Prior to December 2010, Red Orchid had the same ownership as Davis Noodle City; the new owners kept the shabu shabu but changed the menu considerably. Previously, the non-shabu shabu Red Orchid menu had considerable overlap with the Davis Noodle City menu, with the same homemade noodles. The comments are retained here for historical purposes.

2008-06-11 15:03:04   As a fan of dim sum and Davis Noodle City, I was excited that (1) a restaurant marketing itself as a dim sum restaurant was opening in Davis and (2) it was operated by the family that owns Noodle City. On it's second day of operation, we ate there and were disappointed.

We had steamed BBQ pork buns, shrimp dumplings, chives box, and "Red Orchid Noodles." The noodles were fine—a thick pan fried noodle dish, although heavy on noodles and light on veggies and meat. The dim sum was very disappointing, and we were pretty confident that the buns and dumplings were frozen (the shrimp and dumpling were commingled into a common paste).

We'll wait for someone else to try it and cross our fingers that it'll be like wine and not dim sum and get better with age... —ScottLay

2008-06-11 22:40:01   Everything we ordered was amazing. We ordered the Shabu and Dim Sum.. The service was impeccable. The waiter (I think he was the owner too?) was very friendly and helpful. I was amazed at how organized everything was for having been open only 3 days. Overall, it cost $41 for four people to eat dinner and be really full. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants an incredible meal in a nice environment for a minimal amount of money. —wunder1

2008-06-12 08:43:48   The Shabu Shabu is wonderful. Very fresh and large portions. Great selection of Dim Sum and excellent staff. The price can't be beat and I plan to return again and again. —GarySaylin

2008-06-12 08:56:54   I'm glad others have had a better experience...perhaps I'll return to try the shabu-shabu. —ScottLay

2008-06-13 09:56:20   shabu shabu is decent. However, I think the shui mai is exactly the same brand I buy at kims mart. Its not that frozen har gow or shu mai taste bad, infact its quite tasty, but at a restaurant I don't want to be paying a huge markup on the stuff I buy regularly from the local Asian market. If you have ever had any of these dumpling type dishes at a real dim sum place like New Canton in sacramento or any of the places on Irving street or china town in San Fransisco, you will be in for a huge disappointment. Now the dim sum items that are pulled over from the noodle city menu are pretty good, but the traditional dim sum items just don't satisfy. Besides being frozen, they are small, maybe a little larger than a quarter. If you factor in the size the prices are bad for a dim sum place. They also serve some of the more popular noodle city dishes as well. Really they should lose the dim sum and call it noodle city plus Shabu shabu. —MattHh

2008-06-16 19:36:41   I am not sure how folks can tell if a dumpling has been frozen or not. I would imagine a vast majority of dim sum is probably prepared and frozen in advance regardless of the location. I went there last Friday, and was quite pleased. I just uploaded the menu, and here's a rundown of what I got. Cream Cheese Wontons - standard fare, nothing particularly interesting. Crispy Tofu - Wow! Never had anything like this. Imagine a deep fried cube of cheese, with semi-molten cheese inside and a delicious crunchy exterior, except made from tofu. Came with a spicy sauce that really complimented this well. Fantastic. Fried Green Onion Bread - Tasty, but a little doughy for my taste. My lunch companions liked it quite a bit, but it is a thick Naan-like bread as opposed to the crispy thin green onion cake/bread that I have had at other places. Little Pork Steamed Buns - essentially steamed potstickers, these are tasty, with lots of pork and ginger flavor. Vegetable Chives Box - interesting pupusa-style stuffed bread similar to the fried green onion bread, but filled with a flavorful mix of green onions and glass noodles. A little heavy for my taste, but excellent mix of flavor and texture. Steamed Shrimp Dumplings - your typical Har Gow, good flavor, nice plump shrimp, no hint of the "common paste" mentioned in other reviews. These were pretty much exactly like most other Har Gow I've had at other good quality Dim Sum restaurants. Shanghai Style Donut - a small medallion of breading filled with green onion paste. I would have liked this better with more of a paste to bread ratio. Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf - this has a strong Shittake mushroom flavor, which some may find somewhat overwhelming. If you like lotus leaf and shittake mushroom flavor, you will love this. Definitely a good way to fill up. Minced Fish Soymilk Skin Roll - Don't let the name fool you, this thing is the star of the show. It is a roll of what I assume to be fried tofu skin, with a filling of some kind of mushroom and other chewy vegetable-like item. I could not detect anything fishy about it, but it had an amazing depth of flavor and a phenomenal unusual texture. I had to request a second order.

