A Scottish Games is not the same as Renaissance Faires. I will admit that the Sacramento Valley Scottish Games in Woodland at the Yolo County Fairgrounds do invite groups that historically re-create various eras, including (but not limited to) the Renaissance. That makes it a Fair, with history, not a "Faire," IMO. It's possible we need a bigger page about "Historical Re-enactment" that could feed to SCA, RennFaires, and the Scottish Games. —DougWalter

  • I agree, and am alse keenly aware of the differences between various medieval/renaissance/general history/cultural groups and events. It may be a better idea to rename this page to something like Historical Re-enactment, as that's likely to be a better index page. Then, as sections or information on a specific event or group grows, split them off into their own subpages and link them (as some already are here). ~jw

Should this parent page now be eliminated, since I've created one that traffic could be re-directed to? -DW

  • What if we kept the Ren Faires page, linked it back to the Reenactment page, then tried to find out what web presence the local SCA branches have? Link SCA to Reenactment, so Reenactment covers Faire, SCA, Games, and maybe a content crosslink to LARPing and/or games in general? -JT