An older sign, the new sign reads "Senior Community"

620 Pole Line Road , East Davis
(530) 758-3900
2 Pools, spa, Boat/RV parking
Clubhouse with kitchen and library area

Rancho Yolo is a senior citizen mobile home park. The environment is safe, friendly and community focused. The Homeowners Association sponsors monthly social events in the Community Clubhouse along with exercise classes, workshops, game nights, bookclub, political forums and other activities. Common areas are maintained by park management, while residents are responsible for maintaining their own spaces. The overall feeling is a shady, mature landscape with a lot of sycamores, fruit trees and gardens. It is unlike most mobile home parks.

There are two pools - one for residents only and one for guests, a spa, laundry room, lending library with popular books and videos. Instead of alleys, there are paved paths paralleling the circular streets between coaches. Whether residents walk the paths (usually with their dogs) or power their scooters around the streets, there's always time for chitchat - except for residents who still rush off to work.

The street names within the park follow a theme of "Circular Streets" - Outer Circle, Broken Circle, Full Circle, Inner Circle - all lead off of the central Diameter Road. Numbering doesn't make much sense - check mailboxes and coach fronts for numbers. Though it is independent living, many residents receive 'Meals On Wheels' and Yolobus provides transportation for residents with mobility impairment.

Mobile homes are available for sale - one resident must be 55 years or older. Management prohibits renting coaches without owner residents. Some coaches are offered by owner, some by local realtors, and most are offered by a realtor located in a ground level office in the clubhouse. Since the park was developed in the early 70s, a lot of coaches are about 30 to 35 years old and range in price from $20,000 to $150,000. Typically, financing is not available for coaches of this age. After purchasing, some new owners are having the existing coach removed and replaced with new modular homes that are closer to conventional construction, at a much lower cost. Space rental is under $600 (plus gas and electricity) as of 2008. Space rentals are not related to size.

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2010-06-14 10:00:27   I do not live here but I do live near it. I have walked through the park many times and spoken with many of its residents. It is a very beautiful place to live with many gardens and trees. There are also many walking pathways through the homes that are secluded and peaceful. All the residents I have spoke with say they are very happy living there. —DagonJones