful trip down the Central Coast.

Sacramento Valley Historical Railways runs a steam locomotive up in Woodland.

And be sure to wear your pajamas to the train station for Pajamarino!

And don't forget local musicians Railroad Bill and the Straight Laces.