Hope that gives some folks a more specific idea of what's available. In my book, it's highly recommended, and a wonderful addition to Davis' sorely lacking Dim Sum offerings. —ChrisLambertus

  • Its not that they are frozen, thats fine. Many places probably make their dumplings and then freeze them. The distinct taste is of the store baught veriety, from a box in the local freezer section. Go to kims mart and buy some, they are in the first freezer by the door by the counter. They are in a bright red bag, and come in a tray of 12 for about 3-4 dollars. They are great for a tasty quick meal, just not what I want at a restaurant. MattHh

2008-06-16 23:18:37   I've been twice now and I think the dim-sum is delicious. The pork dumplings are top-notch. I also had the bbq pork buns (steamed) and they are great too. My wife loved the siu mai and shrimp dumplings. I've tried two kinds of shabu shabu, both were very good. The curry broth was a bit bland until I realized you're supposed to wait until the very end after it has cooked all the veggies and meat and become more flavorful. The miso I found much more flavorful to start.

There are several offerings here that are basically the same as the wonderful Noodle City, but with very slight recipe variations.

I think the way to really enjoy this place is to get both dim-sum and share a shabu shabu with a friend. You could eat lots of dim-sum while cooking through all the veggies. Otherwise if just eating shabu shabu, you have to cook a little bit and eat, and repeat several times. Shabu shabu is a great dish to share with the hot pot in the center of the table and everyone cooking what they like in it.

And a hint about the dim sum: Try asking for something called house sauce, which has hot oil, soy sauce, garlic, spices, etc. and it will knock your socks off with a dumpling. —EdHenn

2008-06-21 06:59:03   I tried this place on opening day and had a mostly positive experience. The shabu shabu was decent (but considering it's the only place in Davis it gets bumped to a "great"), we had the lamb and beef in the miso broth. However, I really wouldn't call this a dim sum restaurant as the quality/diversity of the dim sum is pretty limited. The best part about the restaurant was the service/management — they were very welcoming and made the experience better (especially since this was opening day). Another great Davis Chinese restaurant from the owner's of Davis Noodle City that's still a little away from being "Bay Area Good." —AlvinTsao

2008-06-22 17:56:55   Okay...we need some more commenters here. There's a mix between folks that the dim sum was either a) really good or b) really bad. As a believe in the latter, I want to hear from more folks. I don't pretend to be a dim sum expert, but was really disappointed on my first visit. Frankly, Capitol Tea Garden in Sacramento (a C-list dim sum restaurant) was much better in my mind. But, I would love to see improvements, and my patronage would follow. —ScottLay

2008-06-26 01:14:38   i can't speak for the dim sum, but the hunan tofu was very good, and the service was friendly. —wesleywang

2008-06-27 21:25:20   I love Dim Sum and Shabu Shabu, and eat it often in LA so I was interested to see what this restaurant had to offer. It was not good. The Shabu Shabu was more like just the usual hot pot (huo guo), and not shabu shabu. I've never seen broccoli, carrots or corn put into the soup, so that was a little odd but it didn't really affect the way it tasted. The udon noodles, meat, and lettuce were all fine, but its not like it's possible to mess that up.

As far as the dim sum goes, that was really pretty bad. We had BBQ pork buns, egg tarts, and sesame balls. The BBQ pork was not BBQ-ed and the buns were very buttery. The egg tarts were limp and soggy, and wouldn't come out of their containers. The sesame balls weren't as bad, but they were the smallest balls I've ever seen. We wanted to order some other dim sum, but didn't because we were afraid of what the other things would be like.

