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2009-01-14 00:30:25   The food is not as "fancy" as typical Indian restaurant food, and I think that's why a lot of people have left comments about it being a little bland. I admit it's more bland than a lot of Indian restaurant food, but most Indian people don't eat super spicy, heavy dishes every night or else they'd all have ulcers. This food is a more modest and realistic version of the Indian diet, according to my own experience. —AmanpreetSingh

2009-01-23 14:17:36   The service is excellent and as welcoming as eating at a family member's house. The food is delicious and filling. I recommend this not only for the food and service but the price cant be beat! —SarahEK

2009-02-01 11:05:14   I came with friends last night and everything was excellent. The food was good, and the service was good, and the overall experience was good. I'll definitely be coming back again sometime. —EliYani

2009-02-02 08:53:51   I've eaten here twice and the food has been terrific and the service phenomenal. —JackZwald

2009-02-10 10:24:45   I've been eating at Raja's for years, and I love it! The staff are so warm and friendly, and the food is great! I grew up eating Indian food, and this is definitely a taste of home. —HannahReff

2009-03-06 13:22:43   Excellent food! Excellent service! and very inviting atmosphere - if you want a comfortable place to eat and escape the stress of school, this is the place —JustinBaker

2009-03-06 13:28:05   I eat at Raja’s at least once a week and I love it! The food is always very tasty and the management and serving staff are incredibly nice. I recently found out that the management hired a new professionally-trained chef and I can really tell the difference in the quality of the food. The Chicken Saag has become much creamier and they have added several more dishes to their buffet menu. I love this place and you will too! —TimmyMath

2009-03-06 13:30:50   I go there all the time- I love the food and the atmosphere! especially the Nan bread —MR.Luke

2009-03-06 21:23:56   The food here was delicious. However, the service was even better, simply phenomenal. The older gentleman, I believe his name is Taranbir if the photo above is correct, treats you as if you were a guest in his own home. —MattBlair

2009-03-07 10:35:09   The food is very tasty. The pakora and naan are unrivaled in Davis. I frequent the lunch buffet and have noted some new menu items in the last few weeks. The green bean and pea dish is an especially fresh addition. The buffet is a great value and Taranbir is a welcoming host. I heartily recommend Rajas. —KatePrien

2009-03-08 12:10:11   The owner really ramped it up today on the kindness. It was really refreshing - so was the fresh basket of naan that was practically forced onto us. I appreciate a good forced naan. —caitlinpolly

2009-03-13 19:03:53   I just had lunch there today (03.13.09) and it was a great experience. Food choice was a little limited but they had my favorites. The owner is one of the nicest people I've met. I felt like i was a guest visiting his house. Good food and excellent service. And mango lassis are pretty good as well and as a college student, the buffet is at the perfect price, just about $8. Enjoy! —kcbhatia

2009-03-15 22:30:03   if you like unrivaled service and a cheap, delicious buffet, then i would recommend rajas. —vbommel

2009-03-16 17:44:57   The food was AWESOME. I got the chicken makhanwala or something like that (it was a while ago) and I scarfed it down. The waiter was a sweet man too. He gave us free bread! —uberbjork

2009-03-18 21:42:33   I've commented here before, but I felt the need to give another comment. The menu has been updated a bit. Taranbir told me that they hired another chef within the last few weeks. The food was good before, now it's great. There are a few new additions to the lunch buffet, and they are out of this world. Especially the lamb tika masala (I think I have that right?). As always the service is superb, and Taranbir treats me like extended family. It's a special place. —AaronD

2009-03-21 10:41:22   I've been to this place several times. Lunch Buffet is the way to go! Food is amazing, really satisfies my curry cravings. The chicken tikki masala is the best. The owner is the sweetest man I've ever met, treats me like family, hooked it up with a free mango lassi when I went there for my birthday with friends, even asked for my name. Great service, gernerous with the naan. I've been to Kathmandu's Kitchen once, the aloo gobi was watery and bland and the service was mediocre. I prefer Rajas over them in a heartbeat. Great food, great service, great location. What more can you ask for? —Ruby777

