420 G Street — across from Taco Bell
(800)-FANDANGO or 800-326-3264. Use theatre code 1705#— Show times
(530) 297-4103 — Manager (Reconnected as of 13 November 2008)


Stadium 5 on G Street opened on February 12th, 1999 by Signature Theatres, whom had also operated the Holiday at the time, before being acquired by Regal in the mid-2000s. It had "stadium"-style seating (and smaller theaters and screens than the Regal Holiday), as well as digital surround sound systems in all of its theaters. The Stadium closed on May 4th, 2023, due to the bankruptcy of Regal Cinemas and it’s now parent company, Cineworld, closing underperforming theatres in the states. The Holiday is now the only operating Regal in town.

Both Stadium and Holiday used to split what they show. The two theaters both run a $6.50 Movie Tuesday, exclusive to members of the Regal Crown Club. There is also an educational discount (with a student or staff Aggie Card) at both theaters for those non-discount days (Sun - Thurs Only). You can also pay for your movie and popcorn with a credit card. They also used to give military discounts up until it’s closure.

In summer (2011) Stadium 5 and the Regal Natomas Marketplace 16 in Sacramento showed G and PG rated films at 10:00am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for $1. The "Summer Movie Express" reruns movies have long since left the theater.

If you like sitting in the center of the theater, you should go 3 light grayish half triangles up, and 7/8 seats in. —StevenDaubert If you have a bad neck, you should try and sit so your vision level is at two thirds up the screen, which normally corresponds to two thirds up the seats. —TerrenceMurphy

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2006-06-19 14:26:07   This theater really sucks- the screens are very small, and before the movie starts they show commercials from a video projector. If it's a widescreen movie, a curtain comes down from the top and actually makes the screen SMALLER for the movie than for the commercials! Not what a theater should be at all, and we lost the old Cinema 2 for this! —AlanSmithee

2006-06-19 15:29:22   I much prefer this theater to F st. It tends to be cleaner, the seats are in better condition and in better locations, and the crowds are smaller so it is less likely you'll get that one annoying person who thinks they're in a cafe. Unfortunately, they stick all of the high demand movies at F st (presumably because the theaters are bigger there). The smaller screen size doesn't bother me. —AlexPomeranz

2007-04-01 14:17:53   i enjoyed my movie seeing experience there —JackkiCox

2007-05-05 16:47:26   This theater has comfortable stadium seating for great sight-lines and a very good digital surround sound system. —Jedron

2007-06-01 21:19:47   We went and saw POTC 3 yesterday. Everything was great but the food is way over priced. It was $16 for a popcorn and 2 sodas. Just crazy!!!


2007-06-04 02:34:42   Thanks for posting the photo of the theater! —Jedron

2007-11-10 15:02:59   This theater is nice enough, but unlike many "stadium style" theaters, the armrests do not lift up to make loveseats and the seats in the stepped part do not have any recline in them whatsoever, although they are still comfortable. The most disturbing thing about this theater was the lack of soundproofing. In Auditorium 1, the movie is noticeably disrupted every time a train rumbles by outside. If it was a bargain theater, it wouldn't be a big deal, but for $9.50 plus a small fortune for popcorn, I don't want to hear the trains. —RyanCoates

2008-01-10 11:19:22   Win Passes To See Cloverfield from the Film Geekz. http://iesb.net/filmgeekz/content/view/388/ Two Ways To Win! We are a new site based in the Sac/Davis area and we are lookingto connect with local readers. We'll be doing many other local contests and screenings so take advantage and get in on the fun. www.filmgeekz.com —FilmGeek

2008-03-13 16:20:31   I was a projectionist at this theater for a couple years. Yes, when the movie print is in CinemaScope (widescreen) format, the curtain lowers to cover the portion of the screen that is not being used. Think of it like the "black bars" on your TV when you watch a movie in widescreen format. —Default77

2008-05-03 11:35:58   when you sit down, be sure to go to the tip of the third grey triangle, and then go 7 seats in dead center of theatre >:D —StevenDaubert

2009-02-22 22:47:18   Has anyone ever noticed the Davis theaters don't often show many movies with African-American casts? For example this weekend Tyler Perry's 'Madea Goes to Jail' topped the box office with over 41 million, without help from one screen in Davis. —GreezySweezy

  • It probably has something to do with a lack of a big enough audience to make showing the movie profitable. Tyler Perry's movies are geared toward an almost exclusively black audience. That is profitable for theaters in Sacramento and the Bay Area, where there are large black populations, but Davis theaters usually aren't going to show Tyler Perry movies because there's not enough black people here to make it profitable. It's not racism, if that's what you're suggesting. —PeteWillits
  • Plus Tyler Perry is just plain not funny —Arcturus
  • Davis doesn't have a large black population, and thus since Tyler Perry's target is mainly an African-American audience, it wouldn't be profitable to show the movie here. Stop trying to play the race card.

2009-09-07 23:29:56   Tyler Perry. ARE YOU Serious? WOW. GUY writes about the same crap over and over again. Yea NOT FUNNY what so ever. And stop playing the RACE CARD .He's movies are SO ANNOYING. PERIOD. —Macco

2010-08-08 19:01:14   Convenient, and priced accordingly. If you have an extra twenty minutes to spare, it is almost always worth traveling out of Davis to see a movie. —TerrenceMurphy

2011-01-13 00:01:10   Great customer service! Went here with a gift certificate that I thought would work at this theater but the ticket attendant said it is not for their theater but that they will honor it anyways. Wow! —MMAC

2011-03-25 18:57:42   Looks like few people have commented here- anyone know if they are still using 35mm here or DLP? The projectors were brand-new when installed in 1999. —AlanSmithee

—Fandango shows that Stadium 5 still uses 35mm projectors. Holiday 6 has 4 digital projectors. —MaxLucas

— As of late 2011, Auditoriums 1 & 5 have switched over to digital projection. The rest of the auditoriums are slated to switch over mid 2012.

2012-11-17 22:32:00   Really wonderful customer service. I was helping my housemate in trying to locate a lost item on an extremely busy Saturday afternoon. I called in several times and was starting to get annoyed, but on the fourth attempt, someone picked up and helped me out. I go to the theater and see a huge (like...Disneyland during the summer huge) line of people at the ticket booth and concessions...I thought it would be impossible to try to talk to someone. I spoke with the lady checking tickets; she and another employee tag-teamed and one notified the manager who was busy working concessions. The manager was most agreeable and helped me out within ten minutes and I was able to get my friend'd scarf back. Very customer-oriented, didn't rush me at all despite how hectic everything was today. Wish more businesses were like them. Thanks :) —kg18

2013-01-14 18:00:39   Is this the modern cinema, intended to compete with cable and Netflix? If so, it's not for me. If you get there on time, you are subjected to up 45 minutes of repetitive advertising and previews at ear-shattering volume. Why must we PAY to be subjected to endless ads? We should pay for an absence of Coke and candy ads. Not possible to talk or think during this pre-feature assault. Regal must reduce this if they ever want me back. —rednoodler

2013-06-20 09:57:40   The $1 summer movies are on Tuesday and Wednesday. —NoelBruening