The service was fast, and the waitress was nice, but I think the best thing there was the lettuce. —st3phi3

2008-07-01 14:39:30   I came here not expecting anything amazing, and I think my expectations were right on. We ordered dim sum only: chives box (which was unlike anything I've had before and I actually liked it), rice with chicken in lotus leaf (this was ok, I liked the shittake flavor), bbq pork buns (the flavor was pretty off on these), shrimp sao mai and vegetable dumpling (both mediocre, but the AMAZING dipping sauce with soy, garic, onion, etc made them better), and "chicken" dumplings- first I thought they had horribly undercooked the chicken in them because it was VERY pink, then I realizd they probably gave us the pork dumplings instead by accident. Either way, I ended up only eating one of the ten.

That said, the service is really nice and the prices are reasonable. I still want to come back soon to try the shabu shabu and other dishes (and to get another chives box!) And as a huge fan of Davis Noodle City's wonton soup and chef's noodle salad, I might go here for those now instead of the downtown location for parking reasons. —SRB

2008-07-02 13:18:22   I eat Dim Sum and Shabu Shabu often in my county Taiwan , I do eat them in and LA and S.F, too!!

the Price is good !! I know they make their dumplings!! Because the dumplings skin is different!! About the Shabu Shabu .... I olny try one time and I love it!! In alot place, they do put broccoli, carrots or corn put into the soup, In fact! At other county, they even put some "duck blood" or meat ball .... or other things!! If you want reall Shabu Shabu!! You will not like it!! Bucause it's come from Japan !! they only have some meat and vegetable , the price is very expensive!! However~ I will go back there soon !! —Pink1231

2008-07-03 18:47:51   I went there with my boyfriend for lunch today. We shared an order of kimchi shabu shabu and a garlic chicken. The garlic chicken was pretty americanized and we were not impressed. The shabu shabu on the other hand was really good. They gave us plenty of vegetables and meat. The best part about the meal was the soup left in the pot in the end. Absolutely delicious! The staff and the owner were really friendly. I was quite impressed by the service. Will definitely be back soon! —poofy

2008-07-03 22:13:26   For what it's worth, the waiter there on the 26th of June informed us that the pork and chicken dumplings were made by DNC. I have wondered about the pink color of the meat myself, but I have seen this from a number of restaurants, and microwaving or re-cooking does not remove the pink, so I suspect it is part of the marinade. —ChrisLambertus

2008-07-05 14:37:17   My significant other and I ate there yesterday and it was terrible. I for sure will not be returning. We are not fans of Davis Noodle City but decided to give this place a try. Their Shabu Shabu should be called Chinese Hot Pot or something else because it is nothing close to what Japanese Shabu Shabu is. Strangely, you can order Shabu Shabu with different soup bases such as curry, tomato, miso, and chicken broth. Their dim-sum tasted old and was really disappointing. Service was decent and the owners were nice but the quality is just horrible. The unit also has a funk-smell to it. —islandboy12

2008-07-07 16:50:15   nice people... food's average. My kids loved the cream cheese wontons. Got a good amount of food for under $20. —Aaron.Curtin

2008-07-08 22:29:01   So, being a longtime and devout patron of Noodle City, I finally made it down to the Red Orchid today for lunch. The experience was fantastic: great food, clean room with nice ambiance, and very friendly waitstaff. I got the Shabu Shabu/Hotpot along with a couple of items off of the dimsum menu, shared with a friend, and we both left very satisfied: extremely happy with the food we ate and the price we paid. We chose the miso broth and WOW! that soup was delicious when we were done cooking up all of our veggies and meat in it. Had the onion bread and the hot oil wontons and they too, like usual, were fantastic. Thanks again!!! —Edhartke