2009-03-23 13:16:39   Keeping in mind that we live in Davis, Ca and have a handful of Indian Restaurants to choose from I think Raja's has the best service with good food as well. This past weekend I picked Raja's for a group of 7 friends and we ordered every appetizer in addition to sharing seven different entrees. Everyone had a great time. In the past I've eaten at Kathmandu and while the food quality is comparable on the average, I give a slight edge to Raja's here (the Naan is far superior at Raja's). The service is where Raja's really shines. I've had too many experiences at Kathmandu where the staff doesn't give an "eff" or honestly seems kind of pissy and impersonal. Taranbir at Raja's is always welcoming and nice and happy to explain the menu items or make substitutions. He truly cares that you have a good time at Raja's. Please give them a try. —MarkHixson

2009-03-27 21:28:40   this is my first time trying Indian food. therefore, the buffet was a good choice to get an idea of how it tasted like. I LOVE IT. the food was wonderful; although the there are only 14 items, i still think that it was wonderful. the food tasted great and the service was by far the best in town. They refilled our drinks and asked if we enjoyed the food. I would definitely come back to this place soon. ;) —ChiYang

2009-04-12 09:48:11   I've only been for their dinners not the lunch buffets. The first time I ever went it was for my birthday and they sat about 20 people last minute and even stayed open late. We all paid cheap for what we ordered. The food is a little bland sometimes, but I think it's still pretty good. The service is really, REALLY good (owner is so nice). I've always taken guests here and they've loved it. Yeah, it's not totally authentic, food is a little bland, whatever. The prices are good and food is plentiful and delicious. —AlisaKim

2009-04-16 11:43:39   I come here every week and the service and food is excellent! —JustinBaker

2009-04-18 17:02:39   Went here on a Friday. It was empty when we went (6 PM), though more people started coming in a bit after us. Taranbir is super nice and very accommodating. I had the Chicken Tikki Masala, which was really good. I asked for it to be spicy. He asked if a 9 on a scale of 1-10 would be fine, I asked for 8. Turned out perfect! Heh! I like spicy foods, and whenever I ask for dishes to be spicy while eating out, it almost never turns out as spicy as I would have liked it.

One bad thing was that I could tell that they used a somewhat cheap canned tomato sauce. For a second I thought I was eating Chef Boyardee. But other than that, it was good. Each dish comes with rice and naan. Soooo filling, every single person in my group (3 other people) were full and still had leftovers to take home. Oh yeah, meat samosas were good. But only comes with two. I also tried the sweet lassi (drink), which I've never had before. That was delicious. My friend had the mango one, which was also really good. I would definitely recommend this place. The food is good, the service is good, and prices are reasonable. I'm glad we chose to go here. —JenniferGiang

2009-04-22 18:31:34   i go there fairly often (every few weeks) so i consider myself a regular. the owner is the nicest guy ever (much nicer than the cold, silent people at katmandu's) and the cooking is a lot greater than katmandu's (katmandu's is unacceptable for me, even though they have more selection - take it from someone who's eaten lots of indian food in places like san jose where there's LOTS of indians and indian restaurants). they've actually gotten a lot better with making sure they have more variety and also that food trays are replenished. all in all, best place in davis. —boing3887

2009-04-22 18:48:14   We had some delightful Indian style buttermilk with our meal this evening. Much lighter and more refreshing than Western style. —JimStewart

2009-04-22 19:26:53   We have had several nice meals at Raja's. We'll keep going back to enjoy the food *and* the hospitality of the owner, Taranbir. He goes out of his way to make us feel comfortable and welcome—the perfect host! —Campyonlyguy

I have been a customer for over four years and have to say that what stands out about Raja's is the food quality and service. You almost feel like you're having a home cooked meal. The chicken tandoori, fresh pita bread, rice pudding, and rice (the items I eat the most) are replenished pretty often, so the freshness is definitely a plus. I don't understand those who criticize the restaurant, there is no way it's the "worst" place ever like some biased (Kathmandu employees maybe?) commentators have stated. —EddieDeLaTorre

