one of the towers in the play area

Designed and built by local volunteers, Rainbow City is one of the play areas in Community Park. Unlike most play areas in Davis, Rainbow City is largely wooden, not prefab metal-and-plastic. Features include plenty of castles, a pirate ship, an ice cream stand, a giant sand box, swings, slides, climbing tubes/tires and even a working intercom system (It goes from the train near the swings to the small corridor on the 2nd story near the firepole and the slides with the box tube) There is also a slightly raised area with benches for parents, and a table on the left when you walk in. The thing you walk over to get into the park used to move side to side. One used to be able to get directly under the parents table with some crawling and digging. Rainbow Summer for kids is held in the nearby arbor, that is what the small storage shed is for.

This area is a favorite airsoft area of Taylor 'Pancakes' Clark, because at night he can hide in the dark shadows and destroy people when they are unaware. He is a ninja after all. NOTE: The number of people he has actually shot in this fashion is around 3 since he started playing there.

Wow, this park looks alot like Andrews Park in Vacaville!MichelleAccurso And Fort Natomas in Sacramento! Well... before someone burned it down.MoTorres


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2005-12-08 15:44:33   This place is great for airsoft (except for the police) —SeanReedy

2005-12-09 01:26:06   This is the best park in Davis. It holds a candle to some of the best parks I've ever played at. We once visited Rainbow City in the wee hours of the morning while drunk and found a severed pig's head sitting on a picnic table. We tried to pick it up by its ear but we tore the ear off. —GautamJoshi

2005-12-09 10:18:31   yeah. it looks TONS like Andrews park. i remember i used to crawl under all of the play structures (lots of kids did. it was the best for hide and seek)... but then i started seeing rats under there, and now i don't even walk NEAR that park. —NoraSandstedt

2007-05-28 13:20:20   nice park but I don't like to take my kids there because of the rat problem. —HeatherFlood

2007-05-28 17:42:33   I've never seen rats here, am I blind? —EdHenn

2007-05-28 21:45:28   I still bring my kids here once in a while, but keep them away from places where I've seen or heard them (mice, in my case, not rats): under the platform at the north end of the bigger kids' monkey bars, and underneath the area by the wheel of the train. And the smaller crawlspaces in general, but they haven't gotten interested in those yet (my kids, not the mice). —KevinChin

2010-03-27 00:33:32   My friends and I practiced here for our Le Morte D'Arthur movie in Winter 2010. —ArianeMetz

2010-03-27 01:36:20   I used to try to crawl through as many small spaces here as I could and I don't remember seeing any mice or rats. This was over 10 years ago though, maybe its more dangerous now? —NickSchmalenberger

I would go under the places you weren't even supposed to go, and I never saw any evidence of rats and mice —StevenDaubert

2011-01-08 16:06:13   I love this playground, but I think it could be a little dangerous to little kids.. and anyone else. The swinging platform at the main "entrance" of the playground is pretty deceiving. I also managed to ram my forehead into a horizontal wooden post above one of the ladders. Who puts a post in a place where people walk through?? —glorial All the dangerous stuff was removed when I was a kid, and I'm pretty sure that horizontal wooden post accommodates the children nicely.Daubert

2011-08-04 17:47:40   Long live Shade Arbor park. —OldDavis73

2012-01-03 10:41:34   Took the munchkin here yesterday and ended up leaving due to the pervasive odor of urine (admittedly, none of the scores of other children/parents seemed particularly bothered by this). It's still a pretty awesome play structure, though. —BlytheDurbinJohnson

2015-03-22 15:00:53   Why has construction stalled? The old park hasn't even been removed yet. I realize the area needs some treatment for arsenic, but when is that going to happen? —NoelBruening

2015-07-03 16:23:08   It's a shame to see this all fenced in, waiting to be torn down. I wish there were more pictures of it, especially the tile mural. 250pts. —DavisHuntMaster