2008-07-09 17:30:46   I have heard many good things about Red Orchid and I've finally decided to give it a try yesterday. Unlike the traditional Shabu Shabu that I've tasted in many Japanese restaurants, Red Orchid was very unique in the sense that it offered other flavors with it. It granted customers several different choices such as tomato, miso, curry, and chicken broth. The Dim Sum tasted very fresh out of the steamer, very hot and yummy. The lady was extraordinarily nice as well as the workers there. The price was very reasonable with such high food quality. I was extremely satisfied with my visit there. Hence, I do not understand why someone would leave such negative review about this place on this page because it is one of the best places I've tried and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. As a matter a fact, I will be going back to Red Orchid tomorrow for lunch, that is how good this place is! Beside the above, I love the relaxing atmosphere. For anyone who hasn't tried it, you're missing out. As for those who've already visited it, I know we are on the same page! —chunfai

2008-07-09 17:42:12   What is the meaning of 南北和? I recognize 南北和平, but not 南北和. —TheAmazingLarry

  • For whatever it's worth, The Babelfish says it means "North and south sum". In comparison, 南北和平 babelfishes to "North and south peace". Sounds like a good question for the owners. :) —ChrisLambertus
    • I asked the waiter when I was there at lunch today, and he said it means "North and South Together" in reference to a fusion of Cantonese and Mandarin cuisine. Way to go, Babelfish! —ChrisLambertus

2008-07-21 18:50:43   I had the sweet and sour chicken the other day, tasted pretty bad. The dim sum is great, and the owners are so friendly...I enjoy supporting them. I really like the fried tofu, cream cheese wontons, and fried green onion bread. —llee10789

2008-08-03 10:57:04   We love Noodle City and only just realized that this place had opened. We had steamed bbq pork buns, sao mai, potstickers, egg tarts, sesame seed balls, the Malaysian steamed cake, and the little steamed buns. Everything came out freshly-cooked and piping hot, and Linda came by personally to see if we liked it as she recognized us from being frequent customers at Davis Noodle City (she told us that things were made in-house, although I'm not sure if she meant "everything" or the little steamed buns specifically). Everything we ordered was great, although I wished for more variety in the menu as I love specific dim sum items that just don't seem to be available in Davis. We'll definitely be going there again. —Corrie

2008-08-04 23:13:13   Do NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL! —islandboy12

2008-08-12 22:35:35   Just went with a group of friends and thought it was pretty good. It gets the "I would go back" rating from me and my husband. The noodles are so good, I really love fresh, home-made noodles. I liked the dim sum just fine, it wasn't the best or the worst. Pot stickers were good. The har gow tasted like pretty much like har gow - I don't know how you would know if it was frozen (I guess that is your point?). The chicken and rice in lotus leaf had fewer ingredients than I was used to but it was pretty tasty. The steamed pork buns were also seasoned different than I am used to - these are a little more peppery and savory. I liked the egg custard for dessert too - also different than I had anywhere else, really sweet and creamy and soft, like the custard my mom makes from scratch at home. Yum.

I think it is a little different flavor for dim sum but I liked it and wouldn't say it was bad just because it is different. The service was great, it is indeed kid friendly, and they did the best they could to dress up the old interior. —NaomiKalman

2008-08-21 17:59:59   I love this restaurant. The Dim Sum is delicious and inexpensive. This is the best Chinese restaurant in Davis in my opinion. The service is also excellent. Give it a try! —Trena

2008-09-01 17:14:26   I have been a fan of Davis Noodle City for a long time, and when I heard that Red Orchid was opening, I got quite excited. Unfortunately, a month-long overseas trip delayed my first visit. However, when I finally did get a chance to go, I was quite happy with the food we got. Red Orchid is not quite as good as some of the nicer Dim-Sum restaurants in SF, but easily better than any other Chinese restaurant in Davis that I've visited. The price was a little bit on the expensive side for what you got, but we found no major problems with the food. All of it tasted relatively good, albeit quite different from most Davis chinese food, which is often over seasoned.

Other people posting comments have complained that dishes such as the garlic chicken were not very tasty. That makes sense, because those dishes are 1) not actually very authentically chinese, and 2) not the restaurant's specialty. That's like going to a Steak Grill and complaining that the Kid's tunafish sandwich is underwhelming.