2009-05-02 18:15:05   I ate at Raja's on a Thursday night and was so surprised and happy with the food. The price was VERY reasonable and you get a great amount of food for the cost. The owners are really nice and made great suggestions for appetizers. I had the chicken tikka, which was delicious and not too spicy. It came with basmati rice and naan bread which is great because a lot of the other places I've been to charge extra for those things. I highly recommend this place for anyone who's looking for a great dining experience. —BabyCorn

2009-05-05 07:35:25   The owner of this place is super nice, he checked on on the tables several times during our lunch and makes sure you're happy. That's a pretty good reason to come back, in my book. It's super close, cheap, and the food is pretty good - I love the naan. Mmm naan. —ChristyMarsden

2009-05-28 23:40:52   I've been here regularly, as a student and when I worked around the corner. I think it's great. And it is much better since they change management. Sure Kathmandu has more selection, but how often to they bring to your table fresh-out-of-the-over naan? Or greet you with a warm smile? The food is always delicious and the price is right. —MikeAmerica

2009-05-30 23:13:23   Hands down better than Kathmandu any time. I ate at Raja's for the first time under new owners last night. We decided to try Raja's because we love their Naan at Farmer's Market. It is made fresh right there. (Unlike Kathmandu which gives stale naan with their Farmer's Market dinners.) We were totally impressed. The food was delicious. Incredibly fresh and tasty. Owners were so nice and friendly. The owner explained that the food takes longer because they make everything fresh. I don't mind the wait if the food is good. I had recently been to Kathmandu and was totally unimpressed. The food was so-so at best. I haven't been to either place for buffets because, in general, buffet lunches just aren't as good anywhere you go. I will definitely go back! —Tania

2009-06-04 13:39:47   Fantastic food, excellent service, one of if not my favorite restaurant in Davis. Taranbir is the nicest guy, very generous and eager to please. The food is outstanding as well, and all of the staff is friendly. Outdoor seating is great, and you really can't beat the price for the quality of food you get - especially the lunch buffet. I highly recommend Raja's. —colin

2009-06-04 20:15:54   I love this place! Taranbir is soooo nice and gracious. Oh, and the food is delicious. I have liked everything I have had there, and Taranbir always gives me good suggestions as to what else I might like. The outdoor seating is also very nice and the Mangolassi's....mmmmmm. I would obviously highly recommend this restraunt to anyone. —lauren19

  • Note: the above two comments seem to come from the same computer, but were just reviews from fiances who both love Raja.

2009-06-05 13:35:05   I love Raja's. They are one of my favorite places to get a vegan meal in Davis and now they offer the Masala Dosa (sp?) at the farmer's market! The service is always wonderful. Anytime I can get lunch out I choose to go here. —AishaMcLennanJohnk

2009-06-09 00:09:31   In response to:

Note: the above two comments seem to come from the same computer and were likely left by the same person

No, comments by myself and my fiance, just after coming back from a delicious meal at Rajas. No need to convince anyone this place is the best, the food and service speaks for itself.


  • No worries... some people try to add fake reviews, so it's worth pointing it out. After you edit the wiki a couple times and people know who you are, it's more obvious. Clearly somebody never checked and noticed you edited a couple years ago. :) —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-06-26 20:37:15   My wife and I are just moving to Davis, and we ate at Raja's tonight. We were really impressed! Taranbir was our server, and man if he isn't the nicest guy in the world. The food was extremely excellent - I got the chicken tikka, and it was some of the freshest, most succulent chicken I've ever tasted. The fresh and complimentary naan was a great addition, too.

The total meal came to a little over $30, but that's because we splurged are some really tasty fruit smoothies. Excepting their cost, the meal was about ~$14 a person. We had enough food left over to make another meal, so that further defrays the expense. —Elliott

2009-07-19 18:08:31   I have been eating at Raja’s since it opened under new ownership and it is hands down the best Indian food in town! The service is excellent and the owners are so personable and attentive. They have a wonderful vegan thali plate that is phenomenal. I highly recommend Raja’s. —JJordan

2009-07-30 09:27:47   I love this place! My family and I went here.. all ordered 5 different things, and all were fantastic. The spiciness levels were perfect, food was warm and everything was delicious with wonderful spices. Taranbir, the owner, is also very nice and friendly. I don't understand the negative reviews. Awesome place. —Lala

