Redworms (Eisenia foetida) are also known as composting worms, California reds, manure worms, and tiger worms.

Red worms are the right type of worm for worm composting bins. They are ideally suited to eat people's leftover food scraps and other organic matter very quickly and to live in the confines of a plastic or wooden worm bin. They pretty much eat, shit, and copulate non-stop. These worms have been known to eat up to their body weight each day in food matter and reproduce to the extent that their population will grow exponentially, doubling every 2-3 months if given enough food, space, and the right environment.

Sources of Redworms

Project Compost has its very own worm farm, which it started in March of 2006. They give free worms to people who come to their free worm composting workshops. Donations are always accepted. Money raised goes towards supporting the Project Compost cause: free workshops, compost research, worm farming, and its diversion of over 5 tons of campus organic matter per week from the campus landfill.