On the whole, I WILL GO BACK, although not too often because dim sum gets expensive when you eat as much as I do. The food didn't completely blow me away, but Red Orchid is definitely a good restaurant. —StephenHudson

The food was as good as I'd heard described here, but the waiter was incredibly rude. Still, well-worth the visit.

Really enjoyed the dinner here. Definitely will go back. Fresh, healthy, and friendly. —Robert09

2008-11-16 13:30:03   I have never had dim sum before, but, I found their vegetarian dim sum to be rather unimaginative. The vegetable potstickers were essentially the same as the vegetable dumplings except fried on one side. The filling of, perhaps, spinach and some kind of crumbly cheese, lacked spice and, in general, flavor. The vegetarian spring rolls were good. The crispy tofu weren't really all that crispy, but simply breaded — it's no "agadashi tofu" one might expect if you're familiar with Japanese cuisine. They went very well with the house sauce. Deserts were interesting and inexpensive although the texture of the water chestnut pudding was slightly off-putting though it tasted of maple or brown sugar which was nice. The coconut tarts were very good. Finally, service was excellent. —RyanMikulovsky

2008-12-19 05:12:39   It was alright, the curry soup was good, but the dim sum we ordered didn't taste that well. However, the service was good and the waitress took time to answer all our questions. A bit dissapointing, but definetly worth a second chance. —DCWine

2008-12-19 23:28:47   Nice to have a hot pot and dim sum place in Davis. Food was good, service was good, and price was reasonable. —TerenceFleischer

2008-12-24 12:59:03   I ate there on Sunday. It was empty when we arrived. Ordered a few items, most were fine, but the shiu mai was still frozen in the center when it arrived at our table. They very apologetically brought the remaining three pieces back to the kitchen, steamed them silly, and pan fried/steamed a fourth piece to make up for the frozen one into which my partner had bitten. Everything was fine apart from the frozen shiu mai (which may be a rare occurrence). Nonetheless I think I'll stick with sacramento or sfo for dim sum from now on. —AceDarling

2009-01-07 13:28:52   The people that work here are crazy nice and the "Eggplant Szechuan" is delicious, especially for the sweet sweet lunch special price. :) —*Co0lToWn*

2009-02-04 13:07:52   My first thought upon entering this place was "WHOA! This place is red!" Seriously. It kind of made my head hurt. But the waitress was incredibly helpful, without being overbearing, and nice. I ordered the chicken fried rice (it was okay, I wouldn't order it again, just because it wasn't that flavorful and I could've made it myself at home) and my boyfriend ordered the onions/peppered chicken (I forgot the exact name) and it was really good. The prices are low and the portions are big. We also had the pan fried onion cake which was really good. I wanted to try more of their dim sum but I was pretty full. I definitely will return, no reason not too! They have a lot of choices, the waitress is nice, always parking outside, and the prices aren't high. —renee415

2009-02-07 17:04:52   Delish! BBQ pork buns and cream cheese wontons are so yummy. Pricing is right. Would recommend. —strawberry

2009-02-10 22:51:23   They have the fluffiest BBQ pork buns I've had in a very long time! To sum it up in two words: Nom nom! —MichaelAWoods

2009-03-14 22:39:58   I like this place as much as Davis Noodle City, which is to say, I like it quite a lot. (No surprise, since it's the same owners). In addition to the dim sum and shabu shabu, they have "regular" dishes, which is usually what we order, always with the delicious homemade noodles. It's hard for me to know what to recommend, since I haven't had a bad dish yet. Ok, I do really like the Szechuan Eggplant. —CovertProfessor

2009-04-23 21:35:02   Best Chinese food in Davis, hands down. —strawberry

2009-04-30 10:58:27   I am from San Jose, Bay Area. I also frequent San Francisco often and eat at Chinatown at least monthly. This place is no where near the Bay Area's standards of excellence!

I came here with a friend because I was excited to see a restaurant feature dim sum and shabu. I am a dim sum fanatic! This place disappointed me in so many ways.