2009-08-09 09:39:30   We had the lunch buffet, and it was the best Indian food we've ever had. The owner is so friendly and happy to see you. Love the mango lassi! The spinach is the best, and we also liked the rice pudding. —DanielleShanti

2009-08-15 20:32:06   This is a wonderful family owned and operated business. The food and service are always great! The lunch buffet is very good and is a great value. Raja’s is a warm and inviting place to have a delicious meal I would definitely recommend this restaurant!!! —TokiDog

2009-08-21 19:58:50   The food and service are excellent! I have eaten there a number of times and am always welcomed with a warm smile and served like I was a favorite family member! The high quality healthy indian cuisine tastes great and always leaves me feeling good afterwards. Raja's is not only affordable but by far the best Indian food in town. And don't forget about the 1 hour parking spaces on 3rd St west of B St. —carlakennedy

2009-08-28 16:08:56   I ate here a couple weeks ago and I got chicken momosa and vegetable samosa (an appetizer). The food was really good and really filling. They gave us these tortilla chip kind of things for appetizer which I didn't really like, they weren't bad, but there was something herby about them that I didn't really like, but I ate them nevertheless. The samosa appetizer was two huge samosas. they were soooo good. I recommend them. They're filled with potato. The chicken samosas were about 6 dumplings which were reallly good too.

And like everyone else says, the owner is adorable. When I was paying for my meal he was going to let me pay 22 cents instead of 33 when I made a mistake when I was counting out my change! When we finished our meal he patted me and my friend on the back saying "Wow you finished already!" haha —Shasta

  • The tortilla-like things are called papadum. They are frequently a free appetizer at Indian restaurants in the U.S., and Raja's taste pretty much like any others I've had. Not to everyone's liking, I guess. Did you dip them into the sauce? —CovertProfessor

2009-09-03 16:10:59   My wife and I had a fantastic dining experience here recently. We sat outside even though it was a warm summer evening (late August) and had the balcony to ourselves. The food was excellent and the service very attentive and cheerful.Very quiet, no loud music, no traffic noise, no flies, mosquitoes or yellow jackets, no loud patrons. Maybe this was more about what wasn't than what was. Anyway my wife said it was her most enjoyable dining out experience in 30 years. Brian —brian1127

2009-09-23 15:10:23   Bringing this to the top for the new students. Raja's is a Davis treasure. The food is always fresh, tasty and nicely seasoned. The homemade naan is excellent. A fine, quiet place to have lunch or dinner close to campus. —JimStewart

2009-09-29 00:02:29   I LOVE pretty much everything about this restaurant. Taranbir and Harmeet are both very hospitable and I always leave feeling like I've just had dinner at a relative's home. I'm looking forward to trying the southern Indian food! —EmilyHughes

2009-10-01 15:27:17   Food was fantastic. Not sure what people mean by bland. Price is fair. Best part is the owner. I don't know if he has ever taken a day off but he is one of the nicest people I have ever met and every time I go there he greets me (and everyone else I'm not special its just how he is) at my table. The buffet is delicious I wish I had time to go more often. —Kagek

2009-10-07 16:44:18   I ate at Raja's a week ago and it was really good. We went for dinner and there was no one there. The owner, Taranbir, served us and was VERY attentive. Maybe it was because I was the only girl there, he seemed to direct all the questions to me, like he really wanted to cater to me. I got the Shahi Paneer (I love paneer!) and it was really good. My boyfriend got the Chicken Masala and it was good too; big chunks of chicken. A word of advice though, don't underestimate what "spicy spicy spicy" means.... it means spicy. Like nose-dripping spicy. But all in all, very, very good food. —KaprilWooley

2009-10-15 15:37:56   Raja's has THE BEST customer service in all of Davis. I've been to a couple Indian restaurants in town and neither even came close to the deliciousness and friendliness that is RAJA.


