This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


In the Save Mart parking lot in North Davis
10am-1:00pm, 1:30pm-4:30pm

The Savemart CRV redemption center has closed down since march 2016. (Called and confirmed)

rePLANET and Davis Waste Removal are the only places in Davis where you can get money back for your recyclables.

Removing recycling from Davis Waste Removal carts is illegal. This includes removing recyclables from recycling carts (stealing from Davis Waste Removal) or from the trash (stealing from the owner of the trash bin). Scavengers are not only stealing from Davis Waste Removal, they’re stealing from the residents and business owners of Davis, because the revenue generated from the sale of recyclables goes directly back to the rate payers in the form of lower service rates. Recycling service is provided at no extra cost to Davis ratepayers because the revenue from the recyclables subsidizes the cost for the collection. When scavengers steal the recycling, however, they remove that revenue and cut the funding to the recycling program.

If you see someone removing recyclables from a cart or bin: Get the license plate number of the vehicle and a detailed description of the individual, take a picture, if you can and it is safe to do so (send the picture to, and call the non-emergency police number (747-5400) to report the crime.

Help prevent recycling theft

  • Bring your recycling carts out to the curb the morning of your scheduled pick-up instead of the night before.
  • Remove all CRV containers from your recycling bin. Bring them to a recycling center to redeem the CRV or drop them off at Davis Waste Removal for recycling 24 hours a day (2727 2nd Street).

How to redeem your recyclables

Before you come, or while you wait for your turn: 1) Separate different types of recyclables into different containers. Separate by glass color, and plastics by their numbers on the bottom of the containers. Remove any aluminum foil, steel cans, or other unacceptable items from 2) Remove all caps from bottles and containers. #1 PET containers can be recycled with their caps, but the caps must still be off so the plastic compactor can crush the containers. Labels on the containers are OK. 3) If you want, stomp on plastic bottles and cans, or use a can crusher, to compact them. This makes weighing faster, and makes otherwise bulky bags of recyclables much more manageable to store and move. At rePLANET: 4) Wait your turn, if there are other people already there. 5) Sort/dump your recyclables into different trash bins. 6) The kiosk manager will weigh your recyclables, and then give you a voucher that can be redeemed for cash at Save Mart only (which is not such a big deal because you're in the Save Mart parking lot).

Types of Recyclables

Prices and hours as of May 2014. Now operated by Nexcycle, rather than rePLANET.

The center accepts:

  • Aluminum Cans ($1.58/lb)
  • #1 PET Plastic Bottles ($1.06/lb)
  • #2 HDPE Plastic Bottles ($0.61/lb)
  • #3 PVC Plastic Bottles ($0.45/lb)
  • #4 LDPE Plastic Bottles ($2.02/lb)
  • #5 PP Plastic Bottles ($0.60/lb)
  • #6 PS Plastic Bottles ($5.62/lb)
  • #7 Others Plastic Bottles ($0.31/lb)
  • Bimetal ($0.36/lb)
  • Glass ($0.104/lb)

Does not accept:

  • Paper/cardboard
  • Aluminum/tin foil
  • Garbage
  • Steel cans (like the kind for canned foods)
  • Large pieces of scrap metal, such as rims.

Other rePLANET locations have automated (ATM-style) recycling collection stations that are open 24/7... Maybe Davis will get one soon.

  • Highly doubtful. I called to ask about locations, and the lady told me that "we're mainly a SoCal company...". She seemed a bit surprised there's one in Davis.


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