Food: C Nowhere near authentic Chinese like SF Chinatown. The shrimp dumpling (har gow), shao mai, cream cheese wonton, and buns were all very mediocre. What made me sad the most was the cold, tasteless white radish rice cake! I love rice cakes, but this was not a rice cake. It was a piece of slab that was probably cooked 3 hours before! I also ordered the shabu and it was not bad. It was something I could've made at home however.

Location/Ambiance: B- Red Orchid is at a place kind of far off in the same plaza as Dollar Tree Store. The whole plaza looks a little run down, but Red Orchid tried to spice it up with a little bit of red...or maybe too much red? Upon entering the quaint place, it just seemed like a Chinese restaurant that tried too hard to be tacky.

Service: B- Service was not that great. The waitress seemed like she was bored and not very attentive. She never came to our table except to take more orders.

Point being, I am sticking to New Canton in Sacramento for my Chinese cravings.


2009-05-12 21:24:51   Had their red orchid noodles (6.50) and they were quite decent. came in a BIG bowl of brown soup with lamb, beef, and either chicken or pork meat (dont remember). Service was good though quite empty with one other table (went at 5ish). I wouldnt get their dim sum just because their shabu shabu and lunch special options seem like the better deal. Besides to most people myself included, dim sum not from sf bay area will be a dependable disappointment. —lesterlowe

2009-05-17 10:37:33   The Service and the Food are so good !! —coffeetea99

2009-05-26 17:07:47   Porkchop over rice is very good here. —jaredfromsubway

2009-06-01 19:46:33   have they added chang fen to their menu yet? i don't think i will be returning until they do —WeiChun

2009-06-22 21:14:00   Ordered for pickup and the dim sum was extremely small. For example, the Har Gao (Steamed shrimp dumpling) was about a third the size of the ones pictured (they were about 1"x.5"x.5"). The Red Bean/Pineapple Rice Dumplings were tiny. The spring roll was no where near the size pictured. —JohnLee

2009-06-26 23:39:53   The dim sum is pretty blah. If you're looking for this stuff specifically, try going to Stockton Bld. in Sac. The lady owner thought that my boyfriend and I were siblings. We let her continue to believe that just to avoid the awkwardness. —deathstare

2009-08-18 23:09:24   this place was terrible. i dont know what everyone's talking about. the dim sum is small compared to real authentic dim sum. the egg tart that i ordered were fake ones that you get at a buffet. i was pretty disappointed that they were 3 times smaller than i expected and tasted like crap. i dont know what yall are talkin about either when you say it taste good and its reasonable price. its expensive for this dim sum..and it aint even dim sum! i think my first experience was bad and some people may have had better food (that wasn't the dim sum), but i'm never going back there again. also they gotta change their menus cause some things are screwed up.

guess im the most updated here as of today, so the restaurant must've gotten worse cause the previous comments were so good. what a bummer.

-Jason —jasonwon

2009-08-18 23:15:02   i didn't even eat here, but it sucks. ^jasonwon. might as well eat at the dollar tree next door. —bewbs

Two or more of the following comments comefrom the same IP address and may be the same person.

2009-08-25 13:46:26   To the commenter above, This place is pretty much what I'd expect, food-wise, and so I wouldn't even bother to comment except to mention how poorly run it is. The times that I have gone, there is always a line just waiting to get your order or whatever, i would say that this place wins best Chinese Dim Sum in Davis if you go by taste to price ratio alone. —ccf262033

2009-08-25 17:29:38   so far, I've been there three times now and I think the dim-sum is delicious. and i think it was unlike anything I've had before and I actually liked it very much. in fact, the CUSTARD BUN and LOTUS SEED PASTE BUN are the best.

this one of the most popular place for eating in Davis!!! and it's great!

to ^Jason, you may not try all the dim-sum yet. maybe you shall give youself a chance to try them some day in the future. about menu...... i believe they didn't change it on purpose, because it is the fasion.

to THE PERSON BELOW JASON, if you didn't even eat there, i guess you left the comment in the WRONG PLACE lol —liverpool

2009-09-07 17:14:32   I LOVE THIS PLACE. the dim sum isn't small and it's cheap. and the service is really good. she gave us free tea! —GuavaLava