2009-10-16 13:41:12   I think Taranbir deserves the award for nicest guy in davis. He contributed to the Sacto zine symposium, remembered my name after years of not going to rajas, and is warm and kind to everybody. Vegetarians delight at his myriad of tasty and sultry curries, along with a generous portion of naan served by the man himself. Lunch buffet still slays me everytime I go, they have only honed their beloved craft of indian cooking over the years. —oxnardmalfoy

2009-10-21 22:31:39   good indian food and affordable buffet, but everyone knows what makes it is the friendliness of the old indian man. —dtanian

2009-10-24 01:41:48   I absolutely love eating at Raja's! I've only been here for their lunch buffets and yes, the menu is limited BUT everything is delicious and well worth the amazing $7.95 price. They always have different types of curries, tandoori chicken, as well as lots of tasty vegetables dishes. (Did I mention this place is super vegetarian/vegan friendly?) Their curries are just PERFECT. Not bland and not too overwhelming in spice..perfect. One of the favorites is the spinach that they cook with home-made cheese... sort of like creamed spinach but better! Their naan is always fresh. They have amazing sauces (try the yogurt sauce and tamarind sauce..mMmm) to complement their dishes. Their sweet rice pudding is AMAZING and not heavy in cream, it tops off the meal just right. I have no complaints about Raja's!

I love eating here because the atmosphere is so casual and warm, it feels as if I'm eating at a family member's house. There is no overwhelming decor but it's ok because it's all about the food here, and boy are they good at it. If you go on a nice day, sit outside on the porch :)

There is one other factor, besides the food, that will keep me coming back. The sweet old man, I believe his name is Taranbir, that owns the restaurant! He is super warm and inviting and never fails to greet you with a huge smile and always goes out of his way to ensure that everyone is enjoying their meal. He just might be the nicest man in the world. For some raeson, restaurants in Davis always seem to be lacking in the service department. However, I can honestly say Raja's has THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in all of Davis. I highly recommend Raja's. EXCELLENT Indian food, great value, and amazing service to boot. —TingLi

2009-10-24 21:59:12   Eating at Raja’s is always an exceptional experience. The lunch buffet offers a wonderful variety of vegetarian dishes. The spice is just right…not too spicy but loaded with flavor. The food is always fresh, delicious and amazing. I drive all the way from Sacramento to have lunch at Raja’s. The service it out of this world! The owner will personally visit your table to make sure your visit is satisfactory. Words cannot begin to share how wonderful Raja’s restaurant is…you must try it to believe! —KristaMarie

2009-10-29 12:30:34   It's nice to go into a restaurant, be greeted with a handshake by the owner, and then asked at least once during the meal if everything is OK. I agree with the sentiment that the owner is one of the nicest fellows around. I ran into his son, who has been known to run the restaurant's Farmers' Market booth, and he mentioned that lots of folks praise his father and his kindness. The food itself is tasty and sufficiently fresh during the lunch buffet and when one considers the price, it is an incredible bargain. I have also visited on a weekend evening when south Indian items like dosas are available. It's rare enough to find the south Indian cuisine offered, so I was happy to have the opportunity. Well worth going back any time. Oh, the lassi glasses are absolutely huge. —ChrisV

2009-11-04 18:36:48   It was absoulutely fantastic. There is a richness and variety of flavor to be found in all the dishes at Raja's. The owner, who is almost always present has to be one of the most agreeable people I've ever met. He is always welcoming to the guests, and sets the gold standard for graciousness. Great food and great service, what a winning combination! —BarryHubbard

2009-12-03 22:57:45   The owner is extremely friendly and the food is great! —jrz

2009-12-09 23:38:49   The owner has to be one of the nicest people I've ever met. I went with with a party of 6 30 minutes before closing time and he welcomed us in and immediately set up a table for us. He didn't rush us at all, told us to take our time, and even took the time to explain the cuisine and recommend some dishes for us. Everything was delicious. The Fish curry was described as salmon, but I think we were served sea bass; nonetheless it was delicious. Prices were very reasonable and he hooked us up with some extra garlic naan bread. I will definitely be returning to try their lunch buffet. Excellent service, excellent restaurant. —BenLee

2009-12-12 13:58:40   really good authentic indian food,reasonable price,very hospitable owners.i go there atleast once or twice a month! —monalsainani