The exterior of the Ramtown Karate dojo

1680 North Lincoln St. Dixon, CA 95620
See website for current hours
(707) 678-4899
Jim & Kathy Ernest
Date unknown
Payment Method(s)
credit card, cash

While not technically located in Davis, Ramtown Karate has had a positive impact on the Davis community. Many of the instructors have taught classes at UC Davis and often give demonstrations to the public with members of the dojo.

Ramtown Karate offers a variety of classes for youth and adults, which include: -traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate (known as Ryukyukan) -MMA fighting -Fightfit The dojo also teaches grappling, self defense, point fighting, full contact fighting and other defense tactics.

Ramtown Karate's website is a great place to get more in-depth information about the dojo and programs offered.


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