2009-11-06 12:13:12   No offence but their dim sum tastes like sh*t. Go to New Canton in Sac if you really want good dim sum around this area. —Col

2009-11-15 11:05:12   I ordered $10 takeout and did not pay tip. But I saw $2.5 tip on my credit card statement. I am sure they wrote it on themselves. Watch out guys! check your statement. I will never go to this place again!! —lll111

  • It's possible that it was an authorization hold. —CovertProfessor
  • No. It is clearly stated as "gratitude" on my credit card —lll111
    • Which credit card do you have? None of my credit cards or debit cards break out the transaction into meal and tip. —WilliamLewis

2010-01-12 17:30:29   I ate here for the first time the other day and I will definitely be back. The dim sum was great. Granted, I have never had dim sum in SF's Chinatown to compare it to. But I was very happy with the quality, quantity, and price of the food. I particularly liked the steamed BBQ buns, shrimp dumplings, and seasame seed balls. The service was pleasant and reasonably quick. The ambiance isn't fancy, but I could care less about things like that. Very enjoyable and for a good price: $30 for 2 and plenty of leftovers for two lunches. —lemurific

2010-02-02 20:24:27   The service here has been getting slower. Not only that, but they don't seem to really use their number system. You may get order #4 but end up being the the 20th person served. However this only seems to happen when you don't order the Terriyaki bowl. Or maybe that's just me. —MikeFolf

2010-03-08 23:21:53   Delicious Hunan Tofu and Coconut Tart. The Vegetable Dumplings were pretty bland, though. The serving size for the Hunan Tofu was huge. I split it with a friend, and it did a good job nearly filling us up; still, considering how tasty it was, I wouldn't mind eating it all myself. The Coconut Tart was nice and warm and sweet on the inside. Excellent. Just thinking about it is making me hungry again. —TheShah

2010-06-30 17:28:27   This is the saddest dim sum place in the Northern California area...but as the only eatery in Davis that remotely imitates a traditional dim sum menu one cannot expect too much.

As someone has already mentioned, make a trip into Sac or the Bay if you want to taste (and experience) real dim sum. Dim sum ought to be about the experience too, not just the food.

The shabu shabu isn't anything to write home about either... —blastoff

2010-07-15 09:56:07   Very nice people and affordable. I have become a regular here, its a nice way to kill time if you're doing laundry & the cream cheese wontons are very good, actually everything on the dim sum menu is good but it's all about the eggplant szechuan. —TheTruthHurts

2010-11-07 17:53:28   The last few time I have eaten here, I have been overcharged. The check prices do not match the menu prices. I have tried to dispute the extra charges with the hostess but she doesn't seem understand me or pretends not to. The food it good and affordable, honestly I would not mind paying a little extra but it is wholly unethical and probably illegal to advertise one price and charge another. I am tired of being overcharged and will no longer be eating here. —Greenlover48

2010-11-07 19:01:08   I just got a flier in the mail on Thursday. They are starting a delivery service with and extended menu. —rickyspeak

2010-11-24 16:41:56   I had THE WORST SERVICE I have ever gotten in any restaurant. My friends and I walk in, and the waiter who was this middle aged man did not even acknowledge us, or say anything to us. We just sat in a table and he comes up, puts the menu on the table, and walks away. I already felt like he was very rude, but I just sucked it up.

He came back to take our orders, and by the time he got to the last person, he did not even give her a chance to say her order and snatched the menu OUT OF HER HANDS. Can you believe it? Straight out of her hands. She got pretty upset and went up to him to tell the man he did not take her order. But when she went up to him, he was yelling, or "speaking" in the meanest and loudest tone.

I was so upset, but we ordered our food and I was starving. I got one dim sum dish and kimchi noodle. The dim sum was alright, but for some reason, they run out of their main dishes... The chicken in the kimchi noodle was pretty nasty, and that same chicken is used in every dish!

I would NEVER eat here again due to the poor service my friends and I received, and would not recommend eating her to anyone. —RebeccaCho